How to earn 50 euros a day online

Surely you, like many, are trying to find a method that allows you to get money online and without depending on a normal job . And although it seems something fanciful, it is totally possible. Thanks to the internet, you can generate good extra income . And you know the best of all this? You only need a device with connection and some free time.

We have created this guide on how to earn 50 euros a day online. Here you will find relevant information about the main methods to make money online, and the main portals for it.

1. Earn money with paid surveys

Do you think that your opinion is not worth much? Well, you are wrong. Companies want to know what people think of their products and they pay quite well for it .

Filling out surveys online is an activity that is already a few years old, and today it continues to generate good profits for the participants. The best is that:
  • You do not require previous experience, or make payments of any kind.
  • Its profitability depends on how many surveys you take daily.
  • You can register on various platforms and multiply your earnings.
  • Generally, they allow payments in Paypal and cryptocurrencies.

Top 3 platforms to do paid surveys

On our website there is a list of the best paid survey platforms , but the most popular (and highest paying) are:

2. Complete tasks and activities each day

Have you ever heard of Crowdsourcing? This is another of the most popular methods to earn money without trying too hard . In this modality, companies recruit collaborators on their platforms to perform simple tasks in exchange for a small payment. These are activities that do not require particularly special skills, and are usually easy to do .

You do not require any prior experience for this job . The activities are usually things like watching videos, transcribing, writing short texts, searching the web, etc. After performing a good number of tasks you can see good profits.

Top 4 platforms to earn money with daily tasks

It is a complicated list to draw up, since there are many in this sector that are leaders in the world. For us, the best are the following:

3. Earn money by watching ads, advertising and videos

All that advertising that you may find annoying on other sites can also make you money . This is another popular method, and PTC (Paid to click) sites are quite well known in the world of making money online. And what is there to do? Simple, just view advertising, videos and even read news or other web articles.

We must make something clear to you: this method does not bring as many profits as others. For this reason, it is essential that you rely on multiple platforms and their referral systems , in order to increase your earnings.

Top 4 platforms to earn money by watching ads, advertising and videos

In this case, we definitely recommend using the mobile, it is more comfortable and easier than on a desktop or laptop computer:
Apps to earn money by watching ads . .

Even so, you can make use of PC platforms such as:

4. Play games and use mobile apps

If you don't have a PC, or your thing is to be on the move, this modality is for you. With a good mobile, you can have access to hundreds of apps that pay you for tasks such as:
  • walk .
  • Watch videos.
  • Listen to music .
  • Try other apps.
  • Perform simple tasks.
  • Fill out surveys.
And the list goes on. You can even earn money by playing games and earning tokens that you then redeem for real money and gift cards.

Top 4 apps to earn money

A very long list that is changing, since many of them are improving over time and climb positions in our TOP:

5. Learn to create web pages, position them and monetize them

This method requires a little more dedication and you only need to have a domain, a website, SEO knowledge and some patience. All you have to do is create a web page or blog focused on covering a specific niche within the web ecosystem. Then, through different techniques, it will be enough to position it to gain visibility and visitors , and monetize it to obtain profits through one or more of these strategies:
  • Advertising with AdSense (pay per click).
  • Sale of spaces for advertising.
  • Affiliate Marketing .
  • Influencer marketing.
  • donations.
  • Sponsored content.
  • Memberships .
  • Sale of products or services.
You can even sell your page or blog in the future, when you have managed to create a good reputation. There are many willing to pay top dollar for a page with the heavy lifting already done.

6. Earn money with social networks

Did you know that you can take advantage of the time you invest in social networks to generate income ? Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, among others, which move millions of visits daily, are an excellent way to earn money in different ways:
  • Creating content and gaining followers
  • As Community Manager of companies or personalities
  • Selling products and services
  • Sharing sponsored content
Also, you can combine them with other platforms such as Publisuites, VkTarget, Fanslave, to start generating income through your networks.

Here we leave you a guide on how to earn money with social networks such as Onlyfans, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook , among others.

7. Learn to create online stores and sell products

Creating a virtual store is not an easy task, but you do not require a PhD for it either. With good dedication on your part, you can set up your own page for buying and selling products and services, and start billing big . You can opt for platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, or directly create your website from scratch.

Additionally, you must choose the orientation of your store . Would you focus on a specific niche or span multiple categories? Will you have your own stock or will you dedicate yourself to dropshipping ? Each strategy has its good and not so good sides, and you should evaluate your possibilities to see which one suits you best.

8. Earn money as a youtuber or streamer

Google's popular video platform (Youtube) can also become a real gold mine for those who upload quality content. Of course, it is not as easy a path as others, since you must attract followers and accumulate visits until you become a member. Once there, you can start billing for advertising, promotional content, affiliate programs, sponsorship, crowdfunding, licenses for your content, etc.

As for streaming platforms like Facebook Gaming or Twitch , to mention the most popular, the methodology is quite similar: create high-quality content, grow your audience and monetize your videos . As an additional, these platforms give you the option to exchange the tokens obtained in the transmissions for money.

We leave you the best ways to:

9. Work using your skills

Do you have any specific skills, knowledge or skills? The Internet may be the opportunity you were waiting for to take advantage of them . You can dedicate yourself to working completely from home as a freelancer , and get paid for your skills and knowledge serving people and companies around the world . The possibilities are endless, being able to engage in activities such as:
Finally, we must make it clear that the profitability of each of these methods will always depend on the perseverance and dedication that you give it. None is going to make you rich overnight, and only with your well-focused and directed effort will you be able to take advantage of it and even get to live comfortably working online .

10. Earn money selling photos

This section could be divided into two, on the one hand you can sell professional photos for companies that need them, and on the other, there is the sale of foot photos . Both ways are very good to earn money. If you have skills with the camera and want to get something extra, we leave you these two guides to earn money with your photos:

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