10 Ways to make money on twitch and monetize your streams

Digital businesses have become increasingly popular among the new generations, and in fact, one of the most attractive or profitable is earning money with Twitch .

This platform allows you to transmit content via streaming, or live, and therefore, its format is very similar to that of live television programs.

Since its foundation, it has been characterized by attracting a large market segment: gamers, and therefore it is not surprising that they are the most favored with this service. 

How to make money with Twitch:

In this opportunity we are going to tell you how you can make money on twitch. That is, you will know what are the steps to follow to monetize your streamings like an expert.

It is important to note that although for many this platform is only for entertainment purposes, for others it is a great alternative when it comes to earning thousands of dollars.

The latter not only use Twitch to play or have fun, but also see it as a great business opportunity to generate new income .

Disguised Toast , one of the most popular channels on the platform, generates revenues of over $20,000 per month.

Indeed, online gaming communities have been able to take great advantage of it, to the point that today they dominate multiple strategies to make money on twitch.

So both this, and many other users, rely on the following strategies to make money on twitch in a stable and scalable way:

1. Paid subscriptions

Paid subscriptions are currently the biggest source of revenue on Twitch, especially for the channels with the highest number of subscribers.

In essence, channels that have fewer than ten thousand viewers receive 50% of the amount paid by the subscriber.

But those who have ten thousand or more subscribers keep 70% of the total amount of the subscriber.
Although any user can freely access the content shared on this platform, paid subscriptions have not ceased to gain relevance. Basically, this attends to three main causes:
  • This option allows them to remove advertising from the channel.
  • They can access exclusive content or special features.
  • They have direct contact with the owner of the channel.
However, getting more than ten thousand subscribers on a Twitch channel requires effort, dedication and strategy.

In addition, it is vital that you understand that content is king and that if you offer more of the same, you will not be able to differentiate yourself or position yourself in any market niche within this platform.
Today some of the most relevant keys to succeed with this subscription or subscriber strategy are:
  • Increase broadcast hours via streaming.
  • Make authentic, attractive and quality transmissions.

2. Monetization by donations

Donations are another way to make money on Twitch that you can turn to these days.
As in many other social channels, there are ways to receive donations from the most loyal followers or viewers.

And the best part is that you get to keep all the money donated. In simple words, Twitch will not take a percentage from you, which is very positive.

For many viewers it is common to give "tips", or donations to their favorite accounts, especially in the United States.
Income from donations can exceed four figures a month, whether you encourage them, or your viewers help you on their own initiative.

Keep in mind that StreamLabs is one of the leading tools available on the market for receiving donations on Twitch.

3. Advertising

Earning money with Twitch for advertising is also valid and significant. This is how this mechanism works:

Viewers, those users who are not subscribed to a specific channel, are forced to see sponsored ads if they access only the basic version of the platform.

Specifically, they will see this ad when they connect to a broadcast. So a part of the money from that promotion will be paid to the channel and the difference will correspond to Twitch.

But if the channel has a greater reach and relevance, you can choose the option to show advertising to all active viewers, with the press of a button.
The more viewers see your ads, the more revenue you get from ad sources.

4. Twitch Affiliates

This platform has its own affiliate system. But if you want to benefit from this route you must meet some requirements.

For example, you must broadcast live for at least eight hours, and these must be spread over seven different days.

Likewise, you must maintain an average of three simultaneous viewers during the last month, and have a minimum of 50 followers.

When you become an affiliate you must recommend products on your channel and for each sale you make you will receive a commission.

Consider that affiliate marketing can generate very lucrative income through this streaming platform that does not stop growing worldwide.

5. Sponsorships

Sponsorships also allow you to earn money from Twitch in a legal and transparent way. The most common cases consist of:
  • Try some new game (streaming live).
  • Record promotional videos and share them with your audience on your YouTube channel.
  • Make sponsored posts on your alternate social networks.
  • Attend events, tournaments or conferences.
  • Traveling with some brands, etc.

The most popular twitchers are capable of signing million-dollar contracts with internationally renowned brands, including Amazon.

Consequently, this is one of the most profitable and powerful strategies to generate consistent income on this platform.

6. Twitch Bits

Did you know that Twitch has its own ongoing coins? Likewise, and they are widely known as "Bits".

They could actually be equated to virtual currencies used on TikTok to earn money, and streamers or twitchers can activate them for easy purchase by viewers.

They can then use them to send them "Cheers" , or animated emojis or with precious stones, with which they will earn money.

In effect, for every viewer who sends you a “Cheer”, (that has been purchased with Bits), you will keep a portion of the proceeds.

7.Twitch Partner

Monetizing your streams, or earning money with Twitch through this modality, is a bit more complex.
The reason for this is that you need to be a great streamer to become a partner on this platform. These are some of the conditions that you must respect:
  • Broadcast live on at least 12 separate days.
  • Broadcast for 25 hours (minimum).
  • Have an average of 75 viewers.
If you apply to be a Twitch partner , and the requirement is approved, you will be closer to boosting your income since you will be able to:
  • Include advertisements in your live.
  • Boost your paid subscriptions.
  • Receive more money through Bits.

8. Sale of merchandising

If you manage to build a large and loyal channel, it is very likely that you can make money on twitch thanks to the sale of merchandising.

In fact, the number of twitchers who benefit from this measure is growing like foam, since this is something that they can directly control.

Therefore, you can profit from the sale of sweatshirts, t-shirts, key rings, caps, mugs, posters, stickers and many other merchandising items .

So your main job will be to promote them on your channel. Although you can also create your own online store within this platform to maximize your desired conversions.

9. Sale of games

Since this is a platform focused on gamers, it is logical that gamers generate income by selling games on their channels.

According to Oberlo , the first step is to make a broadcast by playing one of the games available on the official Twitch ecommerce to make a profit.

Once you do, the "Buy Now" option will be displayed on your profile, and this is how viewers will be able to purchase the game itself, and even some of its add-ons.


This is one of the most practical and effective strategies to make money on twitch . To take advantage of it, you must share the best segments of your live broadcasts on your YouTube channel.

The more attractive and robust your channel is, and as long as the content shared is valuable to your audience, you will not have problems with monetization.

Remember that you can receive very important income from advertising in this global network, as long as you know how to attract the right audience.

Start earning money with Twitch:

If you are passionate about games and you believe that you have the potential to monetize your passion, it is time for you to join this platform and start earning money with Twitch.

Currently, Twitch offers you the possibility of generating thousands of dollars a month from the ten modalities that we have just shared with you.

Therefore, you are one click away from taking your finances to the next level while doing something that is fun or entertaining, such as playing online.

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