How to make a resume correctly: tips, examples and frequently asked questions

The time has come to learn how to write a resume correctly and without errors . Many people do it without taking examples into account, reflecting only the studies and experience they have in the workplace. However, in most cases, a well-written, simple and specific resume is worth a thousand times more than a piece of paper with hundreds of lines.
There are tricks that you may not know and that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants for the position you are looking for.

Below we explain those tricks, tips and how to make a good resume that will lead you to get a job.

What should you know before starting the resume?

To begin with, you have to know that a unique resume will make you stand out from others . Many download templates and put their data, and that's where their resume ends. However, spending 30 minutes doing it right, different and natural will make them notice you.

Do not think that everyone is looking for information on how to make a resume well, more than 70% take templates or do it in a blank document , without having seen other examples.

Once you have it ready and well reviewed, it is time to write the email to send the resume to the corresponding company or selection process, it is very important to know what you should write so that your email is not forgotten and they are interested in you.

Make a unique and optimized resume

You may not know it, but currently for the best jobs the first selection is made by a machine. Companies use recruitment software that makes it much easier for them to work with applicants.

While including unique elements in your resume will make you look better in human eyes, the recruiting software will only search for keywords.

What keywords to put? It is as simple as taking the job offer and seeing the job description. The combination of these two elements increases your chances of being selected.

Which resume template to choose?

There are three types of basic models, the basic or chronological, the functional and the combined .

Basic or chronological resume

In this we are going to get at first glance the most recent work experiences and a little later the skills that the applicant has. Unless you have little work experience or tradition is very important in the company, you should not present such a model.

functional resume

These first introduce you to the skills of the applicant, as well as their achievements and vital aspects. Work experience is relegated to the background. This is a very good idea if you changed professions or a chronological model would not show your abilities.

combined resume

Finally, there is the combined curriculum model. It is nothing more than a combination of both models, where the same importance is given to everything. It's a good idea to use this template if you already have work experience, not many spells of unemployment, and good skills to stand out.

What should you not put on your resume?

There are things that you should not put on your resume. Contrary to what some people think , the excess of information can be negative . These are the things you should leave out of a resume:
  • All that information that has nothing to do with your current profession , much less with the position you aspire to.
  • Small jobs you did in the years of study.
  • Jobs in which you have stayed for a very short time (unless they are directly related to the position you are applying for).
Remember, the resume should be simple and specific.

What should you highlight in your resume?

Obviously, academic achievements and previous work experiences must be present. However, these by themselves do not guarantee success in your initiatives to search for new jobs.

More important than these are the practical achievements or examples of success you have had in your career. You may not have too many, but even in that situation it is quite convenient to try to capture them. In most cases it will be a great inclusion within the document.

Highlight the skills related to employment , study well what it is about and what you are going to do, knowing this, write down your skills and how you could help at work.

In principle, you must be clear that what is important is the written content , so if any distracting graphic element should be eliminated.

Let's get to work, how to write the resume?

The fonts to be used must be as universal as possible , for example:
  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • Calibri
Also, make sure that the style of writing and ordering the data is comfortable to read from paper or from a mobile or computer screen.

Don't use cold language, be natural . When it comes to expressing yourself, using very technical words may not be liked too much.

As much as possible, handle only action verbs . Those that are more passive should be used less. Talk in an active way (I did/led/built/developed) rather than more passive ways of doing it. That will guarantee that you will attract much more attention from whoever reads the document.

Is a very long resume necessary?

Definitely NOT . The times when long resumes held sway in the business world are over. Today, we live in a very fast-paced world and an interviewer or hiring manager will not be willing to read 5 pages of resume .

Remember, it's better little and quality . Experience prevails, yes, but the desire and skills that you highlight and are different and unique will be evaluated even better. Otherwise, your resume will not even be evaluated. Keep this in mind when including all the information.

Should I make multiple resumes?

Although many people don't, our advice is to make a resume for each job offer. As we said before, you have to highlight all your skills for that job or company, so the same will not work for another offer.

Evaluate the particularities that each employer is looking for and adapt the document to them . Customize as much as you can for each company, this is a point that the person in charge of hiring you will take into account, it is a sign that you spent time looking for information about the position and you really want it.

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