Is it possible to make money online ? know the truth

The Internet has become an endless source of income for many users, and most of those users who today have a substantial income thanks to the Internet, are normal people like you or me, the only difference is that they have known stand firm with what they wanted and have learned well enough for this to bear fruit.
I will not tell you that making money on the Internet is easy, nor that you can make a fortune overnight, I know there are a lot of pages that fill their titles and content with these kinds of promises, but I only know the long way. , can you earn easy and fast money online? Yeah. but not as fast as people think, nor as safe as doing it with more time and effort.

It is that I don't know if you have noticed that most of the tutorial titles say something like this: “Earn a lot of money”, “Earn a thousand dollars a month”, etc.

And when you go and try that platform and see that you will not get rich because you earn less than a ctv. You start to think that you won't make it and that it's a waste of time, so your spirits drop ➘ ???? .

In addition, with the many companies that offer the sky and the stars, promising that they will make you earn quick and easy money, most of them turn out to be a lie, like the most famous of this year: Ultraworkers , RX OIL , Adfocus , work4u , Bitminer and how are you ? there are many more pages to earn money that are not paying their users.

Can I Really Earn Money Online?

Reading everything I have written before, you will be wondering if you can really make money? and after all the cons that I have mentioned and speaking frankly with you the answer is a YES.

The problem is that we started in this world of making money online with a wrong mind and it is the thought that we will earn a lot of money overnight.

The truth is that the only reliable way to earn money overnight is through Forex but even so, everything takes a natural process of adaptation and loss in the case of Forex it can be MONEY and in other cases only our TIME .

The search for the most viable way to earn money will always focus on what we like to do, on what I have fun doing, since as I said before, an important part when it comes to earning money online is to stay positive and eager to continue, if we lose motivation we will start to falter too much and we will end up leaving it.

That is why the perfect combination to earn money online will always be our tastes with our knowledge, or what we can do, in addition to having minimal knowledge of what one wants to achieve to have a goal that drives my thirst to earn money for this medium.

The Internet shows you a variety of ways to earn money , the one you choose has to be according to your abilities and skills and above all to what you like, and to help you decide and embark on your journey in earning money for Internet from your home or any other place you want I have decided to talk to you about the best ways to earn money online.

Safe Ways to Earn Money Online.

You can earn money from Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, the United States, Chile and the whole world, there are no limits when it comes to talking about money online.

Our only limit is us and our desire to undertake in this world of Internet earnings.

In this blog there are many ways to earn money from home simply with your effort and it is divided into the following categories:
  • Earn Money As an Affiliate
  • Earn Money With Link Shorteners
  • Earn Money With Your Android
  • Earn Money With Bitcoin
  • Earn Money Creating a Blog
  • Earn Money With CPA
  • Pay Per Click PTC
  • Earn Money With Online Surveys
  • Earn Money With Forex
  • Earn Money Selling Images
  • Earn Money With Your iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Earn Money Making Videos
  • Earn Money With Your Social Networks
  • Video tutorials

The best ways to earn money online

Discover the best ways to earn money online in a fast and reliable way that will lead you to earn an extra amount for your pocket that nobody likes. The Internet is a mine and if you want to get gold out of it, you have to put a little effort and time into it to achieve it. There are people who earn thousands of dollars online from their homes, but don't think that money will rain overnight.

Earning money is a process that is based and takes depending on the time you give it. You can earn up to thousands of dollars online from your home and that is achieved with positivity and dedication, there are many platforms that hope you have joined and that you earn with them.

Just as there are many people who gradually begin to leave their jobs and start a life as an entrepreneur with passive income every month.

You cannot be left behind, there are many ways to earn money online and a lot of content and strategies so that you can earn quick and easy money, some of them without investing and others where investment is a key point to carry out your project or business.

1 Earn money with affiliate marketing

One of the ways in which you can start earning money online is through an affiliate program, among the most famous is Amazon affiliates where they pay you to promote their products , another very good platform where you can work as an affiliate is hotmart where The procedure is practically the same as that of Amazon affiliates, you promote their product and if you achieve a sale they pay you a commission, the value of the commission varies depending on the product you have chosen to promote.

Currently this affiliate system is widely used because if you learn to promote products correctly you could be earning a good amount of money , this will only depend on your ability and your effort, if you want to know more about this affiliate system and from other platforms such as amazon affiliates and hotmart, you just have to enter our category of " Earn Money As an Affiliate " there you can find platforms and strategies to earn money with affiliate marketing.Earn Money As an Affiliate
Earn Money With CPA

2 Earn money with surveys

One of the most used ways to earn money is through surveys, surely you have heard about pages like toluna that are one of the most popular and reliable platforms when it comes to paid surveys, basically these platforms pay you for giving your opinion, for each survey you carry out they will give you a certain number of points that you can later exchange for the payment method allowed by the platform with which you are working.

There are many platforms that you can work in this way, although as you well know, you should always do a preliminary investigation to see how reliable it is and how much you could earn with it. As in the other ways to earn money online, we will leave you the link of the corresponding category, where we have many platforms with the information you need to know to decide whether or not you want to work with it.Earn Money With Online Surveys

3 Earn money with forex, buying and selling currencies

Forex (acronym for “Foreign Exchange”) is an electronic money market that has gained a lot of popularity because it performs well and also provides some of the excitement for traders by 'playing' with the prices of international currencies, you must do some research to find out which currency is best for you to buy, then just buy it and if your research was correct you sell it at a higher price.

