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Earn money by watching ads

Does CroClix Pay or is it Scam? On this occasion I am going to explain to you in detail about this PTC called CroClix and why my opinion about working with this company, which despite the fact that it has been in the market for several years and is currently still operating, for my part I have done an analysis about this company. that I want to share with you.

CroClix Main Features

  • Rating: Average
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash and AirTM
  • Payment days: Daily
  • Minimum payment: $1 Dollar
  • Languages: English
  • Referral system: Yes, both direct and rented
  • Works for everyone: Yes, anyone can participate

How to Make Money with CroClix

To be able to participate in this platform, what you must do is register on the official CroClix website . The registration steps are very simple, you just have to enter a username, email, password and your date of birth.

Once registration is complete, what you should do is start viewing the ads to generate money until you reach the withdrawal minimum.

Ways to Earn Money with CroClix

The first way to earn income with CroClix is ​​by watching ads, we go to the View Ads menu to view the ads, the viewing time is only 5 seconds, so we can see all the ads in just a few minutes.

In addition to watching ads, there are other options where we can perform tasks such as: Quiz Time , Survey Time , Unlimited Survey , Offerwalls , Bonus Game , Points Contest , CroGrid , PTSU , Monero Miner and Flip The Coin .

CroClix Referral System

To increase profits you can promote your affiliate link and get referrals, you can also rent referrals to double your profits.

Does CroClix Pay or is it a scam?

Supposedly paying, but I have not yet confirmed if it is actually paying, since the videos on YouTube are not that recent, that is why I am doing an analysis of this PTC.

CroClix Proof of Payment

Since I just registered, I have not yet been paid so I can only verify the proof of payments uploaded by other users, but when I write on YouTube “ CroClix proof of Payment” I only see videos from a year and two ago.

This is not saying that the company is not paying, just that there is no recent information about it, at least this article will be the most recent there will be.

CroClix Reviews

I definitely do not recommend it, because a lot of annoying advertising appears, from time to time if not every so often when you click anywhere you see pop under advertising, this is very annoying for the user.

CroClix Recommendations

As always, I recommend doing good research before starting to work on a platform, there are many PTCs that we can work on, which are not as abusive with advertising as this CroClix company. Sign up here.

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