What is an affiliate link in ecommerce

Grow in the online medium: discover what an affiliate link is and how to promote it by accessing our post.

If you like the idea of ​​monetizing on the Internet , one of the most interesting ways to do it is to enter the universe of an affiliate program . To get credits and actually start making money, you need to have an affiliate link. What is an affiliate link and what is it for?

In this content we address the subject in a broad way with the intention of helping you understand in detail how to access and promote an affiliate link in order to optimize sales and ensure increasingly satisfactory income .
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What is an affiliate link?

Created in the 90s by the giant Amazon, Affiliate Marketing has become a very interesting option to work on the Internet mainly because it allows affiliates to earn money without having to invest in products or services.

In general terms, the affiliate is an intermediary between a company or entrepreneur and final consumers, monetizing by paying a commission for sales.

In this context, companies can market their solutions with the support of a myriad of "autonomous vendors" located anywhere in the world or within the coverage area they wish to serve.

Note that it consists of a business relationship in which everyone involved wins:
  • Production companies or entrepreneurs promote their products/services without paying fixed amounts for dissemination work and accessing a large number of people;
  • Clients are free to find out the best providers, compare prices and identify the best solution to their demands;
  • Affiliates monetize their digital channels —social networks, blogs, and websites—by promoting and selling third-party solutions.
To access the financial compensation, the person interested in distributing the products, promoting a launch or encouraging the contracting of a service must have an affiliate link , known in Spanish as an affiliate link.

Basically, this link consists of a unique URL that records the username or ID of a specific broker. By promoting it on their channels, the affiliate gets credit for the traffic sent to the advertiser 's blog or website .

In other words, if a visitor clicks on the link that they broadcast in their media and executes the action for which the advertiser pays, the affiliate receives the agreed amount in the advertiser's space in the affiliate program.

How can I get the affiliate link?

One of the most recurring doubts of those who enter this type of program is how to obtain reliable links. This is not much of an adventure, however, you should make sure that the advertiser is reputable and check the program guidelines.

In this sense, it is highly recommended to start the journey by choosing a recognized alternative in the market such as Hotmart and Amazon .

After taking these aspects into account, you can start the search for products or services that match your expectations in terms of segment, proposal and earnings and, above all, are part of a solid network in one or more affiliate programs.

In a second moment, you must register in the program and request authorization from the producer or company. This can be confirmed or rejected under 2 dynamics:
  • Automatic: the person responsible for the product, service or action configures their space to provide immediate authorization.
  • Personalized: the company or entrepreneur analyzes each of the applicants and only authorizes the intermediaries that it considers suitable.
In the case of a positive response, the affiliate will get a link with certain ID parameters that give him financial credit for the traffic he generates.

As you can see, if you select a first-rate program, with products that convert, and you dedicate yourself to promoting the link, you can achieve a quiet life as an affiliate. You can even have and disclose multiple links on a website. Fantastic, right?

Best practices for promoting an affiliate link

In order for the work as a digital intermediary to generate the expected profits, you need to adopt dissemination strategies that are really effective.

Next, we offer you a list with the 4 best!

1. Bet on social networks

These channels make it possible to develop a very close relationship with the public and increase the projection of the brand.

As they allow the diffusion of different content formats, the networks make it possible to structure a great variety of strategies to disseminate the links, experimenting with the most efficient measures to increase the conversion rate.

2. Structure a blog

A blog with content relevant to the audience is a real gold mine!

If you create a valuable channel, full of quality and engaging content, you can promote your affiliate links and reach many, many people.

In blogs, the sales results are not shown so quickly and depend directly on your willingness to develop an excellent content strategy .

For this reason, special attention is required to the production of materials and publications, as well as to the application of SEO and copywriting techniques that make it possible to position the channel in the first organic results.

In other words, the dissemination of affiliate links will only generate good income when the blog has sufficient quality to inspire trust, credibility and security in the audience.

3. Use email marketing

Send targeted emails to your contact base to build a stronger relationship with your audience. By nurturing it regularly, it will feel more and more comfortable accessing your links and taking the actions you suggest.

If you have a blog and spread content that may interest you, it is recommended that you add URLs of publications, rich materials and other formats to the messages.

In this way, you will be able to encourage reading and position yourself as an authority while opening space for new conversions.

4. Invest in paid ads

So far, we have covered extremely effective organic techniques to spread the content without involving direct investment.

However, this is not the only interesting alternative. Paid ads also provide great results.
Even one of the most efficient ways to apply paid traffic is to use Google Ads . By structuring a good strategy, your ads will be able to reach more people on the search engine page itself.

You also have the option of sponsoring ads on the most popular networks today, such as Facebook and Instagram, and thus direct the reach to the public that is actually interested in the topic, product or action.

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