The 17 best apps to make money on paypal

As you well know, you can earn money in different ways on the Internet. The most popular way is to earn money with mobile apps . Generally, these applications (for Android and IOS) will allow you to get money for carrying out activities, executing actions, filling out surveys, inviting friends, etc. In order to be able to take all that money to your Paypal account.
In this list we have selected what are (for us) the best apps to earn money in Paypal: reliable, secure and all of them pay without fail .

17 apps to earn money and that pay through Paypal

The trick to accumulate a considerable amount in the Paypal account is to use different apps at the same time. Therefore, we recommend you try several and use them daily.


In first place, we have Swagbucks, an app that pays, is reliable, safe and that will help you earn money from taking surveys ; playing, watching videos, buying new products, using the cashback and giving your opinion about them in the app itself.

The objective of the application is to help large companies to create new and innovative products for their clients. With your opinion and collaboration, not only do they get benefits, but you too. You carry out all the surveys and activities you can and collect your money through your own PayPal account easily .


Sweatcoin is an app that could not be missing from this top. This is one of the most popular applications of the moment to earn money ; and that will surely help you get the necessary motivation to carry out a little physical activity a day.

Its operation is based on making you earn money through PayPal according to the number of steps you make per day . Therefore, the more you walk or the more you move around your city, the application will reward you with more or less money. Likewise, the app also usually rewards its users for watching ads on its platform. Get to win gift cards with Sweatcoin; as well as money and discounts on well-known shoe and clothing brands.

It is important to take into account that : The Paypal withdrawal form is activated from time to time, so you have to be aware and use this payment method as soon as it is available, since it usually does not last long.

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Another of the options that you will have at your disposal is CashApp, an app that will make you earn money through PayPal for just carrying out a certain number of daily activities . Play their video games, answer the available surveys, watch videos and give your opinion on products; In this way you can generate income from anywhere in the world.

It is important to note that the application also rewards the daily use of it . So, if you are consistent with the income, you will significantly increase your monthly earnings, with a minimum withdrawal of only 5 dollars.

android app         iOS app

4. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is an interesting and very useful application if you love car trips. Earn money and take it to a PayPal account for touring your city or other places with your vehicle , and take some friends with you to make the adventure even more exciting.

Its operation is based on determining a route which you are going to take with your car, from here, you can select the number of people that you can transport with you in your car. These people will be able to travel with you, but clearly, they will pay you for your time, gas, service, etc. Once the trip is over, the experience will be rated by the members of the trip, thus everyone gains more recognition and confidence for future occasions.

android app          iOS app


By simply downloading the Cashzine app, you are securing your PayPal balance . This app allows you to get juicy benefits, for exclusively reading local news, commenting on it and mentioning it to your friends. Among its advantages is promoting the habit of reading, while keeping you informed of the events that take place around you.

It is important to highlight that, to withdraw the money in said application, it is important to have a certain number of referrals ; This is not a disadvantage, on the contrary, it is something that can be seen in many other alternatives to this app, but it is important to always keep it in mind.


iPoll is another of the applications that you will need to download if you want to earn money through PayPal. Its operation is very simple, since the objective of the app is to know you in as much detail as possible , to later give you tasks that fit your lifestyle.

Within the application your tasks will vary, from downloading other apps and providing a review of your experience using it, to conducting paid surveys that allow developers or companies to find out what changes or improvements must be made to increase the quality of a product or service. digital. At the end of all your tasks you will be granted your payment that you can request to your own PayPal account .

7. Happy Surveys

Like most applications of its type, Happy Surveys is an app with which you can earn money by answering a series of surveys a day . To get a good remuneration for this activity, you will not only need to download it; It is also important that you enter daily and constantly. In this way you will be able to increase your weekly income, and thus you will have the possibility of making a quick withdrawal of your earnings.

Without a doubt, Happy Surveys is an excellent option to monetize your free time at home. In addition, you will be happy to know that the time it will take you to answer each survey is minimal ; so you will have no difficulty in responding to a large number of them in less than 30 minutes a day.

android app         iOS app

8. LetyShops

If you haven't heard about LetyShops yet, this is your chance to combine the two most satisfying activities for everyone: making purchases online and receiving money for it. LetyShops is a cashback platform, with which you can make your purchases online from the store of your choice ; to then receive a refund of the money you have used directly to your PayPal account.

You can use this money to buy many more things in the same or in other stores compatible with the platform; as well as, you can accumulate it and deposit it directly to your PayPal account without having to reach a minimum or maximum amount to do so.

android app         iOS app

9. Slidejoy

If you are a person who does not want to be constant with the tasks that some applications demand, look for an option that allows you to earn money through PayPal easily and without many complications. And if that's what you need, then Slidejoy is the ideal app for you.

The operation of this app is very simple, you just have to download the APK file and grant the necessary permissions so that it can place different advertisements on the lock screen of your mobile .

Although you may think that these ads will be a bit annoying to see, the reality is that the app does not display ads that could affect the image and operation of your screen . On the contrary, you will continue using your mobile as always; you will only notice its presence in a small space on the locked screen.

