Start earning money with YouTube shorts from scratch

Right now thousands of YouTubers, influencers and digital content creators have figured out how to make money with YouTube shorts in a continuous and profitable way.

Undoubtedly, the profitability of this service is on the rise, despite the fact that it was introduced to the market just a couple of years ago.

Although the truth is that you do not need to be a great influencer to take advantage of it. Basically, if you have an Internet connection and you have a YouTube channel, you could get down to work. 

The beginnings of YouTube Shorts:

The starting point is to understand well what "shorts" are.
In general, you should know that YouTube Shorts is a new video hosting platform developed by YouTube.

Thanks to this service, digital creators can generate short videos, or "shorts", since their maximum duration is 1 minute.

Some representatives of this company, which belongs to Google, have stated that this new service was inspired by the early days of the platform.

Indeed, the first video published on this network, known worldwide as "Me at the zoo", only lasts 18 seconds.

However, it seems that YouTube's biggest motivation in developing this new platform was to compete with other popular short video apps.

For many, its developers were inspired by the enormous popularity of some apps, such as TikTok , to create "Shorts".
Specifically, this new modality of video creation can also generate significant and scalable income for you online.

What are Youtube Shorts?

They are short videos with effects or music. Its style is very similar to TikTok videos and you can easily view them on the main YouTube app.

Since the platform started its operations, it has not stopped expanding and gaining followers throughout the world.

YouTube Shorts literally allow you to earn money online in exchange for 60 seconds of media exposure.
If your shorts go viral, or get a large number of views, you could generate up to five figures a month.

However, you must make sure that your content is authentic, original, creative, controversial or humorous, so that you can build an audience and differentiate yourself from the rest.

You should also know that the enormous receptivity that the platform has had prompted the creation of a fund of $100 million dollars.

The idea is that YouTube uses that money to pay the users who feed the platform known as YouTube Shorts.

According to a Forbes report , in January of this year YouTube Shorts had already reached five trillion views.

Additionally, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki , in August 2021 the top performing Shorts creators were rewarded up to $10,000 per month.

So yes, you can generate lucrative income month after month through this platform; and the best thing is that you can reach this goal from wherever you are.

How to make money with YouTube shorts

At this point you should be interested in knowing how to earn money with YouTube shorts ; especially if you are familiar with generating income through Google .

The truth is that at the moment there are not many alternative mechanisms to monetize your videos on this new platform.

Keep in mind that you currently cannot replicate the traditional way of making money from video sharing on YouTube, which involves four main steps:
  1. Join the YouTube Partner Program.
  2. Post long-form videos.
  3. Activate the monetization of that content.
  4. Receive income from advertising.
That scheme caters to the conventional way of making money with YouTube . However, it is not valid for generating income with YouTube Shorts.

So you cannot use paid advertising strategies to make money with your YouTube Shorts channel.
But this does not mean that you cannot benefit, monetarily, with your videos. On the contrary, there are some basic strategies to make money with YouTube shorts.

These are the most popular, effective and used today by influencers and digital creators of short videos:

1. YouTube Creator Fund

A moment ago we told you that YouTube has a reserve of $100 million dollars to pay its most active creators.

That's the main means of monetization available to you right now on YouTube Shorts.
In theory, you can earn between $100 and $10,000 per month; depending on the views your videos get.

It is a rewards-based system that allows you to compete directly with other digital content creators.
Therefore, your online income will be contingent on the performance of your short videos, and the performance of shorts from other creators on this platform.

Consequently, monetization of the Shorts is entirely at the discretion of YouTube . Additionally, it is important to note that not all creators qualify to earn income from the fund.

How to receive bonuses from the YouTube Shorts Fund:

Every month the YouTube team contacts thousands of creators to notify them that they are qualified to receive a bonus from the YouTube Shorts Fund.

For that to happen they must have met the following requirements:
  • Have uploaded at least one short video in the last 180 days.
  • The channel where the shorts are shared must adhere to YouTube's Community Guidelines, as well as YouTube's monetization policies and copyright rules.
  • Videos cannot have logos from external social networks, much less watermarks.
  • Shorts cannot contain raw clips from TV shows or movies.
  • You also can't upload videos that have been shared by other creators on their YouTube channels.
  • Short video creators must be over the age of 13 (if residing in the United States), or have reached the age of majority in the country where they reside.
  • If they are between the ages of 13 and 18, they must have a legal guardian. Also, one of your parents must set up the Google Adsense account to receive payments.
  • Live in a country eligible to upload videos on YouTube Shorts.

Receipt and claim of bonuses:

A relevant point that you must handle is that YouTubers who are part of the YouTube Partner Program, or of a channel affiliated with a multi-channel network, are eligible to receive bonuses.

The creators who are selected are notified via email, after the first week of each month has elapsed.
That way they know the amount of the bonus they have received, as well as the steps to follow to claim it.
Also, you should keep in mind that you will have until the 25th of each month to make said claim, or else it will expire.

