List of PTC that Pay (Updated 2023) PayPal, Bitcoins and Others

If you are looking to make money with a PTC which does not waste your time, then you have to look at this list of PTCs that currently pay, which you can work with without problems and without fear

The Best PTCs that really pay

You will find the best PTCs that pay through PayPal, Payeer, Bitcoins, such as Ysense, Neobux, Cashtravel, among others. With which you will earn money in different ways, whether by viewing ads, performing mini tasks, games or completing challenges.

List of PTC currently paying (Last updated 2023)

Keep in mind that the last update that was made to this list of PTCs that pay was on January 17, 2023. If you are working with some of these PTCs and they are no longer paying, please let us know in the comments and we will be updating the list. list.

How much money can you earn with PTC?

Earning money by watching advertising with PTC is very easy, but if you are thinking about very high figures, I tell you that it is not impossible to achieve it by working only with PTC, but you will need to meet certain requirements to achieve it.

There are people who manage to generate more than $1,500 dollars per month by watching ads on PTC, but this money is due to the thousands of referrals they have, let me explain, if you only try to generate that amount of money you will not achieve it.

Since the profits generated with the PTC are not very high, and if you decide to work 50 PTC that pays it will still be a little complicated since it will consume all the time you have.

Increase your earnings with referrals

That is why all PTCs have a referral system, for two main reasons, to become known faster and so that users have the opportunity to increase their earnings.

People who have a Facebook page , Instagram or a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers have a lot of potential to make money with PTC , since if they promote their referral link they will get many people to register with their affiliate link and thus being able to earn high commissions with PTC.

PTCs are scams. How can I distinguish a scam from a real one that pays?

Almost every day new PTC pages appear that supposedly pay on the Internet, but only 5% of those pages really pay, the rest 95% are fraudulent PTC pages , PTC that are scams and that are not going to pay you, that is why you have to be very careful and carry out some analysis before working with them.

1- Search for recent payments

It is possible that by the time you are reading this article some of the recommended PTCs to earn money are no longer paying, that is why it is necessary to look for recent payments to date, the PTC payment tests will help you know when the last payment was made .

You will always see new PTCs that pay. If we are in the middle of 2021 and the payment receipt information we have from the PTC is from last year, then that is an observation point that we have to keep in mind.

2- See what others say on YouTube and Blogs

Look at what other people say and think about that PTC, either on their YouTube channels or on their Blogs , because when a company pays it expands like wildfire and everyone talks about it even if it is new.

3- Appearance of the platform

Perhaps this is not so relevant, but it does provide some value and credibility when a new PTC is presented to the public. There are PTCs that are obsolete, they no longer work and it shows in their appearance because they do not maintain it and have information. old, not updated.

4- How much does that PTC pay for advertising?

There are PTCs that pay up to $8 and $10 dollars simply to watch a video. Those of us who have been generating income online for some time know that a platform that offers such high profit margins is a fraudulent PTC or scam .

PTCs pay you pennies to watch ads, whether you have a free account or a paid membership to increase income, it's always pennies a PTC will pay you to view ads.

Advantages and disadvantages of working with PTC

Positive points:
  • Free registration.
  • It does not require investment (although many give you the option to invest).
  • It is a job that anyone can do.
  • They accept everyone.
  • You make money from day one.
  • Multiple forms of payments.
Bad points:
  • Low earnings if you do not have referrals or a paid membership.
  • The PTC can close or become a scam, something that is normal to happen.

Strategies and tips that will help you make money with PTC

The first thing you have to keep in mind when you want to make money with advertising with PTC is that many platforms, and I mean 95% are temporary, what I mean is, if a new PTC comes out today that pays, it is possible that in 6 months or a year stop paying or become a scam.

There are few PTCs that are maintained over the years, if you keep this in mind you will not have any surprises and you will know when to leave one.

Payment method and minimum withdrawal:

Only work with PTCs that you can withdraw your money without problems, that do not have a very high minimum payment amount and that do not create obstacles to paying you with details like these.

Follow the platform rules, do not try to cheat, many people complain and are banned precisely because they do not comply with the platform policies.

Work with the ones that are most profitable for you, on the internet there is a large list of PTCs that pay and each of them have different ways of generating money and not all of them pay the same.

And finally, recommend the PTCs you are working with so that you can get referrals and thus increase your earnings, whether on your YouTube channel or your Facebook page or Blog , which by the way, if you don't have one I recommend that you do so. you do.

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