How to Earn Money on Tiktok: 5 Ways

If you want to know how to earn money on Tiktok in anywhere in the world, in this article we explain the different ways that exist to monetize tiktok and thus have an extra income thanks to this currently very popular social network.
In the five ways on how to monetize Tiktok that I am going to show you below, you will realize that you do not need to have many followers, you just have to follow a certain strategy and constantly upload content until you reach a minimum amount, so that later your account grows. alone.

How to make money on Tiktok: 5 ways

Well, of the 5 ways we have to generate income on Tiktok, you will be able to see which of these ways is best for you and your account.
How to make money on Tiktok: 5 ways

1. Monetization for Creators

The first way we have how to earn money on Tiktok is with the Creators Fund. The Creators Fund is basically money that is given to creators simply for uploading content, it is a program that is not related to the advertising of the platform, but with the visits, that is, the more visits you have, the more money you will be generating .

Its requirements are to have 10,000 followers, which is not difficult to achieve on Tiktok, to have a Creator Account and to be over 18 years of age, but unfortunately this way of Monetizing Tiktok is only available in the United States and some European countries.

How much does Tiktok pay?

If you are thinking about opening a TikTok account, you are probably wondering: “How much does TikTok pay?”. The simple answer is not too much.

Depending on your following and the number of views your videos get, you could earn up to four to five cents per thousand views.

To get paid from TikTok, you must have at least 10,000 followers. Usually, you can earn up to $20 using TikTok ads or affiliate marketing offers. However, you need to have at least one million views before you can apply. Once you have enough views, you can start generating ad revenue and making money from the platform. You can also use the Creator Fund to buy likes for your videos.

If you have a video with more than three million views, you can earn up to $50. However, this figure is not very high, and you could end up earning up to $180 or $200 per month if you are from a tier 3 country.

When do you start making money on TikTok?

Before, TikTok did not pay creators for their videos and they had to find other ways to make money with their content. Today, TikTok offers a Creator Fund that pays up to 2 cents per 1,000 views, depending on various non-public factors. Using this program, you can earn passive income as long as you create high-quality videos.
How much does TikTok pay for 1,000 views?

Months ago, it has been difficult to determine the true figure of how much tiktok pays per 1000 views, but recently, the platform has been more transparent with its payments. Depending on the content, a creator can earn between 4 and 6 cents per thousand views. However, currently TikTok has not revealed its exact payment method yet.

2. Monetize Tiktok with Affiliate Marketing

How to make money on tiktok

The second way we have to earn money on Tiktok is through Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So that you understand, it is about selling, you are going to recommend a product or a service from a company and you are going to keep a commission for each sale you get. There are many companies that offer Affiliate services and basically you would have to find one that matches your content.

For example, one of the most famous companies that has an Affiliate Program is Amazon. Joining the Amazon Affiliate program is as simple as registering, creating an affiliate account and starting to recommend the products that match the content of your Tiktok account. .

Then you put the link to your profile and in the videos that you upload you recommend the product, you will keep a commission if your audience buys the product.

If your content is about technology and you talk about mobile phones, it's a good idea to put an affiliate link so people can buy the phones you're recommending.

If you do makeup content, it's exactly the same. You just have to choose products that have an affiliate program, show the details of the products in your videos and people who want to buy it will go to your profile to see the product.

Take into account that Amazon is not the only company that works with Affiliate programs, there are many companies and many stores that have affiliate programs because they are very profitable, you have to look at which products are the best suited to the content you make and see If there are certain companies in your sector.

You can also sell other people's courses. If you teach Excel in your content, for example, you can sell an Excel course that has an Affiliate Program.

You can do this with any sector: Cooking, math, sewing, makeup, painting, etc. There are literally hundreds of options.

3. Monetize Tiktok with Dropshipping

The third way we have to earn money on Tiktok is by making a Dropshipping store, and surely you are also wondering what is Dropshipping? Well, it is something similar to Affiliate Marketing, but a little more complex, it is about opening an Ecommerce or Online store, you have to create your own online store, but you are not going to sell your products, but you are going to have distributors who are going to sell the products for you.

It works in the following way:

You create an online store, you sell the product, but you do not need to have a physical warehouse with the product you are selling, but you contact the distributor directly and the distributor sends the product to the customer.

You do not see the product at any time, you do not need stores, you do not need anything, you simply have to create a web page, here the key is in the profit margins that you are going to keep, if the product costs 5 dollars and you sell it at $10, your profit is $5.

Personally I had a Dropshipping store for a while that I did through Shopify and the truth is that it was a very interesting and quite profitable experience, but it is true that having an Ecommerce even if they are Dropshipping is work, and sometimes suppliers can take longer from account.

4. Monetize Tiktok with Sponsors

The fourth way you have to generate income through TikTok is thanks to sponsors, a company approaches you and wants you to talk about its brand, it tells you: we want to work with you , we are going to pay you such an amount of money to recommend our product or service.

If you make clothing and fashion content (for example), a company approaches you and offers to pay you a certain amount to show and mention the clothing of that company in a video.

Working with sponsors is relatively easy, and it's very profitable, the only drawback is that here you do need to have a minimum audience, you need to have a minimum of followers and a minimum of visits because if not, you can't offer anything to a brand.

What they are going to need is that you guarantee that you have an audience that watches your videos, we can say that, starting at 100,000 followers.

Some brands are already going to contact you to promote their products or services, but also if you have not yet received brands to sponsor, what you can do is get in touch with them, think about which brand you would be willing to work with that matches the content that you are uploading to Tiktok.

You can contact the companies through their web pages, emails or social networks, indicating that you have such a number of followers, so many views per month and in this way the companies will show interest in working with you.

Little by little you will make yourself known and then you will no longer have to look for sponsors, because they will look for you.

5. Sell your own Products

Personally, the best way to monetize Tiktok is with your own physical or digital products. If you have a mostly local audience, that is, followers from your own country, a physical product will be the best option, but if you have followers from all over the world, a digital product will earn you more money.

The steps are as follows: Create a physical or digital product, create a website to show more information about the product, and then integrate the sales function with platforms such as PayPal or Stripe so that they pay you online.

Today there are many platforms where you can create a website without having to learn programming, such is the case of , a Free platform that allows you to build websites, add automations and add the shopping cart to your site.

An example of how to Monetize Tiktok with digital products is the one we see below of an account that teaches Gardening, which has a link to WhatsApp to later contact the interested party and sell the products.
How to make money on Tiktok 2022

This way of making money on Tiktok is my favorite, since you don't depend on other platforms to monetize your content, if you create a digital product, it can be sold infinitely without having to worry about inventory.

Earn money on Tiktok Watching Videos

Earn money on tiktok watching videos? This question is asked by many people who want to make money on Tiktok, but the reality is that there is no way to make money on Tiktok just by watching videos. Tiktok is an entertainment platform, created with an algorithm that learns from the videos you watch, and then recommends similar videos to you.

But it is not possible to earn money by watching Tiktok videos, the ways we explained above are the options you have to generate income with this platform.

Final Words

Choose and focus on working one of these ways to earn money on Tiktok, it will be easier for you to promote your content if you upload videos of only one theme.

Certainly the contents that are most profitable are: Earn money, Makeup, Lose Weight, Work from home, Finance, Credit cards and other specific niches.

The ways in which I personally managed to monetize my content are 2: Affiliate Marketing and own products, and the truth is that they work very well.

I hope this article that explains how to make money on Tiktok has been helpful to you, please do not forget to share.

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