Comprehensive training on making money from affiliate marketing

In these days when most people prefer to earn money through remote work and at home, the internet is considered a blessing. With the development of the internet and the improvement of the digital world, internet jobs are increasing day by day. Perhaps it is easy to consider digital marketing as one of the most popular internet businesses. Affiliate marketing is one of the new styles of internet marketing that has found countless audiences in this field. Maybe you have read a lot of definitions about affiliate marketing and you think to yourself what is the process of affiliate marketing and is it possible to earn money from affiliate marketing or not?

To answer these questions, we suggest that you join us at the end of the comprehensive guide to making money from affiliate marketing; Because we intend to open your mental knots about affiliate marketing and ways to earn money from it one after another.

What is affiliate marketing?

Without further ado, it's time to talk about affiliate marketing in detail and understand why many people refer to this job as a second job and a money-making job. In simple words, affiliate marketing is a method of internet marketing that works based on results and participation; Affiliate marketing is divided into 3 subcategories based on the type of commission. These subcategories are payment based on clicks, leads, and actual sales.

Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing, as an important branch of digital marketing among famous brands, reputable sites and various organizations, has special credibility and popularity. As you read this, many people are making money through affiliate marketing.

Of course, due to the importance of real sales for businesses, online stores pay more attention to the aspect of cooperation in sales in affiliate marketing, so they often consider affiliate marketing to be the same as cooperation in sales.

Affiliate marketing method

Affiliate marketing system is formed with 4 main members. Customers, marketers, business owners and of course affiliate marketing networks or programs!

The general process of afleet marketing is formed by the interaction of marketers and business owners. By introducing, selling or directing customers with the help of advertising techniques, the marketer or affiliate marketer brings the store closer to the target and if the target is achieved, they receive a fee as a fee. Commissions vary based on the type of affiliate marketing system. For example, in a click-based affiliate marketing system, the marketer or advertiser's website will receive a commission based on the number of clicks and views they deliver to the business owners. Affiliate marketing based on leads has similar conditions, with the difference that the advertiser earns based on potential customers and registrations; But affiliate marketing offers another style of affiliate marketing, in this system, business owners pay commissions to marketers based on products or services sold.

Starting activity and making money from affiliate marketing

If up to this point, affiliate marketing has attracted your attention for cooperation, it's time to know how to start cooperation and earn money from affiliate marketing. Fortunately, affiliate marketing is not a complicated and difficult process. If you have decided to become a successful affiliate marketer, you must first prepare the necessary preparations. Note that the following steps are prerequisites to get started.

The first step is choosing the field of activity

The first step is your most important step. No matter what your education is, focus on your passion first. Obsess about finding your suitable field, because you are not going to go from one branch to another in this continuous work and waste your time in the meantime; Any subject that is of your taste and you have the ability to produce content in it will be suitable for the first step. Take the time to choose your niche so you don't fail.

The second step is to choose an interaction platform

After you have determined your field of activity, it is time for the second step, that is, setting up the platform to start your activity in the Internet environment. To start working, you can join social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.; Of course, blogs and websites are more common for activities in this field. If you decide to start affiliate marketing through a website, you need to get a suitable domain. There are many things to consider when it comes to domains; These items include: short domain length, correct spelling, simplicity of words, their relevance to the field of activity, etc. In general, website design should be simple and convenient while being practical. In the meantime, don't forget to include pages like contact us, about us, rules and regulations, and things like this.

If you decide to work on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, etc., you have a simpler process ahead of you. A mobile phone, internet and membership in these networks and creating a user page are enough to start. After you have determined your activity platform, you should register in affiliate marketing networks or software.

The third step is membership in affiliate marketing platforms

Finding a valid affiliate marketing program or network makes earning money from affiliate marketing much easier, because finding a way to operate in this field alone is difficult and time-consuming. As a suggestion.
The fourth step is to select products or services from the affiliate program

Your main job as an affiliate marketer is with an affiliate program. Without an affiliate program, there is no product or service to promote. The set of content of these programs includes the necessary conditions for product selection, management and conditions for promoting products or services, the amount of commission and cooperation rules, advertisers and such things. By starting an affiliate marketing program, you find the products you want and move on to the next steps.

Fifth step, content production

An Instagram page or a website that is empty or without proper content does nothing. To promote products or services, you need to attract the audience through the production of appropriate content. Depending on the context of your activity, content production is done in 4 ways: audio, video, video and text; For example, in a platform like YouTube, the content is limited to video, and a platform like Instagram allows the user to create content in different ways.

