Earn cryptocurrencies with Coinpayu

Earn cryptocurrencies with coinpayu a page where we can earn different cryptocurrencies for performing very simple tasks, the page has been paying for years without any problem and every so often new cryptocurrencies are added that we can earn, if you are new to this type of investment or simply do not want to spend money but you are interested in trying a little how the world of cryptocurrencies works, this could be a good option to start accumulating your cryptocurrencies and take the first step in this new wave that are cryptocurrencies.

What is Coinpayu and how does it work?

Coinpayu is a Paid to Click page where we can earn cryptocurrencies through mini tasks that the platform itself presents to you, among which we can mention viewing ads and completing surveys, it is not that the platform has a super novelty that makes it stand out too much among the others, but it has a simple system where we do not need to invest or spend too much time to start accumulating profits, as I said, it will be enough to see some ads and a little more per day to start getting results.

This is clear taking into account two things, the first that this will not make you rich, these types of pages are only to get a little extra money and that depending on the cryptocurrency you want to obtain, you can obtain the minimum faster.

What cryptocurrencies can I earn in Coinpayu?

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • dash
  • ethereum
  • bitcoin cash
  • BNB
  • tron
  • Tether
  • BitTorrent
  • Cardano
  • Solarium
  • Shiba Inu

How to register in coinpayu?

The registration process on the platform is very simple, we will only need an email and a password, after this we will only have to follow the steps that are indicated to us, I will leave the page below and once inside and registered we can start earning money,

One important thing to do, either when you have the minimum withdrawal or before, is to link your wallet to coinpayu. The page advises using the binance exchange, but as I understand it, you can use any platform that has the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw available.

We make this configuration by clicking on the profile section, there we will get 3 settings that we can make, the first is the change of password, if we do not feel safe with the one we have already put, then we can modify it here,

In addition to the fact that we also have the option of linking our email so that each change we want to make is first accepted by a code that we will receive in our inbox of said email, finally we will find the option we were looking for, <Wallet> which is where We can link our wallets, here we will find all the cryptocurrencies that I already mentioned above.

Register to Coinpayu

How to earn money with coinpayu?

Once we are inside the platform we will have a panel with 3 types of balance, the first is the normal balance, which is where we will collect all the profits that we obtain by doing tasks in coinpayu , the second balance that is presented to us is the purchase balance, which It is the one that users usually use to promote their pages, YouTube channels, etc. These two balances will be represented by satoshis, the third balance is that of referrals, which is where we will receive our percentage of profit for the referrals that we invite and everything else. regarding that topic.

Earn money by viewing ads

The first way we have to earn money or rather cryptocurrencies with this page is to see ads, for each ad we see we will earn satoshis that will be reflected in our main balance, there are 3 types of ads that we can see on the page, the First you could say that it is the normal one where we only have to go to the subsection of seeing ads and, there we will see a list with all the ads available at that moment, these ads will also bring information about how much satoshi they will give you and how much is the minimum time you must keep ad open,An important thing to say about this type of ad is that you do not need to stay within the window, since just by being open the timer will continue running and once the stipulated time is reached, they will give you the reward that can be seen reflected in your main balance. .

The second type of ad that we can use to accumulate profits is that of window ads . In this type, the only thing that changes is that in this type of ads, we must stay within the ad window, otherwise time will freeze and not we will receive our reward,

Earn money doing tasks

This platform also presents us with different tasks that we can perform, I haven't really used this section much so I won't tell you much about this topic, but basically it's the same as always, you have different tasks with different rewards that you can win if you You do them, among the tasks that we can carry out are surveys, installing applications, etc.

Lastly, and for me it is the best way that the platform has to earn or at least the simplest is the tap section, in this section we will have the opportunity to receive a certain amount of cryptocurrencies every hour.

We can choose 3 cryptocurrencies from all those that are available, and redeem our prize every hour, to win the reward we only have to carry out a small verification that I am human that does not take more than 2 minutes, the earnings have their own wallet with the cryptocurrency you chose and you can withdraw once you reach the minimum.

coinpayu affiliates

Now it's time to talk about your referral system where we can earn money for each friend that we invite to use the page, earnings can range from 10% to 80%, this depends on the active membership you have,

Apart from earning money in the traditional way of coinpayu affiliation also allows you to buy and sell affiliates, this could be said to be one of the most original things that the page has.

You can do the sale or purchase of your affiliates from the < Market > menu. This is good to do if we have the right strategy, don't start doing things just because it's new and you see potential, try to investigate a little more and decide if this section suits you or not.

types of membership

  1. Normal membership : As its name indicates, this membership is the one we start with totally free, in this membership we earn 10% for each affiliate and 100% of our own activity.
  2. Minor partner: With the minor membership our own profit doubles to 200% and we would be earning 15% for each affiliate we have, this will also depend on the activity carried out by our affiliate, since we would earn 15% if he works with ads and 10 % if you work with offers, this membership costs 35,000 satoshis per month
  3. The intermediate partner : In the event that our membership is of an intermediate level, our own earnings go up to 300% and those of the referrals play between 20% and 12%, depending on the activity carried out by our affiliate, the intermediate level has a cost of 100,000 satoshis per month.
  4. Senior partner : The highest membership that the platform presents is that of senior partner, in this membership our own earnings skyrocket up to 400% and with respect to affiliates we earn 50% for ads and 15% for offers, for Having this membership you will need to pay a total of 300,000 satoshis per month.

How to withdraw my earnings in coinpayu

To withdraw your earnings within the platform, you first have to reach the minimum withdrawal requested, this will vary depending on the cryptocurrency you want to use to withdraw your earnings, once this is done you must link your wallet with the page,

Remember that the wallet must be compatible with the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, in addition to taking into account if your wallet receives the minimum that you will send, since some have minimums to receive,

Once these two things are done, all you have to do is click on the withdraw button that appears below your main balance and choose the currency you want to withdraw.

Apart from that, the faucet also has its own withdrawal section, which is more or less the same thing: you must have your wallet linked and have reached the minimum withdrawal required by the cryptocurrency, one important thing to keep in mind is that when linking your account You will not be able to withdraw anything until after a day.

Advantage and disadvantages of coinpayu

  • You don't need to invest
  • Easy to use
  • Simple ways to earn cryptocurrency
  • You have several cryptocurrencies to earn
  • You don't need to spend a lot of time
  • It is available for all countries
  • Few options to earn cryptocurrencies
  • You do not earn cryptocurrencies quickly

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