Earn money with Forex is exciting and very challenging, but also risky because you play with your own money, this method does require investment, in addition knowledge of transaction mechanisms is needed, you must be attentive to be updated on international value issues and even the state of security and public order in different countries (the main transactions taking place between the euro, the yen, the pound sterling and the Swiss franc against dollars).

In this market, analyzing correctly to know which currency will go up or down is essential, you really need to dedicate the time to learn in order to have profits and not just losses, and although this method seems difficult and more made for the brave if we learn to handle it already reading currency exchange rates can be a very good way to earn money.

If you want to know more about buying and selling currencies, you can enter the following category where you will find everything in more detail.Earn Money With Forex

4 Sell photos online

If you are one of those who like to take pictures and you consider that you have a whole gallery full of quality photos, that when you publish one of your photos you receive only good reviews, you could have a way to earn money that you are not using yet, because although Millions of photographs circulate on the Internet daily, the demand to get a quality photo still exists, there are still people willing to pay for a good photograph.

Sites like Fotolia ( have been successful in linking the need for good material with the hundreds of thousands of photographers in the world. This site, which has about 560,000 members from designers, hobbyists to professional photographers, art directors, etc. each photographer at fotolia makes his hobby earn him a little extra money.

The demand for images in this type of company is of all kinds and different sizes, besides that it has certain standards, it is not that it allows you to publish any photograph, so if you decide to use these platforms to sell your images, try to find out about their requirements. before so that you can be as precise as possible, in addition to increasing your chances of selling.

When uploading a photo on Shutterstock or Adobe Stock, which are the most popular and used pages today, you will have to go through an approval process, which takes around 48 hours, this depends solely on the company you use, some take longer or after less.

If everything goes well, your photo will be on the air and thousands of visitors will have the opportunity to buy it with just a few clicks.Earn Money Selling Images

5 Create a profitable blog or page

The truth is that when we talk about creating a blog page or anything else like that, we are already talking about a higher level of work than in other methods, in addition to the fact that you must be aware and willing to work hard without receiving anything in return, at least at first, since unlike other methods this does not bear fruit overnight, although if you dedicate the time and desire that is needed it will bear much more fruit than any other method, in addition to the fact that it is one of the most reliable menares to earn money online.

You can get stable and passive earnings by creating a blog on the topic that you like the most, you have to have in mind something that attracts people and that is fun to do for you, with this you will avoid leaving the project before starting it.

Once your blog begins to generate visits you can monetize it with Google adsense or other types of advertising. Earnings with advertising on blogs or pages are paid based on the number of clicks that occur on the impressions of your ads.

What I can tell you is that although it is really difficult and that many times you will feel like you want to throw in the towel when you see so few results, if you know how to stay constant and learn to use the indicated strategies, this method can allow you to live from it.

If, even knowing all the work and time that it requires, you want to undertake this journey, let me help you, leaving you the posts related to the subject where I give advice and tools that you can use to make things easier for you and to obtain faster results, also do not forget that you can leave any check in the comments.Earn Money Creating a Blog

6 Earn money with your social networks

The truth is that nowadays almost everything can make money, it's just about being ingenious, in the case of social networks you can find some sites that pay money to users to improve page impressions on their profile, this to attract more visitors.

There are sites that also offer money for uploading and sharing images and referring new members to the social network. The money given to an individual depends on the parameters of the payment structure provided by the site that distributes almost half of its advertising revenue to its members.

Today you can also find social networks like stimeet that pay you to share and interarticulate on their platform, as I said before, everything is based on being ingenious and knowing how to take advantage of opportunities.Earn Money With Your Social Networks

7 Earn money with YouTube

According to the latest statistics, we prefer to watch videos on YouTube than to do simple searches on Google. And with the YouTube Partner Program you can benefit from creating and uploading videos by receiving a percentage of your ad revenue for every 1,000 views.

It is that we do not even have to think about anyone else, it is only to see ourselves, how much time do we waste watching videos on YouTube? now you don't even need to have original content, you can react to anything that allows you to monetize and if you have charisma and use the right strategies you can build an audience.

With this I am not saying that it is easy, everything takes work, time and character, but you can talk about things that you like, do reviews of devices that you buy or make video reactions, the thing is that you do not see it as work but as something fun where you have to Be creative to innovate.Earn Money Making Videos

8 Earn money with link shorteners

This strategy is widely used, surely you have already come across it while downloading a document, game or anything else of interest to you, it really is an easy way to generate income online, only if you really want to see a reasonable result you have than give it publicity.

Since these fantastic websites are going to pay you for redirecting one of your links, either because you have put a download link, you have referred to another page, whatever you want, let your imagination run wild, the fact is that You will generate income every time someone clicks on your links, if we combine this with sharing files plus posting in forums you can get good money a month using this technique, what are you waiting for, find out and start earning money.Earn Money With Link Shorteners

Last words

Well, with all these small mentions of how to get money , I am sure that you will have opened your eyes a little more in the Internet world, as advice, choose the way that you like the most to generate income and dedicate yourself exclusively to it, keep in mind that When you do something that you like, you will always work harder to achieve results and best of all, you will not get bored carrying it out. I also tell you to be patient, you are trying to make money in a relatively new sector, don't be in a hurry and go. little by little learning everything that interests you.

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