8 initial steps to earn money with YouTube with your videos

Are you looking for ways to monetize your content, ideas and knowledge? If so, and you like the format of the videos, in this article we are going to explain how to earn money with YouTube.

With the passage of time, YouTube has positioned itself as a social platform in which the interaction between its channels and the community that follows them has allowed the contribution of its contents to be so liked that the innumerable visits to these sites and the views of the videos, have in turn generated business opportunities on the Internet.

This is how YouTube has become an advertising tool that makes a figure famous through what they share in their uploaded videos, such as their talents, ideas or messages.

How to make money with YouTube:

The passion for creating quality videos and uploading them to YouTube has been the beginning of the fame and fortune of those people called Youtubers , who through their successful and even viral videos have found their own gold mine.

Earning money with YouTube is easy as long as you like the videos, you have no problem getting in front of a camera and you have a community that follows you.

Do not forget that the content must generate value, that what you share has a purpose. This will help you to be remembered and followed by a significant audience.

If you are interested in this way of earning money online , there are a number of things you should keep in mind:

1. The audience must always be above the income:

Obviously income is essential, but having a YouTube channel is profitable if you have a community that is loyal to you and that is participatory.

So, the first thing you should do is increase your audience and regularly create videos that they enjoy.

It is important that in the videos you comment on interesting things for them, focus on topics of value. So, before creating your YouTube channel and increasing your community, decide on a topic that you like and make videos commenting on relevant things on that topic.

Videos of questions and answers or examples are very good.

2. You must put ads in your videos:

If you get your videos to reach 10,000 views, you can be part of the YouTube Partner Program and publish ads on your content.

As a general rule, all "creators", as YouTube calls " youtubers ", can send an application to join the YouTube Partner Program but you should see if this is available in your country, since there are still some restrictions.

3. You will have to configure the channel to earn money:

To make money with YouTube you must prepare your channel. To do it you will have to:

– First, create the channel and send the request to become a Partner, as we have already mentioned. Although you must have a total of 10,000 views.
– Then you must link your YouTube channel with an Adsense account. Since this is how you can earn money and receive payments for your videos.
– Then you must choose between the different ad formats that exist. And select the option “earn income with ads”.

4. You can earn money with YouTube Red subscriptions:

Members of the YouTube Red platform pay a fee to receive some special benefits, such as watching videos without ads.

You can earn money this way. But keep in mind that your YouTube Red revenue is calculated by how much time a subscriber spends watching your content compared to other similar content.

YouTube Red is not yet available in all countries, so we advise you to analyze whether it is available or not in your country.

5. You will likely need brand collaborations:

If you have a good community, and a considerable number of followers, you will be able to collaborate with some brands.

Many companies or agencies are looking for a way to promote products or services and it may be that you are the person they need. You can make them a proposal and see if you fit with them. Do not be afraid.

Having said this, we would like to emphasize that to be a " youtuber " you need three things: dedication, effort and luck. You should make videos that are fun, interesting and original.

In addition, it is necessary that you take the videos seriously since otherwise you will not succeed and if you do not succeed you will not have an income.

We encourage you to think about themes, or market niches , that are in trend and that, in addition, the editing of the video that you make is careful.

To know how to earn money on YouTube , it is necessary to maintain a commitment to create audiovisual content and upload videos continuously; while strategies are applied to grow the audience and turn it into a loyal community. So, here is a guide to make money on YouTube.

Recommendations to earn money on YouTube

6. Enable monetization on your video channel from Creator Studio:

  • Accede a YouTubeSelect the account icon sequence – Creator Studio (top right).
  • Select the sequence Channel – States and Functions (in the menu on the left)
  • Select Monetization, click Enable.
You must read and accept the terms of the YouTube Partner Program.

The video channel must be approved to join the YouTube Partner Program before linking the YouTube channel to an AdSense account.

7. Link the YouTube channel to an AdSense account 

This will be the first step to earn money and receive the corresponding payments for the videos that have been monetized.

To request an AdSense account through YouTube keep in mind the following recommendations:

– You must have monetization activated in the YouTube account.
– Submit the request to create an AdSense account and link it with the YouTube account.
– Set up an AdSense account to receive payments. This account will manage the money earned from monetized videos and will make payments for it (by check, electronic funds transfer, wire transfer, or Western Union Quick Cash).
– When there are earnings in AdSense and the balance meets the cancellation limit , it will be paid in full in the next payment cycle.
– You can only have one AdSense account with the same beneficiary name.
– You can monetize more than one YouTube channel with the same AdSense account.

8. Research types of videos and ad formats available:

Make sure your YouTube channel meets the YouTube Partner Program requirements.

The content of the videos, suitable for monetization, is very varied. However, it is important that you also know which are the content options of the videos that are considered not suitable for monetization, for example:

– Those that contain music purchased from music channels or that was recorded from an audio-visual device (radio, television).
– The compilation of content created by third parties.
– Videos that contain material that impacts negatively and causes disturbance or unpleasantness such as nudity or violence.

Initially, to earn money on YouTube, advertisements inserted in the monetized videos that are uploaded are used, when advertisers believe that these videos are related to their interests or brands.

These ads on YouTube have a structure called format. Some of the YouTube advertising formats (ads available) include:
  • Display Ads
  • overlay ads
  • Skippable Ads
  • sponsored cards

9. Other ways to earn money on YouTube

Enable monetization on all future video uploads, this will help you increase your chances of earning money, if the video is successful and/or attracts the attention of advertisers.

Monetize the videos that you already have available in your account, choose the most popular and with the highest viewing times.

Earn money with YouTube Premium subscriptions, these members pay a fee to enjoy some benefits, such as watching videos on YouTube without ads.

Now, if the YouTube video channel has a strong audience and you are already earning revenue from ads on the videos, you have other options to generate more revenue. Among these are:

1. Collaborate with brands. Take the initiative and present a proposal to a brand or advertiser, indicating the viewing hours and number of subscribers of your YouTube channel.
2. Promotes the brand or the products that are published on the channel, with a set of advertising items determined for the promotion (Merchandising).
3. Raise funds for the YouTube channel, starting an external campaign for this purpose (crowdfunding). In this campaign, the money is contributed by the followers and subscribers of the channel.
4. Plan live presentations at an event, in those places where the channel's audience is more participatory. With this you manage to promote ticket sales to the event, merchandising and also strengthen ties with your audience.

A sample of the success achieved on YouTube is linked to those famous figures who have positioned themselves on this platform and are known as Youtubers , who, as a personal or business "brand", publish or promote personal videos in order to support their own objectives ( personal or business).

The information or content that YouTubers share is relevant to the community to which they direct their efforts. Their videos can exceed millions of views and their channels have thousands of subscribers.

Some of the most famous Youtubers in the world

PewDiePie (Sweden). With 59.5 million subscribers and almost 17,000 million views.
Hi, I'm German (Chile). It has 33 million subscribers. Germán Garmendia is a comedian who ranks second; being the most successful Youtuber in Spanish.

ElRubiusOMG (Spain). Rubén Doblas Gundersen, with more than 27 million subscribers and more than 6 billion views.

Whindersson Nunes (Brazil). It has a record 26.1 million subscribers.
Fernanfloo (El Salvador). He has 25.8 million subscribers. His name is Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado.

With this detailed information that we have shared with you, you now have the basic knowledge and strategies to start making money on YouTube.

You just need to make the decision to focus that passion for making quality videos towards an audience that expects their gaps to be filled with fresh content to become a faithful community for your channel.

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