Earn money from writing (9 profitable ways)

Making money from writing may not be easy, but for writers, the fascinating path of this profession is worth all the difficulties. In this article, we have tried to give you some useful suggestions to earn money from writing. 

If you have a good pen and you are confident in your ability in the field of writing, you can definitely make money from this valuable skill. Although now social networks and image and video content services have become extremely widespread, but still the main solution for businesses to communicate, convey messages, market products and sell services is textual content. If you really enjoy writing, you should know that your skills are in high demand in the job market.

What is writing?

There are many definitions of writing. For example, Pascal, the famous French mathematician and philosopher, considers writing to be writing things that the audience can easily understand and after reading the writing, they will feel interest and love for it. Buffon, another French philosopher and writer, also considers writing as movements and order given to thoughts. Dr. Parviz Natal Khanleri, a contemporary writer and linguist, also considers a writer to be someone who brings benefit or pleasure to the audience with his writings. Meanwhile, based on the criterion definition,Writing is a means of expressing thoughts and feelings in the form of appropriate and pleasant words in such a way that the audience can easily understand the meaning and intention that the author has in mind. 

There are different types of writing. There are those who write and publish their works online. This category is called online writers. Online writers write in various fields from science and technology to cars and other topics. After that, we have writers who write only in the fields of literature and art, especially fiction, this category is called creative writers. Meanwhile, bloggers, content producers, and copywriters are also considered authors. Perhaps, before anything else, it is better to think about what field you want to write in and what kind of writer you are. Now that you know a little bit about who a writer is, it's better to move on to how you can become a writer.

How to become a writer?

If you are one of those people who like to write, but you think you don't have enough talent in this field, don't worry at all. According to many prominent writers, including people like Stephen King, whose works have sold millions of copies around the world, you don't need any talent to write!

Unfortunately, usually when it comes to entering the field of writing, the first discussion is the need to have talent. All these discussions make one forget the most important thing, which is that to become a writer, it is better to first pick up a pen and write. According to the elders of literature and art, perseverance and practice can make anyone a writer.If you feel you need help and guidance, participating in writing courses and classes (online and face-to-face) can be a good start to your writing journey.But it is better to know, many of those who are now writers and whose works have a large audience, started writing without academic education and training courses. Maybe you can follow in the footsteps of these writers. However, don't forget that maybe taking writing courses can teach you the right way to write. Maybe if you were to walk the same path by trial and error, you would need a longer time to succeed.

Characteristics of a good writer

It is usually hard to know the fact that you are a really good writer. If you also doubt yourself whether you are a good writer or not, maybe it is better to find out the characteristics that we mention in the following. The following features are essential for any writer.

They pay attention to details

Good writers are first and foremost exceptional observers. They keep everything they see in mind and after subtle changes put it on paper. This attention to detail not only makes any writer an incredibly accurate and sharp editor, but also ensures that even the smallest detail is not overlooked. At the same time, detailing makes the writings of these authors gain depth and have a special feeling. Obviously, these fine writers leave no descriptive detail behind.

They are regular and disciplined

Good writers are no stranger to hard work and hassle. By rewriting, editing, and improving their texts, they always seek to find their way in writing with discipline. Regardless of the volume of their work, these authors are always looking for revision and revision of their works so that they can write better writings in the future. Good writers are focused on the art of writing and are constantly thinking about getting better.

They write clearly and clearly

Good writers express complex thoughts and ideas in simple and clear language so that the audience can quickly and easily understand the main concept. This valuable quality helps them to turn the most difficult topics and subjects into attractive and straightforward writings.

They have a high vocabulary

No one likes to read repeated words all the time. Therefore, having a high vocabulary is an essential tool for any writer. Any writer can attract the attention of readers by putting interesting and unusual words in their writings and allow them to communicate more effectively with the world around them.

They eagerly accept changes and transformations

Good writers have a playful mind and are not afraid of change. Not being afraid of successive edits and rewrites and accepting suggestions from others is an important trait of good writers, as it helps them become better and stronger writers in the long run. An open mind helps any writer to see his work from the eyes of others and to recognize the weak points of the work more easily.

They are always hungry to read

Avid readers often become good writers themselves, as immersing themselves in the magical world of words helps them gain a better understanding of writing skills (such as grammar, syntax, and prose, among others). These are the most basic writing tools any writer can acquire by reading.

If you don't have any of these qualities, try to get them

If you read the 6 features above and feel that you can improve in some of these areas, don't worry at all. You can start your progress in the field of writing right now.

Ways to earn money from writing

Now that we have covered all the aspects of writing, it is better to return to the main topic of the article, which is making money from writing. If you are looking to earn money by writing , you should try the 9 ways that we have mentioned below.

1- Earn money by writing articles for websites and news agencies

Journalism is an extremely attractive profession for all lovers of writing and pen. If you are really interested in writing, we definitely recommend you to follow this career path. However, it is important to know that there is fierce competition in this field of work. It is well known that journalism is a profession where you have to spend time with low wages and internships (unpaid) in the beginning.

