How to make money with Social Networks

Today social networks are being used to earn money from home , in a simple, fun and uncomplicated way. The popularity of this option is so great that many people dedicate a large part of their lives to creating content that allows them to reach the largest number of followers possible.

If you, like many, are interested in making money with social networks, you will be happy to know that you are in the right place.

In which social networks can you earn money?

There are many platforms to earn money online, but there are few that can offer a safe profit to their users. In the same way it happens with social networks; not with all you can earn money. Therefore, below we leave you a list of those that you can use to earn money , along with a brief explanation of what methods can be used in them.
  • Earn money with TikTok : One of the most popular social networks at the moment is TikTok, and with it you can earn money and followers just by posting short videos.
  • Earn money with Facebook : It is the most used social network on the internet, and the one that offers the greatest monetization and customization options to users.
  • Earn money with Instagram : The photography social network is one of the pioneers in offering users the possibility of earning money in many ways
  • Earn money with Telegram : You may not know it, but this app is not just an instant messaging tool. Since, in it you can generate money with just a series of basic knowledge.
  • Earn money with Twitch : The most entertaining place to generate income is Twitch. Here, by making live videos, interacting with the audience or subscribers, you can earn money.

How do you make money with social networks?

Now, there is a series of strategies that will allow you to earn money with social networks; effectively and regardless of the option you choose for that purpose.

1. Advertising

Earning money from advertising on social networks is one of the main monetization methods that Influencers use to earn a living. It basically consists of gaining a certain number of followers with your content, and then trying to contact or be contacted by entrepreneurs or people who want to use your image and community to increase sales of their business.

Clearly, this is a method that will take time, creativity, and effort to execute, yet it will leave you with excellent returns. In addition, the number of your followers does not give you a greater or lesser advantage when it comes to being hired for this type of purpose. Since many businesses are looking for content creators with a community that supports them and interacts with their posts.

2. Undertaking

Another method to earn money with social networks is to use them to advertise a venture; regardless of whether what is offered is a service or a product. The idea is that the business account drives the sales or purchases of the company . Therefore, you should make excellent promotions.

This is a strategy used by large companies to sell everything related to their products or services. In this way, they allow their consumers to know the updates, promotions and news available; and in such case of having the need to suggest new ideas, send a message directly to the business.

3. Developing paid content

When we talk about creating paid content, we mean using social networks to encourage followers to obtain exclusive content that will not be published on your networks . You can achieve this by creating content that demonstrates the quality of your services; and then mention that if they want to know more details, they can purchase a subscription or pay an amount of money for exclusive content.

This method is used by people who promote their virtual classes, courses, photographs, crafts; even, his company and personal affection. In addition, many users when they feel that they find the content creator with whom they identify, they pay to learn directly with them ; regardless of the content they offer.

4. Working as Community Manager

Earning money through social networks as a Community Manager is an easy method to apply if you have advanced knowledge on the subject . It should be noted that this job requires a person who can handle all the elements that drive a social or business profile to get a greater number of followers.

Typically, this individual performs the activities requested by the account owner; In some cases, it is the Community Manager who guides the content creator on how to improve the advertising strategy that he uses to attract new people to his profile or venture. This is just a brief summary of how much you can do in this position.

5. By views

As the title mentions, you can earn money for views, however, it is an exclusive alternative to some social networks ; like Twitch or TikTok.

Clearly, this type of payment has its own requirements, so in order to enable this feature, you will need to check the requirements to meet on your own . Generally, they request that the profile have a minimum number of followers to access this payment.

Sometimes you will need to exceed a certain number of views on your content. As well as, the payment for views may increase or decrease depending on the nationality of the person who publishes or views said content.

6. Performing direct

Implementing the direct ones as another method to earn money with social networks is an excellent idea if you do not have stage fright and would like to meet your new and current followers. Depending on the social network you use for it, you will be able to earn a greater or lesser amount of money , but you will always need the support of your audience and have the monetization of your active account.

Obviously, this method varies depending on the social network you use, but normally people will send you money through direct messages as a show of support for your channel, profile or content. Ideally, when making this type of video you interact and encourage the public to send you their donations; On many occasions, just by thanking the follower who donated for the gesture, the support of other people will increase .

Platforms to earn money with social networks

Now, using platforms to earn money with social networks is an equally effective and simple way as the previous methods. The main difference is that now you will not need a large number of followers or other complications . Since, these are designed for all kinds of influencers or people who want to earn money; indifferently, if they are starting or have time.


Everve is a platform that supports content creators from different countries around the world; which gives it a plus compared to many applications of its type. With it, you will not only be able to increase the number of your followers and views , but it will also give you the opportunity to earn money by doing the activities that the platform requests.

2. Socialpubli

Socialpubli allows small Influencers from all over the world to earn a considerable amount of money by participating in advertising campaigns , in which they are only asked to publish images, tweets or mentions. Also, if your interest is to advertise your business, then open your account on said platform to achieve the goal you dream of so much.


If you have a very solid community of followers, but still can't find a sponsorship that benefits you monetarily, with Twync you will find the opportunity you wanted so much. This platform will make your social networks available to brands that require users that allow them to use their ingenuity and image to advertise their products.

4. Publisuites

Publisuites is a platform that allows its users to get sponsored to earn money with their influence and followers. It should be noted that if a sponsor selects you for their marketing campaigns, orders will arrive in your inbox, and you must reject or accept the one you want . In this way, you will be able to earn money, increase your reputation on the site, and clearly, your earnings will increase over time.

Final Opinions: How much can you earn and is it worth it?

The reality is that, like any job or venture, making money with social networks also requires time, perseverance and a lot of creativity . However, it is a way to generate profits that is worth experimenting with; Above all, if you know that you have what it takes to be rewarded for your content and knowledge.

On the other hand, it is not possible to mention an exact amount of money that you can earn with your social networks. From experience, we have achieved figures above $2000, however, this will depend on the strategies and methods that you put into practice. This is not counting the type of sponsorship you get. What is certain is that with time and effort you will increase your monthly income more and more.

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