It should be noted that the monetary income obtained by allowing this action on your smartphone will arrive directly to your personal PayPal account.

10.Current App

The last app that we will mention is no less effective than the rest; on the contrary, it can be considered the most entertaining and practical to use. This is Current App; a place where you can earn money through PayPal just by listening to music and enjoying the various games that its platform hosts.

It is so simple to use, that just by leaving the music player running, any user will be able to obtain a good daily profit . The benefits are not limited to just giving you real money; because you can use the points to obtain gift cards in specific stores or brands of your choice.

android app         iOS app

11.Poll Pay

We continue with the survey apps that pay through PayPal, and in this position we have Poll Pay. Which is, without a doubt, one of the best available for smartphones. Since, just by participating in the survey, you can already receive a small payment for your time ; something that makes it quite special, since its competition does not apply it.

In addition to this, payments are very punctual, and there are few delays that they usually have ; At the time the payment is requested, it will be credited to PayPal the same day. In addition, the surveys that you can find in this app that pays by PayPal can vary from 5 to 25 dollars. Therefore, it is worth downloading it and exploring a little among the available functions.

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On the other hand, we also have an application that pays by PayPal that we consider exclusive for photography lovers . Since, it is basically an app that allows you to earn money by selling your photos and multimedia content to different people.

That is, you can upload your photos to the platform, and there, the user community that needs the content will have to pay for copyright.

It should be noted that the prices of the images are 10 dollars. However, Foap will keep 50% of your earnings, so ultimately, you would only earn a total of $5 for each photo you can sell on the platform. Even so, it is possible that you can earn more money thanks to the mission system that it offers to users.

android app        iOS app


In case you are a lover of short videos, and usually your favorite hobby is being on TikTok, Kwai may be the best app to earn money for PayPal . Since it is an app you can earn money by watching videos .

In addition, it also has a Netflix and referral gift card system ; In this way you can get the most out of each of its functions and thus earn more money.

Even, Kwai is so profitable, that just by inviting friends you will already be earning money ; It will not be necessary for you to stay watching the videos, since for referrals they pay approximately 3 or 5 dollars. Therefore, just by inviting family or friends, you can get a considerable sum of money.

android app         iOS app


Another of the applications that you can use to earn money through PayPal is GoGoal. It is an app that allows you to place bets in the sports sector ; precisely, football bets. We can say that this application is focused on people who like this sport.

However, more than bets to earn money through PayPal, you will also have different methods with which you can have profits in your bank account. In fact, one of them is through the referral system.

On the other hand, if this does not seem interesting to you, you can try doing the missions and tasks that are placed in the app ; with which you can get your first points and then place bets and win.

15. Cashy

Now it's time to talk about the app, which from my perspective, seems to be the most entertaining to earn money through PayPal. Since they are not surveys or bets, you will simply have to download video games and have fun for a certain time.

In this way, you will be able to accumulate points that you can exchange for money in PayPal or exclusive gifts when you have reached a certain amount. In addition to this, the fact that they can pay you in euros is a plus .

In summary, among all the apps mentioned to earn money through PayPal, we can say that Cashyy belongs to the group of the best. Above all, because the minimum withdrawal is 0.50 euro cents .


If you are looking for an app with which you can earn money from home and get paid by PayPal, IntelliZoom may be the one for you. This will allow you to get some extra income.

Basically, you just have to join the user community, share your experiences as a customer of a certain business or company, or even talk about how you have done with some specific services. It should be noted that this will take you at most 20 minutes, and you can easily do it from your smartphone .

This is because the platform offers an easily accessible portal where the surveys or questions are carried out; which, certainly, you must answer. However, sometimes it may be a video conference. In summary, we can say that it is an excellent option, it has a standard payment that varies from 2 to 10 dollars .


In case you are looking for a more complex activity, but at the same time just as easy, it is quite likely that you will find it in Userfeel. This is a platform that will pay you through PayPal, and which is characterized by offering an online evaluation service to different clients.

In order to use Userfeel you must take an exam to validate if you are qualified to approach the app. After that, you will be able to notice that the tasks are simply to verify the operation of a website; from pages, to apps, online commerce sites , among other similar ones.

Here they will pay you an average of 10 dollars for each test ; basically the same as in IntelliZoom. However, they will be just as short as the surveys of the other alternative to earn money with apps by PayPal. Since, it will take you approximately 15 minutes to solve the tasks.

Final opinions: are these apps reliable and do they pay with Paypal?

To this day, yes . All of them have been reviewed and make payments in Paypal. However, it must be taken into account that sometimes they suspend payments on this platform and can activate others such as Wire, Payoneer, etc. It's not normal, but it can happen.

From time to time we update the list , and if any of them no longer make payments we remove it, therefore, you can be sure that they are reliable and make payments in Paypal.

Other ways to earn money and take it to the Paypal account

In this article we are only talking about mobile apps, but if you have a browser, a PC or any other device with Internet access , you can earn money in other ways. Here are some of them:
Earn money playing games .
Best paid surveys .
Apps to earn money walking .

These are just some of the ways (currently the most popular) but if you browse our website you can find many more.

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