The 10 best apps to earn money by watching ads

On the internet you can find many methods and apps to earn money by watching videos, filling out surveys, completing offers, doing some tasks, playing games and even walking. However, one of the oldest and most effective ways to generate income on the web is by viewing advertisements , which is a quite lucrative option, since you do not need to invest and people from all over the world can access most pages.

You may not have realized that most apps and web pages contain advertising. But did you know that there are apps that pay you to see these same ads? In this article we have prepared the best apps to earn money, we assure you that they are free and you can start trying them whenever you want.

What apps pay to see ads and ads?

With these Apps you can earn some money by watching short videos, although it is not enough to make you quit your regular job. You just have to dedicate some time to your free time or while doing some activity at home.


Our first on the list is Swagbucks , on this platform you will have to fill out paid surveys , clicking and watching some videos. They offer you a daily bonus and you can use it from your mobile phone or from their own website and anywhere.
  • You can earn money by PayPal or Amazon and Google gift cards.
  • Multiple paid surveys, fun and easy to do.
  • You will get rewards for watching videos and playing some games.
  • It is available for all countries.


If you are passionate about reading, this app is for you, previously known as Buzzmatch and Readwards, you can earn some real money by watching ads, reading news and novels within its platform . This app has no subscription so it is completely free, you just have to spend some free time on it, read some news, give your review and you will be rewarded.

You can withdraw by PayPal or by telephone bill from very low amounts.

3. Current App

For people who love to enjoy music from their phone, they have an alternative. With Current App they can earn money by listening to music or radio stations . It is a fairly light tool where you can use it only with an internet connection. Within its platform you will earn points that you can later exchange for PayPal balance, exclusive gifts, Gift Cards and many more.

Not only can you earn points by listening to music, it also has paid surveys, watching videos, downloading and playing some games.


Previously known as Clixsense, it is one of the oldest PTC (pay per click) Apps, currently it does not have an ads section, but it does have a lot of external links to earn money by clicking .

  • It specializes and offers many surveys.
  • Users from various parts of the world can register.
  • It is available for many platforms and mobile devices.


Registration to this App is free, since the year 2000 it has already paid more than $80 million to its users. Among the most profitable methods to generate income we find surveys, subscription to services, making purchases and other quick activities.

For your first withdrawal you must have a minimum of $15 in the account , this will be sent to your PayPal or you can exchange them for some virtual gifts . With their referral program you can further increase your income.

6. CashPirate Buzz

If you like numbers in CashPirate Buzz you will be able to earn extra income while playing math games , you can play by yourself or in contests against the PC. You just have to answer the questions correctly to start receiving profits. It is free and you can get its App in the Android App Store.

7. Paidwork

Paidwork is a platform where you can dedicate your full time or only in your free time to earn money, you set the earnings limits according to the time you dedicate to the app.

You can withdraw by PayPal or by bank transfers from your country. It has a referral system that allows you to invite friends and family, increasing your income. Some ways to receive money within the platform are:
  • Watching videos and ads.
  • Completing surveys.
  • Buying online.
  • Playing some games.

8. Clip Claps

It is one of the trending Apps in recent months, here you will not find ads or advertisements, but you will find a large number of funny videos .

If you register with an invitation code you will have your first reward of $1. Thousands of funny YouTube videos can earn you rewards for every second you watch them. It is an excellent tool if you are a content creator or viewer.


As the previous app that we show you Cashapp is a platform that pays you to watch videos , its reliability has positioned it as one of the best . It has some other activities, surveys, mini-games and answering questions are the most requested.

This app does not have benefits such as gift cards or other similar ones. Instead, they have focused on improving payment speeds and customer service.


Here you can watch videos and do many more activities, all of which can generate credits. At Lucky Cash you will get some gift cards and receive payments via PayPal. In this app you can earn money by completing surveys, playing mini-games or testing apps.

Once you reach a certain amount of credits you can exchange them according to the method of choice you choose. Of course, respect the rules to receive your payment, for that:
  • You cannot have double accounts.
  • You must earn at least 5000 credits.
  • Don't cheat.
  • Complete the activities.

Are these apps reliable and do they pay to see ads?

In the Android and Apple app stores there are a large number of apps that ensure you earn large amounts of money in a very short time, but you must be careful, since many turn out to be scams and scams . Most of them become unreliable when they do not pay or are late due to the low profitability they achieve.

However, the ones that we have mentioned are exceptions that remain in force and best of all, they are The 50 best apps to make money , which is a fairly compromised and secure platform . Even so, keep in mind that each app is independent and has its conditions for minimum withdrawals and payment methods. It all depends on the time you spend on it. As a recommendation, make an in-depth evaluation of each one and choose the one that suits you best.

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