The best ways to earn money online

The best ways to earn money online ? How to earn dollars online? They are surely some of the most written phrases in the Google search engine these days. And it is that although some people hope to be lucky enough to receive government aid or some solidarity subsidy, those who already had income from the Internet have not felt the same impact as those who did not know that way.

You can find many ways to earn money online, some ways are legitimate methods and others are scams and schemes to "earn millions of dollars without working" in which they ask you for a contribution to start something that I have no idea how it will turn out.

In addition, there are many "pages to make money online", but you have to really know what methods are ethical and effective . To guide you a bit here I am going to describe the best ways to earn money safely on the Internet with which I have experience.

What do I need to start earning money online?

In my experience to start you should:
  • Find the ideal Network Marketing Platform or company, in which you do what you like or enjoy, that is serious and is endorsed as a true company.
  • Train you. If you have asked yourself several times how to earn dollars online without investing? You always have to invest something, in this case do your part to dedicate a few hours to train yourself and acquire the skills required for some of the ways to earn money below .
  • Means of payment, very important to receive payments from your home. AirTM, Paypal, Payoneer are some of the best ways to get paid. You can even transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer and use your card to shop at any business that has a POS or point of sale.

Important before starting

  • Do not spend time looking for "paying pages", instead look for "Internet job opportunities", because "paying pages" are 80% deception, while those that offer Internet job opportunities are companies that they are actually looking for new prospects for a win-win relationship .
  • In order for there to be results, you must first learn the correct and correct way of using the resource to be applied.
  • When you want to earn money on the Internet, you must make a commitment and create goals, and then learn and at the same time quickly execute projects.
  • If you have a job, you should not neglect it, but you must establish a fair balance between your work, your personal life and your new activity that generates online resources.
  • Here you are not going to make money with the push of a button, or the method of making money as well as by magic and overnight.
  • Although the Internet is a virtual world in which everything can be automated, the automation of a virtual system does not happen magically by itself, one has to work for it.
  • It is necessary to go through the learning curve, we must learn and work in a coherent way.
Let's start then, for more ideas on how to earn money online you can visit the How to earn money page .

How to earn money from home online?

Let's see then what are the ways and the best pages to work online.

Jobs that pay in dollars online

1. Earn Money as a Voice Actor

It doesn't matter what country you are in. Do you have one or several good voices, a good multimedia kit (microphone and sound) as well as good diction? If you can put voices from cartoons, from an old man from the History Channel or any other then you can take advantage of that talent. At you can open your account and send a demo, if it is considered then you can already consider yourself a Voice Actor and sell your voice minutes, voiceovers, phrases, etc.

2. Earn cryptocurrencies online at Anytask

This is a page to earn dollars online. in a community where small tasks such as translating, designing, writing, etc. are being offered, bought and sold. If you are an expert in something, at Anytask you have the opportunity to offer your experience. Payments are in Electroneum, one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in terms of digital transactions.

Note: at , in addition to being an expert in a digital trade, it is necessary to know some English to interact with the site.

4. Online Network Marketing

Today the power of networks can help you with significant income and even allows you to be a Sales Team Developer in Networks in several countries. It is not necessary to know how to make web pages, you just have to know how to make friends, in addition to having friends of course, and with this it will be a good way to earn money with facebook.

5. Earn money online with Referrals

You don't need to have a website or blog. But if you have many friends or followers on your social networks, you can share referral links. For example:
  • On the subject of cryptocurrency trading, even if you don't know anything about trading but you know people who handle the subject. You can share with them the opportunities to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for affiliations, open your account on those platforms and from there invite with your affiliate links.
  • For each transaction they make, a commission will be generated in the respective cryptocurrency, in euros or dollars.
Some sites with the best cryptocurrency referral programs: 

6. Earn money with Google Adsense

It doesn't matter what country you are in. Do you have a blog or a website? You can earn money writing on the Internet through a blog. AdSense's smart advertising manifests itself with banners that you activate as soon as your account is approved. Before you open your account with Google and receive approval for your Blog.

Then you install a plugin that Google Adsense gives you for your website and the code automatically determines the type of service to advertise to your visitor.

Earnings are fast if your page is actively visited; Of course, you must be very careful not to click by yourself. Google is very demanding with fraud and false clicks, so you must be very careful with its rules or you will be banned for life from Google Adsense.

7. Earn money in Amazon Associates

It doesn't matter what country you are in. Here you need to have a blog or website . With Amazon Associates something particular and beneficial happens, and that is that you do not need a large number of visits, but you do need quality articles that attract quality customers.