Although this career path may not be easy, we suggest looking at it as a part-time job to begin with. You can get paid to write articles to get started. For this, you don't need any education in the field of journalism, you just need to be a good writer and have sufficient skills in narration and detailing as much as possible.

In the beginning, to create a good resume for yourself, you can start a blog yourself. By doing this, you can show others your interests and level of writing. When you gain enough experience and skill, you can submit the articles you have written as samples to online and offline websites and news agencies. Now, if someone likes your writing, they definitely won't mind hiring you as a freelance writer. 

The amount you get for writing each article depends on the amount of content, topic and your writing style, but you can consider a salary between 2.40 and 12 usd and even higher on average. Don't forget that the higher your writing skills and the more specialized your writing, the higher your salary will be.

2- Participate in writing competitions

Entering writing contests can be a little intimidating. But just think how much it will benefit you if you win one of these competitions. Certainly, many people respect someone who has won a writing contest or won an award, and of course, such awards will also be great for your resume. Of course, you can't easily ignore the bonus, which can sometimes be several times the monthly salary of a novice writer. So use writing contests as a way to motivate yourself in addition to a way to earn money from writing. You can easily find a list of creative writing and essay writing contests and more with a quick Google search.

3- Earn money through translation

One of the great ways to make money writing is to use your language skills and translate. There are many businesses that are willing to pay people like you to translate a variety of texts right now. Translation income is different depending on the subject (specialized texts and content definitely have higher income) and also the source and destination languages. You can register to start working on one of the translation service sites and start working as a trial translator. Of course, it is better to read the translation rules and tariffs carefully before registering on any of the online translation service websites.

4- Monetize your blog or website

Converting a website or blog into a source of income requires a lot of effort and usually takes months or even years of your time. But when you get it right, you can earn money from the profession you really love, that is, writing. Meanwhile, monetizing your blog and website can be a positive point to put on your resume. You can earn money in a variety of ways from affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsored content, and more.

5- Writing in social networks

Another way to earn money from writing is to write on social networks. If you haven't thought about this field before, it's better to know that writing content for social networks can really pay well. You can start by writing content for your own accounts and affiliate marketing methods to earn money from social networks. You can also write for other businesses and get paid for your writing. Many businesses are desperately looking for tasteful and creative writers to write them useful posts on Twitter and Facebook or catchy captions on Instagram.

6- Become a copywriter

If you've ever browsed a list of writing-related jobs, there's no doubt that you've heard something about the job title of copywriter or copywriter. Although copywriting is a job that you should think about for the long term, one of the most lucrative writing jobs is definitely copywriting.

In order to enter the field of copywriting, it is better that your writing skills are at a high level and you have a high understanding of the three topics of headline writing, simple writing, and specific writing. Simply put, a copywriter is someone who combines writing skills with the science of marketing and sales to write promotional texts that help increase sales of a business's products or services. The advertising texts you write as a copywriter are published in various places, including urban billboards, newspapers and magazines, brochures, websites and online publications, and more.

7- Write a book

Writing a book is definitely not the fastest way to earn money from writing. Writing a book can not only be very difficult, but it can also take a lot of time.

However, if you are serious about your decision, don't worry at all about these minor aspects of your work. You can write a book about anything, any subject and in any field. You can write a novel. Or publish your collection of poems or short stories. You can even consider writing non-fiction books. For example, write a student handbook and talk about your real experiences of studying for the entrance exam.

Maybe you want to go to a publishing house and negotiate about how to publish the work and copyright. Fortunately, e-books are easy to publish and you can make money much faster by publishing these books.

8- Become a technical writer

If you have never heard the term technical writer, don't worry. The definition of the job of a technical writer differs depending on the specializations of different businesses and industries. But a technical writer is someone who turns technical and complex information into simple and concise texts. 

One of the most common tasks that technical writers do is to write manuals for various products and topics. In order to write a booklet, you must conduct comprehensive and complete research and present the results of your research in the form of a concise and useful booklet in a simple and understandable language.

You will probably need a lot of writing experience to enter this position. Therefore, it is better to consider the rest of our suggestions in this article to start making money from writing. But if you are still serious and, more importantly, you have a good talent for research, enjoy dealing with technical and hard information, you can be sure that you will succeed in the career of a technical writer.

9- Become a shadow writer

Many people are good writers, but prefer to stay out of the limelight. If you are one of these marginal people, there is no problem at all, you can switch from writing to shadow writing to earn money. Shadow writers are those who help others write texts ranging from books to speeches, but they only get paid for their work and sell credit for the work to their clients.

Since shadow writing is not a very common occupation, it is difficult to know the average income of this attractive job. But you will certainly earn different incomes depending on the level of work and your clients. Just like technical writing, you need a lot of writing experience to start shadowwriting. Although it will take some time to get the right projects and build a strong resume, in the end you will be able to work with a lot of interesting people in this field and most importantly earn money doing what you love passionately, which is writing.

final word

Now that you've learned about all the options on the table for making money writing, it's time to roll up your sleeves! Don't forget, no one is perfect in the beginning and even the best writers have faced many obstacles in their first steps. So it is better to believe in yourself and start a path where you can earn money from your favorite profession and skill.


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