Do you know what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works?

What is Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Program

When I decided to do business online and heard for the first time what Affiliate Marketing was , I immediately understood that I could start earning money online without having my own product, since previously I thought that it was necessary to have a product already. Whether physical or digital to generate income, I also realized that this was one of the best options to earn money online.

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is very simple and it consists in that a brand or a company pays a commission to an affiliate (intermediary) for the promotion of their products or services on the Internet, in most cases the brands provide tools as banners so they can promote affiliates on their websites or through paid advertising.

In other cases, the owner of the product comes to provide free emails and/or reports as online marketing tools, in such a way that it makes the job of the affiliate a bit easier, so they only have to develop the necessary strategies to bring traffic (visitors ) to the website of the product or service being promoted. In this way, when a sale is concluded, the affiliate receives a commission.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First of all, to promote a product as an affiliate, you have to register in any of the affiliate networks that exist, such as: ClickBank , Jvzoo , PayDontCom ; Registration on these platforms is completely free.

After you have registered in any of these affiliate networks, you have to choose the product that you want to promote, after you have chosen it the system will provide you with a link and this will be your affiliate link. Usually the affiliate link is a big weird link containing letters and numbers.

This affiliate link is the one that you are going to promote through an online marketing strategy, be it on a website, on a blog, on social networks or through paid advertising.

Therefore, when a visitor clicks on the banner or on the affiliate link, a "cookie" is stored on the visitor's computer, so that if the sale is made through the visitor, the seller or the affiliate platform will know from whom the commission was generated.

The secret to being able to generate very good commissions through affiliate marketing is to segment your market niche, the more segmented your market niche is, the more successful you will be in promoting your product as an affiliate.

Once your niche market is segmented like a laser beam you will know if you drive the most traffic to the seller's sales page to generate higher commissions.

How to get started in Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn money online as an affiliate , it is completely simple and you do not require a lot of investment, you will only require the time factor. Below I list the simple steps you must follow.

1.- Select a Niche or a highly profitable theme:

2.- Find a product: In any of the affiliate networks that I mentioned above, look for a product.

3.- Build a Blog:

4.- Build a subscriber list:

4.- Follow-up: Give follow-up to your subscribers since many times they do not buy at the first

5.- Write content: Write relevant content that adds value

6.- Promote your website: Promote your website in different social networks.

The commissions that can be generated with this business model are incredible . As I told you before, the secret lies in segmenting your market niche and knowing how to drive qualified traffic to the seller's website, blog or sales letter.


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