Small websites have reported a good profit margin, because although there are not many visits, they are quality visits, that is, people who see, read, are interested and apply for a link. For example, on a page of your website you talk about the advantages of consuming such a fruit, and such a fruit is rich in such a number of nutrients, then you place some elements of Amazon Associates that offer natural supplements with extract of that fruit, the visitor is will be interested and will click, if you make the purchase of that product or another within the link that you already made on your website, they are profits.

Amazon Associate Tools

Amazon Associates ( USA) and Amazon affiliates offer resources that, if well applied, will generate more income and more easily than the other methods mentioned here.

The tool that has given the best results in our experience is Native Shopping Adds and Product Links.

With a good blog(s), good articles, good product selections, evaluations and recommendations, with the correct use of Amazon tools, you can obtain an excellent level of monthly income, the results could surprise you. In fact, there are websites that specialize in evaluating and recommending products, with a profit level that becomes the main source of income.

The income is by commission and the payment methods of Amazon Affiliates are:Amazon payment method: Giftcards, bank transfer, Payoneer (Europe). (USA): payment method: Giftcards, bank transfer, Payoneer (USA).

8. Earn money selling photos

It doesn't matter what country you are in. If you like photography , have a good camera and know how to take interesting photos, there are many sites where you can upload your images and you get paid every time someone downloads and buys a photo of yours.

One of the top reputable sites is Dreamstime.

At Dreamstime they are very demanding with the quality of the photos, but once approved they can be sold many times, over and over again. This can become a good entry to earn extra money or supplement with another income program. If you are a photographer then this is an extraordinary opportunity.

9. Earn money selling photos from your smartphone

So many photos that we have surely taken on a trip, in the park, of well-served food, of cats, bees, flowers, etc. Well, if your smartphone has a good camera or if the scene is authentic and interesting, then you can earn money by selling your mobile photos .

In the article How to earn money with the photos of your smartphone, I name some of the best Apps to sell the photos saved on your smartphone.

10. Earn money with sponsored posts

It doesn't matter what country you are in. If your blog or web page has a good design and a good number of visits , then monetize those articles. In this case, I will tell you about sponsored publications, in which companies or advertisers buy you a publication or article on your blog, paying you for it. The best platforms in Spanish to sell your publications are Publisuites and Coobis.

Publisuites is a company specialized in Digital Marketing, and with them all this sponsored publications will be very easy.

Register your blog in Publisuites and once your registration is formalized you configure the price of your publications. What follows will be great: one day you receive an email saying "Congratulations, you have sold a publication" and then you will only have to check your control panel and make the links that the advertiser requests or create an original article according to the parameters that it asks for. Once published, the payment is made and transferred to Paypal. Cool huh?

Click here to register in Publisuites

Coobis is a company specialized in Digital Marketing, and with them earning money with your blog will be very easy:

Advantages of Coobis:
  • Payment method: Paypal, bank transfer.
  • Sponsored posts generate a very good level of income.
  • Once the post has been published and approved, you will be paid via Paypal.
Click here to register in Coobis

11. Earn money with Affiliations on your blog

How to earn money online without investing? Some affiliate programs, no matter where you are in the world, allow you to do this.

Without having a blog? In Peru, for example, some Network Marketing programs allow you to earn money using their tools on the web for free, with only a registration fee that costs less than a menu on the street.

Now, if you have a blog or website, there are many companies that are emerging and give you the opportunity to earn money on the Internet by referring friends and visitors to your blog, paying you a commission for each one that subscribes and activates certain services.

You can join programs that pay commissions in dollars or percentages of sales generated, and there are even affiliate programs that pay in Bitcoin .

12. Renting your property

Airbnb is a revolution in terms of accommodation for tourists and travelers. If you have one or several rooms available in your house or apartment, then you can offer national and international tourists a comfortable stay during the agreed days.

Renting out your property is not just a way to make money with Airbnb . You can also address additional services and increase the profit of each reservation, in short you can sell additional services to earn more money with Airbnb.

13. Earn money with Cryptocurrency Trading

It doesn't matter what country you are in. Learning the techniques of cryptocurrency trading requires basic knowledge and developing some qualities, the good thing is that this can be achieved for free if there is focus and will.

At the moment that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are showing a lot of up and down activity is when opportunities present themselves. Trading involves knowledge, qualities, risk; factors that if well managed, the risks of loss can be minimal and the opportunities for profits many.

The initial step is to know where and how to buy Bitcoin, to know the best methods to buy Bitcoin click here.

Conclution: The best ways to earn money online

Surely you have noticed that every day economic and work activities are moving to the virtual world of the Internet. The opportunities to earn money are also there, and here I have named just a few of the many ways that currently exist and that are a great opportunity to have extra income or perhaps become your main entry, success.

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