FreeBitcoin: the Best site to Earn Bitcoins without Having to Buy or Spend

Probably more than one has ever dreamed of having a magical pocket like Doraemon's where, when you put your hand in, you could always find wads of bills ready to be released.

Well, that's more or less what the creators of Bitcoin must have thought, when they decided to promote Bitcoins with what is known as " Bitcoin faucets " (or "Faucet" in English).

Named like this, in reference to real faucets, these faucets have the peculiarity of dispensing cryptocurrencies instead of water.
Not bad at all, right?

The truth is that the idea is not bad at all and that is why bitcoin faucets have become very popular on the Internet but, obviously, all that glitters is not gold. While bitcoin faucets are probably the dumbest and easiest way to earn cryptocurrency online, the earnings through these platforms, as you might imagine, are limited.

But even so, they are a very good starting point to get to know and enter the world of cryptocurrencies and that is why today, I bring you the analysis of the bitcoin faucet, which is undoubtedly our favorite (and surely also of most of the faucet users): FreeBitcoin

Operating since 2013, is one of the oldest faucets and the one that has distributed the most Bitcoins among its users. Specifically, more than 244,000 BTC that is equivalent, with the change to more than 7,500 million Euros. A real barbarity!

The site is completely free for any user from anywhere in the world and in its more than 10 years of existence, the page has been adding more features so that users have more options to earn bitcoins.

Some FreeBitcoin keys :
  • Freebitcoin has around 50 million users and more than 244,000 Bitcoins distributed among users.
  • Russia has the highest number of visitors compared to other countries, at about 7.2%.
  • The trick to make money with Freebitcoin: get referrals and don't venture out with bets. The business model of this page is similar to that of a bookmaker, so you can already imagine how they earn money.
  • Personally, I earn between 30 and 50 Euros per month with Freebitcoin at the current bitcoin exchange rate. I must also say that my first Bitcoins (satoshis) were earned through Freebitcoin back in 2015. And although at that time it did not seem like much, with the exponential growth that Bitcoin has had, the income has multiplied over time.
  • If you have gambling addiction problems, I do not advise you to register.

FreeBitcoin Features

  • Description: With FreeBitcoin we can earn small fractions of Bitcoin (satoshis) in exchange for completing a captcha every hour. The trick to increase income is to have referrals.
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Site management: FreeBitcoin belongs to the company Interglobal Limited, founded in 2013 and based in Belize.
  • Payments: They can be requested from 30,000 satoshis. At the change in 2023, one 7 or 8 Euros / dollars.
  • Verified payment: Yes. See proof of payment received>>
  • Language : English
  • Payments by "virtual roll": It is a draw but can be up to a value in Bitcoins of $200
  • Referral levels: 1 level. We will earn 50% of the bitcoins that our referrals get for free. This is the best way to earn money with this site.
  • Payment mode: Through a Bitcoin Exchanger
  • Countries: International
  • Url:

Register at FreeBitcoin

When registering with FreeBitcoin , the only thing you will have to take into account is that they will ask you for a Bitcoin address so that they can send you the payments.

To do this, you will first have to have opened a Bitcoin wallet , which are, so to speak, the virtual banks where Bitcoins are stored and from which this currency can be bought and sold. Once the Bitcoin wallet is open, you will simply have to go to the withdrawal section ("withdraw" in English) to find out what your Bitcoin address is.

TIP: If you still don't know what a Bitcoin wallet is, I recommend reading the article "The best Bitcoin Wallets 2017 to exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrencies"
One of the great advantages of this currency is that it does not have any type of restriction, so you can earn money regardless of your country of residence.

How do you make money with FreeBitcoin?

In the site there are several methods to earn Bitcoins but the main one is through your faucet. To do this, once you have logged into the site you will have to go to the "Free BTC" menu where the following image will appear:

The game is very simple. It is about rolling a virtual dice to get a number between 0 and 10,000. To do this, the first thing to do is complete the Captcha and then click on Roll.

The Bitcoins that we will obtain from the roll correspond to the equivalences that appear in the table above. For example, if we get any number between 0 and 9885, we would get a prize of 0.00000089BTC. If by chance we get the number 10,000, we would earn 0.088BTC, which at the current price is about 200 dollars.

In this case, since the number 9823 has come out, we have earned 0.00000089BTC. To play again, we will have to wait the time specified on the screen.

We can play this simple game 24 times a day, since the ROLL button resets every hour.

