How to earn Bitcoins playing in 2023?

Today we will talk about a fun way to get Bitcoins, because we know that there are many applications and pages to earn money playing but did you know that you can also earn Bitcoins by playing ? This is true and now I will present you some of the most used applications to earn Bitcoins only playing, and it should be noted that here I will only mention some of the ones that I recommend but in reality there are a wide variety of games that pay you Bitcoins just for playing, so if you want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies in a fun way and without investing, just continue Reading.
earn money playing

What is Bitcoins and how does it work?

Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency, with which we can buy things, but instead of traditional currencies, Bitcoins only exist in a virtual way, it does not have any version on paper or in any other tangible material, another of the characteristics of the currency that They can help you better understand what Bitcoin is because it is a decentralized currency, that is, it does not depend on banks or governments, since the system with which Bitcoin works does not need an administrator.

Basically, Bitcoins is a new way of buying things without the need for intermediaries since everything is done in a computerized way, clearly it also has its good and bad things, such as that you cannot buy everything directly with Bitcoins since each country has its own currency first. You must sell it and exchange it for the currency you are interested in, although of course there are many platforms that allow you to pay directly with Bitcoins and El Salvador is also currently working to make Bitcoin a legal currency in your country.

As a last comment, Bitcoins is a currency that constantly changes its value, it can go up or down, so you must be very aware and take this into account if you work with this digital currency.

Important points

  • The wallets of the games that I will show you are connected, that is to say that you can accumulate points as if it were a single app
  • All the apps that I will show you are paying without any problem
  • After making the withdrawal of your earnings you have to wait around 7 days to be able to make a new withdrawal

earn bitcoin playing

Now we will talk about the main topic of the post, which is how we will earn Bitcoins by playing, for that I will start my list of recommended games to earn Bitcoins money, they are entertaining games with which you can have a good time while you increase Bitcoins in your wallet.

Bitcoin Blast

In this game you must join three squares of the same color, thus accumulating points, each level that the game has will give you a certain mission, and if you manage to complete it you will go to the next one, each highlight that you win or lose the application will always give you points that you can later exchange for Bitcoins, clearly the earnings will be better if you win, you have 15 lives a day, take advantage of them and start earning Bitcoins.
bitcoin blast 
  • Available for : Android & IOS
  • Withdrawal Method : Coinbase
  • Release Year : May 16, 2019
  • Status: Paying


A classic and very fun game where we will have to shoot and collect colored bubbles so that they explode, just like the previous game, this will pay you points for each game you play, whether you win or lose, so that you can later exchange them in your wallet for bitcoins, A very good advantage that this game has is that it is from the same creators of Bitcoin Blast and they have come up with the idea of ​​combining the points of the two applications so that each point you earn either by playing Bitcoin Blast or Bitcoin pop will be combined so that you can reach the minimum faster, in Bitcoin pop you also have a limit of 15 daily lives.
  • Available for : Android
  • Withdrawal Method : Coinbase
  • Release Year : October 13, 2020
  • Status: Paying

Bitcoin Blocks

This is another game from the same developers, which has more or less the same system as well as being another connected wallet, so you don't get bored playing the same game and you keep accumulating points to exchange for bitcoins, the game is very simple and classic too , in this game we will have to go together boxes of the same color with a minimum of 3 boxes will explode and the objective of the game is to explode all the boxes, by doing so you will go to the next level, as I said the system is the same, every time you play a game You earn points whether you win or lose, you usually don't earn less than a thousand points per game, and by playing all 3 games you will accumulate points faster since the wallets are connected.
Bitcoin Blocks 
  • Available for : Android
  • Withdrawal Method : Coinbase
  • Release Year : February 18, 2020
  • Status: Paying

Bitcoin Food Fight

itcoin Food Fight is a fruit and knife game, in this game we will be throwing a certain number of knives or other items at different fruits, all you have to do is stick all the knives into the different items that will appear to you without hitting them, Whether you win or lose, you will always accumulate points, as in the other games you have 15 lives a day and all your points are combined with the other games since, since they are from the same creators, they decided to connect the wallets and that you have a greater opportunity to earn points in the game. day.
Earn Bitcoin 
  • Available for : Android
  • Withdrawal Method : Coinbase
  • Release Year : June 13, 2020
  • Status: Paying

bitcoin solitaire

Now we go to the last game on this list from these developers, which is a solitaire game, a classic individual game and for many addictive with which we can continue accumulating points for our wallet, 5 games with 15 daily lives each with rewards for each game of a minimum of 1,000 points, perfect to earn Bitcoin by playing, as I said there are a wide variety of games with which we can accumulate this great currency but I wanted to start with these because I am sure that at the moment they pay and because their wallets are connected, it is say you have 5 different games to accumulate with in a single wallet.
  • Available for : Android
  • Withdrawal Method : Coinbase
  • Release Year : June 13, 2020
  • Status: Paying

How to withdraw my winnings from these games?

For this we will use a cryptocurrency wallet called coinbase, it is important that before starting to play and accumulate earnings, check if this wallet can be used in your country, since otherwise you will not be able to access your earnings, making that clear, I have decided that for At this point I will put a video so you can see all the steps well and you can do it more easily, just as any doubt you have about it you can leave it in the comment box, I hope you liked the games and earn many Bitcoins.

Other alternatives to earn bitcoins without investing

If you are still not satisfied with these 5 great applications to earn bitcoins by playing, then here are a couple more where you can earn bitcoins without investing, one of them follows the theme of earning bitcoin by playing and the other is a bit out of range, but It is not complicated at all and remains without investing.
I highly recommend at least taking a look at these two applications since they are highly recommended and they pay without any problem, just click on each one and I will tell you everything you need to know.


Basically these 5 applications will help you earn money by playing, there is no minimum withdrawal beyond what Coinbase asks you to receive a deposit, the games are entertaining and somewhat classic, so they will also serve to distract you in your day to day, with With these apps you can earn bitcoin by playing in an easy and entertaining way, the game wallets are linked so all your coins come together no matter which application you use to accumulate earnings, everything will go to one place, just take advantage of all the lives and start to earn bitcoin playing.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • You earn Bitcoin just for playing
  • You don't need to invest money
  • The portfolios are linked
  • entertaining games
  • Pay without any problem
  • It is only available for android
  • It may take a while to accumulate a good amount
  • Has waiting time after withdrawal
  • Only pay for Coinbase

Frequent questions

How do I withdraw my Bitcoins?

To withdraw our earnings we will need to have a Coinbase account, which is the only withdrawal method available at the moment, the applications do not have a minimum withdrawal, you just have to be aware of the minimum that Coinbase accepts.

How long do I have to wait to pick up again?

As I already said, withdrawals are made through Coinbase, what happens is that although the applications do not have a minimum withdrawal, and you can start spending your bitcoin from 1 dollar or a little less, the truth is that we must take into account that The applications do have waiting time to be able to make another withdrawal again, the withdrawals can be made once a week, or in other words, every 7 days.


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