How to create a PayPal account (Personal and Business)

PayPal for Beginners

If you don't know how PayPal works , we are going to learn how to create a personal or business PayPal account , or if we have a personal business account, transfer it to a business one, registration is very simple and we will see the whole process.

What is PayPal and how does it work?

We can say that PayPal is a payment and transfer processor that allows us to carry out this type of operation through the internet without sharing our financial information with the recipient.

The good thing about PayPal is that all we need is an email to make payments and receive money from any company or user. The system is fast and secure.

Creating a PayPal account is free and you do not have to pay anything, once the account is created we can create payment buttons to insert it on our website if we sell any product, service or membership.

What is a PayPal account for?

If you are a person who wants to earn money online, having a PayPal account is essential, since most of the companies in which we can generate income pay through PayPal, so it is necessary to have an account, PayPal is also safe and we will not have no kind of problems.

It also works for:
  • buy online
  • Make payments
  • Send money
  • Receive payment for the sale of services and products

Requirements to create a PayPal account

To create or open our PayPal account we will only need to meet 3 requirements to be able to open the account:
  • Be of age
  • have an email
  • Have a debit or credit card

How to create a PayPal account

What we are going to do is go to the official PayPal page and click the register button, then we choose the type of account we want to create, whether a personal or business account, I recommend that we choose the personal one and then the We changed to business.

Once the fields are filled out and our debit or credit card linked, we proceed to log in to PayPal.

Can you make money with PayPal?

The answer is NO, remember that PayPal is a payment processor , not a company that will pay you for registering or something like that.

Many people on YouTube make videos titled "How to earn money with PayPal" , they do this only to attract the attention of users, since as many people have their account they can receive payment from anywhere in the world and that is why these types are created of titles.

Advantages of using PayPal for electronic commerce

If we have a website in which we are dedicated to selling, having a PayPal account can provide us with some advantages on both sides.

for buyers

  • The service is free and without commission
  • To make the payment you only need an email
  • Your card details are protected
  • You have the option to pay with your associated card or with your PayPal balance
  • protected purchases

for sellers

  • You have control of all your sales
  • Access to your transaction history
  • International market
  • There is no registration or maintenance cost

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