To produce the right content, depending on the type of product or service you are promoting, you need to produce high-quality, practical and creative content. In fact, the secret of attracting the audience depends on the production of content and the way you introduce yourself. At this stage, you have to use all your knowledge to attract the attention of the audience so that you can start making money!

Affiliate marketing is suitable for which stores?

We start the explanation of this section with an example; Consider a hypothetical online store called ABC Company that sells clothing . This online store needs new and more visitors to increase online sales and introduce its brand; There are many ways to achieve this goal, but none of them have the main characteristic of affiliate marketing, which is low risk.

In order to attract more customers, our hypothetical store can use this marketing method by designing a dedicated affiliate marketing software or by joining an affiliate marketing network (similar to affiliate marketers) and using affiliate marketers. increase

The main point here is that cooperation in sales alone cannot bring more branding and sales for this store because, as said, this type of marketing has little risk for the store, but the important thing here is that this risk is actually imposed on affiliates. As a result, it is important to pay attention to the fact that before starting work with any store (the same merchant), we should be aware of the type of activity and other advertising methods.

After we have found a suitable store for cooperation, we need to know how commission is determined in affiliate marketing and basically how to make money in affiliate marketing.

Ways to make money from affiliate marketing

The variety of ways to make money from affiliate marketing leaves the user free to choose. Depending on the platform you choose, the way to earn money will be different. The following are among the most important methods of generating income through affiliate marketing.

1- Website construction

Building a website is the first and most popular way to earn money from affiliate marketing. By creating a website and producing attractive content in your field of interest, you can direct customers to the store's website and earn money. Websites are divided into different branches. Popular branches include review websites, blogging, discount websites, and product comparison.

2- Blogging

Blogging is one of the best methods of activity in the field of affiliate marketing, because the trust of the audience is easily gained in this way. There are different types of blogging, but the common point between all of them is interaction and the production of attractive content. Blogging is possible on most platforms; It is enough to stay focused on a certain area and become a familiar and trusted person with continuous activity. Currently, blogging is one of the main ways to earn money from sales cooperation. Experience has proven that the desire and preference of users to buy or follow products and services is noticeable and impressive with the help of bloggers.

3- Social networks

These days, almost every person, from young to old, is active in one of the social networks; Instagram is one of the best and most visited networks that you can use, of course, apart from Instagram, other popular networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. also provide you with the opportunity to work. These networks allow publishing advertisements and introducing products to thousands or even millions of users. Apart from sales, branding is formed in these platforms in the best way.

4- Marketing comment

Another way forward is to use the comment marketing technique. This method is considered one of the effective ways to create interaction with the target audience. With comment marketing, you are able to significantly increase the chance of interaction, visits, and of course, the audience's trust. Comment marketing opportunities exist on almost all websites, social networks and some messengers such as Telegram. Comment marketing is an effective and fast way to find the target market and sell products or services.

5- SMS marketing

Even if a person does not have access to a smartphone or is not active in any of the social networks, there is always a way to advertise through SMS. Although this method may seem a little old, but it is considered an efficient method for working in the field of affiliate marketing.

6- Email marketing

Email marketing plays an extensive and successful role in marketing; In a way that it can be introduced as one of the best ways to earn money from affiliate marketing. E-mail marketing is an effective way to build audience loyalty and introduce products and services.

7- Messengers

Using messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp is common in today's world. Just like social networks, the role of messengers should not be neglected; These platforms are a useful platform to implement your affiliate program on. Building channels and working in groups of these messengers provide marketers with the opportunity to interact and build high trust.

8- Direct cooperation

Creating direct interaction with business owners and audiences is another method of working in affiliate marketing, of course, this method may seem a little old, but in a situation where you can find a store directly and exclusively for cooperation, the ability to interact And you will have more bargaining power.

The amount of income of an affiliate marketer

So far we have talked about the nature, platforms of cooperation and different ways to earn money from affiliate marketing, but there is still an unanswered question; Can you make good money from affiliate marketing? In fact, the answer to this question depends on various conditions. Affiliate marketing is not a job that will give you a fixed income. Depending on the effort, time and energy you spend on work, the amount you receive varies. Use as many different techniques as you can and try to improve yourself, you will see a better result

Currently, there are many people like Pat Flynn who are making millions of dollars as affiliate marketing role models and legends. No matter where you are in the world, affiliate marketing is an integrated and profitable system for interested people.


In this article, we learned that affiliate marketing is one of the most effective marketing branches in today's market; which itself is divided into three different branches. Affiliate marketing has been welcomed by many people as a money-making internet job. In general, there are 8 different ways to become an affiliate marketer. We also mentioned that the income of an affiliate marketer can vary according to his activity and function.

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