Currently, payments are made to the Google Adsense account that each creator links to their YouTube channel.

In short, the bonuses you'll receive from the creator pool will be tailored to the location of your audience.

For this reason, the audience participation requirements, as well as the viewing requirements of the shorts, tend to vary between different creators.

2. Alliances with brands and sponsorships

One of the best ways to scale your online income and build a profitable business through YouTube Shorts is to build partnerships with brands.

Indeed, the videos sponsored by medium and large advertisers become money flowing to your accounts in an expeditious and direct way.

Basically, you should get sponsorships from those brands that trust your credibility and expertise as a digital creator , to promote their products or services in some of your shorts.

The key to success is to make promotions focused on your market niche , as well as on the nature of the short videos that you share on this platform.

For example, if you dedicate yourself to the creation of shorts on technological topics, the most ideal thing is that you promote products or services linked to that same category.

That way you can make promotions that are not invasive to your target, and therefore, your conversion rate could rise significantly.

If you were wondering how to make money with YouTube shorts using an option other than the creator fund, this is a pretty good alternative.

3. YouTube Ad Revenue

YouTube ad revenue generation will depend on the medium where your followers view your shorts.
If they view them from the shorts player itself, in the YouTube application, you will not earn money.

This is because that mechanism does not yet support monetization of ads or digital content.

At the moment the only way to earn ad revenue from your shorts is for your followers to watch your shorts on a normal viewing page, and not on the official player.

Regular Pages do support ad posting. This means that you will be able to earn money with the shorts that are displayed on them; as long as you are part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Tips for receiving bonuses

Earning money with YouTube shorts is not an impossible mission. However, current options are very limited and complex.

Especially since the selection of the beneficiaries is at the sole discretion of YouTube . But all is not lost, much less should you give up as a creator of shorts.

Instead, there are several tips you can follow to please the YouTube Shorts algorithm and increase your chances of receiving an invite to the creator pool.

Would you like to meet them? Here are some of them:
  1. Create and share short videos that are 100% original.
  2. Do not include watermarks or logos from other platforms on your shorts.
  3. Play with the duration of each video. But he remembers that the maximum time is 60 seconds.
  4. Experiment with different types of videos. Although the format must always respect the proportions recommended by YouTube Shorts.
  5. Use trending sounds, audios or music in your videos.
  6. Incorporate the hashtag “#shorts” into the title and description of your videos.
  7. Take advantage of the "polls" that you can share on your channel.

YouTube is testing new monetization mechanisms

In order for digital content creators to earn money with YouTube shorts in a more diversified way, this technology giant is carrying out important tests.

Below we will tell you what is known so far regarding the new monetization mechanisms that could be implemented soon:
  1. Ads in the shorts player. This option is already in trial period.
  2. Offers of branded content through BrandConnect (the latter is a YouTube program that connects its creators with other brands or advertisers).
  3. Shopping integrations. It is in the early testing phases, and if it is approved, live purchases will be possible in important markets.
  4. New technologies of Non-Fungible Tokens (Also known as NFTs ).
The goal is that there are more and more alternatives to earn money with YouTube shorts.
In that case, the creators would remain more satisfied, committed and inspired to enrich this new platform with original and highly viralizable short videos.

Main features of these short videos

Now that you know the different alternatives to earn money with Shorts , we are going to mention the main characteristics, guidelines and steps that you must follow to start monetizing this type of content.

These are some of the characteristics that the short videos that are part of this new YouTube platform must have:

1. Its format must be vertical. In fact, your aspect ratios should be 9:16, 4:3, and 3:2.
2. They cannot last more than 60 seconds.
3. They need to be segmented with added original audio, or trending sounds and music.
4. You must create your shorts directly in the YouTube app. Although you also have the possibility to record and edit them in another application and then upload them to YouTube Shorts.

If you make sure to respect these guidelines you should not have problems when creating your digital content, or shorts.

Steps to create a new short video

These are the steps you must follow if you want to create a new short:
  1. Access the platform.
  2. Click on “create new content”.
  3. Choose the option “create a short”.
  4. Allow the app to access your smartphone's memory and camera (in case you record the short with this device).
  5. Press the red button to start video recording.
  6. Edit the short with the tools offered by the site.
  7. Add a title and description to the video.
  8. Set whether it will be hidden, whether it will be public or private.
  9. Select “upload”.

YouTube Shorts is profitable:

Earning money with Yo uTub e shorts is the goal of many content creators around the world.
Although many are dedicated to sharing short films for entertainment purposes, the truth is that most of them pursue economic remuneration.

YouTube is aware of this, and therefore, it has not skimped on investing millions of dollars in resources in its most precious asset: its digital creators.

In short, you could earn between $100 and $10,000 per month if your shorts perform well and perform on this new platform.

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