Make money watching ads + advertising

On the Internet you have many possibilities to increase your income. One of these options is to Make money watching ads and advertisements.

Just as you read it, the Internet offers you the opportunity to earn money just by viewing some advertising content.
It is an easy and fast way to increase your income, but they have their trick.

Best websits to see ads

In these websits we do not need to invest money, we can start earning money completely free of charge.

In these websits we do not need to invest money, we can start earning money completely free of charge.

Below is a list of the ranking of the best websits to earn money by watching advertising that currently exist, these companies are the most solvent in the sector, they work perfectly and make payments without any difficulty.


Overall Rating (4.9)

Although Ysense is no longer a PTC as such, it started with Clixsense .

We believe that although you cannot earn money by viewing advertising on this site, you can do so in many other ways. In fact, it can be more lucrative than any PTC (currently).

The estimated time of each offer, task or mini-job is 15 to 30 min and you can collect through multiple platforms such as Paypal, Skrill, Amazon or Payoneer .

GPT Planet

Overall Rating (4.3)

GPT Planet has become a real alternative to earn money by viewing ads.

Although its design is not worthy of admiration, it is a completely reliable site.

The years that it has been active show an upward trajectory and to this day, it continues to excite users. One of its strengths is that its minimum charge is 1 euro. Its payment methods without PayPal, Perfect Money and Bitcoins


Overall Rating (3.1)

Although Neobux became a classic and a benchmark in the field of PTC websits, it is not going through one of its best moments.

It has lost a lot of strength over the years, although it is still an alternative, we believe that there are better options.

You can collect your money by Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, AirTM.
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How to earn by watching ads and advertising

Earning money by watching ads and advertising is a real option for those who want to increase their income, a safe source that does not require much effort on your part.

What do you need to earn money by viewing ads, advertisements and publicity?

The first characteristic you must have is patience. Earning money in this way will not make you a millionaire in a few hours, you must build your infrastructure step by step.

To see ads for money , you must have a stable Internet connection with the necessary speed to be able to access the content without any inconvenience or delay.

Finally, you must have a payment gateway that allows you to receive the money you have generated on each platform.

The most recommended thing is that you have a PayPal, Neteller, Payonner, AirTM, Skrill, Payza account, among other more robust and reliable gateways.

PTC WEBSITE (Paid to Click)

These types of websits are known as Paid to click (PTC) .

They are platforms to which you can subscribe, without having to invest a penny, and start working to generate money as soon as possible.

PTC websits pay an amount of money, which you will be notified at all times, just by clicking on ads or watching an advertising video.

In general, it is considered that the ad is played in a web browser that is not minimized.
Also, you should know that time counts. That is, you will not earn anything if you click on the link and close the content before its completion.

The mechanics of operation of this system is very simple. We assure you that you will quickly understand how the platform you selected works.

How much money can I earn by viewing ads?

Earning money by viewing advertising, ads or ads on the Internet can be done in two ways: slowly, but surely or with a consolidated referral system.

In the first one, you will be completely dependent on your activity and the time you spend on the websits to earn money through PTC.

The second business model will depend on the activity of your referrals.
It is common for paid to click websits to pay a percentage of the earnings generated by each of your referrals.

Hence the importance that each referral or guest to the platform is a person you know and has real intentions of seeing ads for money.

To make your visit to these websits to earn money more profitable, PTC platforms frequently offer the possibility of earning extra money for completing specific tasks, such as filling out a survey.

How much money can I earn per day/month?

As a rule of thumb, viewing ads for money earns you anywhere from $0.001 to $0.05 per completed task.

Taking into account the volume of content that is published on each websit per day, the amount of money you can earn ranges from $0.50 to $1, for a few minutes of work per day.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the profit is linked to the amount of content you view.

But, regardless of your activity level, the strategy is to subscribe to as many PTC websits as possible. We also recommend doing as many tasks as possible per day.

This way you ensure an income of a few dollars daily.

Let's say you reach $5 per day, we're talking about $150 every 30 days.
It may not seem like much, but you should remember two basic points:
  • They are earnings for just viewing advertising on the Internet
  • You can do it from the comfort of your home or wherever you like.
  • You will be able to choose your hours and without the pressures of a formal job.
To those individual earnings, you must add the percentages that each PTC platform will give for the activity of your referrals.

How can I collect my winnings?

After seeing ads and advertising for money, for some time, you will want to withdraw the earnings generated on each of the platforms you subscribed to.

In this case, you need a payment processor, the most reliable way to receive and send money.

Often these websits will ask you to have a PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or other payment processor account.

During the first hours of using any PTC websit , it is recommended if you have a minimum of earnings before you can withdraw money.

Some do not have this requirement, others will tell you that you can withdraw your money when you reach a dollar amount, for example, $10.

Opinions about earning money by viewing advertising

For sure, you spend hours and hours consuming videos through any platform or checking social networks.

The proposal is to make the most of that leisure time and use it in a commercial activity that will allow you to generate income.

Remember, the main thing is to be patient, especially during the first days where you could be a bit lost on the platform and with the tasks.

However, in a short time, you will get the rhythm of the system and you will be able to make the most of every minute that you invest in generating money while watching some video ads or publicity.

Tips and recommendations

At first you will feel that earning money by watching ads is like climbing Everest without mountaineering equipment.

However, that daunting task that dazzles you becomes simple when we apply the necessary strategy to generate income.

As you know, you get paid to watch ads, but don't spend all your time just on that task.
It is important to build a network of referrals, eager to make money on the Internet, who generate profits for their daily activity on the platform.

There are known cases of people who come to create a vast network, generating large sums of money on different platforms.

We have reached the end of our article and we would like to know if you are part of any PTC platform.
Finally, with the objective of helping those who start, we would like to invite you to mention some of the actions that you applied, during your beginnings, to increase your income.

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