Payment Processors What are they and how do they work?

I'll explain what payment processors are and how they work. I am going to show you which are the best and with less commissions.

We will talk about its most important characteristics. The fastest, safest and most renowned to be able to make payments and collect online.
It is very likely that you have come here looking for information about these platforms or electronic electronic wallets.

I'm sure you want to know which ones are the best . Either to make online transfers, to make purchases online or to collect your money on the Internet.

The best payment processors on the Internet

Here you will be able to see which are the best Internet payment processors , how they work and what their characteristics are . So you can choose the one that suits you best.

Here you can see all the articles about these payment platforms:


Overall Rating (4.4)

Payment processor with which you can send and receive money.

It has a Visa and Mastercard , both physical and virtual. You can operate with Bitcoins and make money transfers to your bank.


Overall Rating (4.7)

Payeer has become one of the most widely used payment processors in the world. It is the direct competition of PayPal and an alternative to the vast majority of virtual wallets. It is also a platform where you can operate with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc.


Overall Rating (4.6)

Payment processor and exchanger to deposit, withdraw and exchange money using more than 200 different payment methods.

This platform is completely free. We can win $1 welcome It also works with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.


Overall Rating (4.5)

Send and receive money through this payment processor. It has a physical and virtual MasterCard card , with which you can make payments and charges without problems. You will only have to verify your account. It has a cashback system and other interesting promotions


Overall Rating (4.7)

One of the most widely used payment processors in the world. It is common to find it in almost all online stores and other electronic stores. It is very comfortable for the user and presents security and guarantees for the buyer. It is a good option to send and receive money online .
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What are Payment Processors?

Payment processors are online platforms whose purpose is to send and receive money over the Internet. That is, they are in charge of receiving and sending online payments.

These pages are also known as Electronic Wallets, Ecurrency or Emoney.

Electronic wallets are an essential tool when making purchases online, earning money online or doing any other activity that requires online money transfer.

Through these payment platforms we can receive and send money over the Internet without problems, quickly and safely.

How do they work?

All wallets work in a similar way. Since they follow a common pattern, through which we can easily send or receive money.

The first thing we will have to do on all these platforms is to register.

Registration and account verification

Creating an account on any of these payment platforms is totally free.
To open an account on these pages you will only have to register, filling out the typical form.

I recommend putting our real data, since later we may have problems with the verification

Once the registration is done, it is normal for them to send you a confirmation email. They may even send you a security PIN or password.

You must save the PIN in a safe place, I recommend saving the email with the PIN or password that they send you.

Exchange – Transfer money between wallets

In some online wallets we can pass our money from one payment processor to another .

On many occasions we will be interested in passing our money to PayPal or any other online wallet . If they have an Exchange service, we can transfer our money from the wallet you use to PayPal or the platform you want.

The transfer between these payment wallets usually has commissions . Which are a percentage of the amount you want to send.

Payment Processor Cards

Many online wallets have the option of creating a credit or debit card in order to operate with it.

This option is very useful when we want to make payments or charges and we do not want to use our bank account or our personal card.

They can provide us with two types of cards :

virtual card

They are virtual cards provided by these companies with which we can operate online. We can make all kinds of transfers.

They are usually much cheaper than physical cards.
The strength of virtual cards is that they are very easy and quick to create.
The bad thing about these cards is that you won't be able to go to the ATM or make physical purchases.
They are one of the best options to buy online or collect money online .

physical card

Normally in all payment processors we can get a physical Card.

This is the typical plastic card VISA, MasterCard, etc.

These are usually sent by mail and take a while to arrive. The good thing is that you can operate normally with them like any card that the bank gives you.

You can withdraw money from any ATM, pay with a dataphone, etc.

bitcoin payment processor

There are many processors that operate with virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies , such as Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoins , etc.

Many of these sites can also convert currencies to another currency. This is how they do the Exchange service.

What countries do you accept?

Most of these electronic wallets operate all over the world .

There are some specific cases in which some countries are not accepted. So, before using any online wallet, you should make sure that your country is accepted.

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