Additionally, with each spin, we will win 2 lottery entries and Points redeemable for prizes.

The lottery draw takes place every week and you can win some pretty good prizes. And as for the points, they can be exchanged for Bitcoins or for gifts like an iPhone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S7.

How FreeBitcoin works

By now, you are probably wondering, where do the Bitcoins that these faucets give away come from?

In general, advertisements are the main source of income for these sites.

Faucets try to get cheap traffic by sending traffic through referral programs (or referral systems). This constant high traffic helps generate huge advertising revenue. The difference between the cost of the Bitcoins and the advertising revenue gives the profit.

However, the markup for faucets is very small for most of them. Therefore, only reputable and established faucets make a profit through the huge amount of traffic coming to their site.

NOTE: It must also be understood that the objective of the Faucets in its origin has been to promote Bitcoins: faucets are a great way to help introduce new people to cryptocurrencies. Most faucets provide information to new users, as well as offer them some free coins so they can "try before you buy". In this way they experience how Bitcoin transactions work before putting real money on the Internet. Since this whole experience is so new and a bit complicated for people, who maybe don't trust it very much, this is a very beneficial way to promote the digital currency and attract new users.

But let's not kid ourselves, currently the biggest benefits of FreeBitcoin come from the gambling games they have for their users. The page also works as a betting page in the sections called Multiply BTC and BET.

In these sections, users can make all kinds of bets, from bitcoin price predictions, betting on sporting events, playing the jackpot, etc.

Like all betting houses, they have the odds very well calculated so as not to lose, so if you really want to earn money with this page and not lose it, I would advise you to stay away from these sections of the site.

FreeBitcoin Premium Membership

FreeBitcoin announced in March 2021 the adoption of the FUN token to power its Premium Membership Program. With this development, offers its users and investors the opportunity to increase their income on the site.

FreeBitcoin users can purchase FUN tokens, and depending on the amount they hold in their account, they can:

1-Increase up to 1% the Cashback in bets Multiply BTC and the Betting Page of the platform. I DO NOT advise using this "advantage". Basically, they encourage you to place bets to lose money.
2-They offer up to 16 tries on what they call; Wheel of Fortune. With this great Russian roulette, in addition to earning BTC or "Reward Points", users can win Rolexes, iPhones and more prizes.
This advantage is positive. Basically, the wheel of fortune gives you additional satoshis every day.
3-FUN token holders on - who are already eligible to earn 4.08% interest on the BTC balance in their respective accounts - can earn up to 25% interest increase as Premium Program participants over 4.08%. This means that you can increase the interest on your account to 5.1% (4.08 + (0.25x4.08) = 5.1)
This, in my opinion, is the greatest advantage.

To enjoy the benefits offered by FreeBitcoin in the Premium Membership program, users must have held the FUN token for at least 30 days.
I personally have bought up to 12,500 Fun Tokens to take advantage of the Premium advantages and the truth is that I recommend it if you have referrals.

Being Premium allows me to increase the interest I receive on what I am accumulating in the Freebitcoin account, in addition to having more opportunities to win satoshis with the wheel of fortune every day.

Pros and Cons of FreeBitcoin

Next we will highlight the aspects that we like the most and also the aspects that could be improved.

  • FreeBitcoin is a completely free site.
  • In operation since 2013, it is the Bitcoin faucet that has paid its users the most.
  • Very low minimum payment and easy to get.
  • Possibility of automating payments without having to request them.
  • It is an international site that can be used by anyone from anywhere in the world. It has more than 50 million registered users.
  • In addition to Bitcoin, other prizes can be won.
  • Allows you to enter the Bitcoin world without buying Bitcoins
  • Great referral program with which profits are multiplied. In my opinion, this is the key if you really want to win big amounts.
  • Premium program to increase profits
  • Without referrals the profits are scarce.
  • If you like gambling, I do not recommend the platform.


FreeBitcoin is a site with which we can accumulate small fractions of Bitcoin (also known as satoshis) in the easiest way possible: playing with a virtual dice.

Although obviously the profits are not high unless we are very lucky, in my opinion it is the best way to enter the world of Bitcoins since you only have to invest a few seconds of time to start generating them.

If, for example, you are used to spending many hours in front of the computer, you can enter the site several times a day and accumulate satoshis by making a simple click.

The most effective way to earn interesting amounts of satoshis and bitcoins is through the referral program. In this way the profits can be increased very easily

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