What Is Sweatcoin and Does It Give You Real Money?

On this occasion we are going to explain how the application that pays you to walk, run or walk works, what its characteristics are, how the app really earns, and how you can verify that it works for yourself. Specifically, we will do a complete review of the " Sweatcoin " 
Sweatcoin is a company that rewards you for walking with an app. It is a mobile application that pays you to walk. You can use the app to earn coins for walking, running, cycling and other physical activities.

Sweatcoin is one of the walking money earning apps, earn and redeem coins in sweatcoin store to buy fitness items and equipment. The company values ​​physical activity and believes it is important to a healthy lifestyle.

An application that pays to walk?

app that pays you to walk
The truth sounds like a lie or a scam, however, when you download it and verify it personally, it has a business model that makes this application profitable for its creators and we can affirm that the app really pays, but not in the way you imagine .

First of all, what you should know about these types of apps is that they don't pay you with real money , at least not initially. In this case, this application called Sweatcoin will pay you with a virtual currency that has the same name “ Sweatcoin ”.

The application pays 1 Sweatcoin for every thousand steps, when you register more miles or kilometers in your account, you earn more coins in your wallet.

Once you have accumulated a certain amount of Sweatcoins (thanks to the steps you have taken with the active app), you can redeem these steps for gift cards, discounts, and even associations to which you can donate. Take into account that when you redeem your Sweatcoin coins, they will charge you a 5% commission.

Another important point that you should know is that the Sweatcoin app does not give you the option of withdrawing your earned coins to PayPal, nor do you have the option of redeeming Visa or Mastercard prepaid virtual cards, therefore, everything you earn with this application you can only use it as part of payment for a purchase or redeem it for gift cards.

How the Application works

app that pays you to walk

To get started with the app, you can download it in the iOS or Android version. To register, they will ask you for some common information that most applications collect, such as: a username, language, age, sex, weight and height, but since it is an app that records your movement, it will also ask for your data. location. After doing this, you can start walking with the app.

The company uses your phone's sensors to calculate how much time you spend active and then rewards you with Sweatcoins . The company affirms that it does not provide your data to third parties.

What can you buy with Sweatcoins?

app that pays you to walk
Suppose you have worked hard to earn the most amount of Sweatcoin for a month, you walked or ran every day, and at the end of the month you have 75 Sweatcoin in your Wallet, which means you were walking 75,000 thousand steps . (75 Sweatcoin = 75,000 steps)

The truth is that there are not many options in the store of this application that pays you to walk, you can find wireless headphones, glasses, massagers, and some artifacts related to physical activity and fitness.

If you choose to buy any of these things you can pay with the coins you managed to earn, but there is a little catch, you have to pay a shipping cost that ranges from about 8 to 16 pounds (UK currency) or its equivalent in dollars (10 to 20 dollars).

If you are in a Latin American country, it does not seem like a good option to me, since the shipping costs can be much higher, even than the product itself.

In addition, this shipping cost you have to pay with your real money, using your debit or credit card.

So we can say that there is nothing free within the application.

How to withdraw money from sweatcoin

Unfortunately the only option in which you can withdraw, collect or withdraw your earned Sweatcoin is by making in-app purchases, so if you are looking for a way to withdraw sweatcoin to PayPal or a bank account, let me tell you that this is not possible .

Basically, the money you earn with Sweatcoin can only be seen digitally, it is not possible to withdraw it in physical money.

How many sweatcoin is a dollar?

To know how many Sweatcoin is a dollar we can only compare it with the prices of the products that we can buy. If a wireless headset is worth $25 in the normal market and in the app it costs 75 Sweatcoins, we can assume that each Sweatcoin is worth approximately $0.33 (25 USD/75 Sweatcoins), but this is highly relative, since we cannot convert sweatcoins in physical money.

Free vs. Premium Version

This application that pays for walking, has a Free version and another Premium version that costs 4.99 Euros per month or 24.99 Euros per year.

With the premium version, it gives you the option to multiply by 2 the coins you can earn for every 1000 steps.

It also enables you to buy options with fewer sweatcoins, from 5 sweatcoins to purchase coupons and others.

In my opinion, the premium version would only suit you if you'd be willing to buy more things through the store from the same app, but as I mentioned before, it has very little variety.

Sweatcoin Comments and Reviews

There are millions of people who have already downloaded this application that pays you to walk, there are both good and bad reviews, but with the information that we share in this blog you already have a better idea of ​​how it works.

Some of the negative reviews indicate the following:
"This app is rubbish! It never counts your steps when you try to do the 2X push for 20 minutes. It never counts them and then when the 20 minutes are up I never get a bonus. Also, it always takes a long time to register normal steps , it's very annoying and disappointing. I wanted to try the premium but now I'm not going to spend my money on this app. Do yourself a favor and try to earn by walking, at least they record your steps in real time. There are other apps that count your steps."

But it's not all bad, if you see it as an incentive to walk and have a healthy lifestyle it can become a good excuse.

A positive review says:
“Fun, even if you use the free version. There are plenty of good causes to donate steps to, some cool giveaways from time to time, and it's fun to watch the steps add up. Sometimes, even with location on, the boost won't register the extra steps (this is when I'm walking the dog). Which is probably due to the walking stops… but it's definitely still exercise. I would like to see Fitbit integration etc. Four stars now, hopefully 5 in the future . "

Final Words

This kind of pay to walk or other money earning apps will always seek to be profitable at the expense of their users. If there is something free, the product is your data.

In this case, the Sweatcoin app looks for you to buy products from the same application and it sure gets a commission for each sale.

I hope that all the information in this article has been very helpful to you, please do not forget to share.

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