How to Monetize a Blog without Adsense

Adsense is one of the best-known methods worldwide when we talk about making money with a blog, but "...there is life after Adsense . " In this post I want to explain how to monetize a blog without Adsense.

I can't make much money with Adsense

I can visualize your situation right now:

You have recently started in this world of blogs because you have a cousin or a friend who generates income every month with a website.

After spending hours thinking about how easy it is to make money online, you have finally decided to create your own blog to generate extra income that will help you plug some holes.

After several months working on your blog, the first visits begin to arrive and you decide to start monetizing your blog with Adsense , since you have read in some other blog that it is the easiest method to earn money online.

You sign up for Adsense and implement the ad units on your blog, but unfortunately, you only manage to generate €40/50 per month.

Have I done something wrong?

Why do I make so little money?

Don't be scared because this is something that happens often.

Most bloggers who monetize their blog with Adsense generate less than €100 per month.

Despite this, there are also many people who earn much more money and have even managed to make a living from Adsense.

Adsense is an ideal method if you have a blog that receives thousands of visits to start earning money instantly, since you do not need to sell anything, you receive money (even if it is little) for each click that a reader makes on an ad (even if they do not buy ).

But not all of us have a blog that receives thousands of visits.

Personally, I recommend using Adsense with web pages that either receive thousands of visits daily, or are focused on very specific micro-niches with a high CPC.

If, for example, you have a personal blog, I do not recommend Adsense, but don't worry, because there are other alternatives to Adsense to make money with your blog.

Below I explain 5 ways to monetize a blog without Adsense, with which you can earn a lot of money .

How to monetize a blog without Adsense. 5 proven ways

1. Links and sponsored posts

When you have a blog with a certain authority, positioning in Google and that receives many daily visits, you can monetize it with links and sponsored posts.

The normal thing is that they start contacting you by email asking you for a post on your blog talking about their product or company and asking you how much you charge per post or link.

On the other hand, you can also offer this option in forums related to the topic of your blog.

In any case, it is a good way to generate extra income and you can always reject offers for products or services that you do not want to recommend.

2. Affiliate programs

This is the most well-known and used method when you want to monetize a blog without Adsense , and it is also one of my favorite methods.

As an affiliate of a company or platform, you can recommend their products with your affiliate link by sending your readers to the seller's landing page.

You will earn a pre-established commission that will automatically appear in your affiliate panel when one of your readers purchases the product.

This method can be perfectly combined with Adsense, and if you create a good sales funnel, you can earn a lot of money as an affiliate.

Tip: The best method to earn money by recommending a product as an affiliate is by having tried the product yourself.

3. Direct advertising

This method that I am going to explain to you is not usually used much and if you do it correctly, you can get advertisers to pay you a monthly fee to put a banner on your website.

It consists of checking which companies advertise with Adsense on your blog, to contact them and offer to put a banner on your blog for a monthly fee that is less than what they are paying in their Adsense advertising campaign.

It can be a bit hard work having to contact one by one without getting a response, but if you are constant, in the end you will get results and you can have 2 or 3 companies that pay you a monthly fee of €100/200.

4. Offer services

The fastest way to make money with a blog is by offering services, although it is also true that the income generated is not passive income at all , since you need to work actively to offer your services to the client.

Still, it's a good way to start monetizing your blog quickly.

5. Sell infoproducts

This is the method that can generate the most money with your blog.

I know of cases of bloggers earning more than €40,000 per month selling their own information products, and I'm talking about cases in Spain...if we were talking about the US we would be talking about more than €100,000 per month.

It consists of creating an online course or complete guide that satisfies a specific need of your readers. It can be done in various formats: Video, PDF, podcast...

Infoproducts can cost from €20 to several hundred euros. It all depends on the quality and quantity of the content of your infoproduct.


These are the 5 main methods if you want to monetize a blog without Adsense .

Adsense is a good method to make money with a blog, but it is not the only or the best.

Choose the best option for the theme of your blog and get to work. Earning money online depends on you.

Also remember that Rome wasn't built in two days, and neither were successful blogs.

Monetizing a blogger is possible with the alternatives to Adsense mentioned above. Go ahead and take the first step!

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