Mobrog: Earn Money doing surveys

Paid surveys can be an incredible method of earning money and also getting your opinion heard. Mobrog is a paid survey site and a genuine method of making money online , without any tricks and tricks.

In any case, it is essential to register on the best paid survey pages to take advantage and not waste your time. We will find out below if Mobrog is on the list of the best survey sites.

In this article I will show you a simple and complete guide to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to be successful in Mobrog.

So, if you are interested in learning more about how to earn money on Mobrog and how this paid survey platform works, I invite you to continue reading.

What is Mobrog, how it works and what it offers

Paid Surveys Mobrog

Mobrog is a company based in Germany, which was established in 2008. Mobrog is an internationally recognized paid survey site and has a reliable organization behind it. But, that doesn't mean it's essentially worth your time. For this reason, you should first go through and learn about the main features of Mobrog , so that you can check whether it is for you or not.

Mobrog is a basic paid survey site with no fancy components and no large number of detours. Basically, I can't say anything against it, however, it just has a few different ways to earn money , which also makes it easy to explore and use. For some people the ease of this page can be a great advantage.

So, let's get to know the main features of Mobrog :

Paid Surveys

Mobrog, as a matter of first importance, is one of the best sites to answer surveys and earn money . This is basically all you can do here to make a profit. Essentially, you just join and then you can start filling out surveys .

Once you've signed up, you'll receive an email each time a survey is accessible. Keep in mind that you probably won't be able to complete every survey for which you receive a welcome. Often you won't qualify, or the study will close.

Little by little, I have realized that sometimes it can take quite a while to figure out the type of profile to be able to meet all the requirements on Mobrog , in contrast to other paid survey destinations.

From time to time there will be surveys that you don't qualify for, which is extremely typical of not being able to make the expected earnings and will happen on almost any paid survey site. This can happen, so for the best odds of qualifying, tend to be great about taking the surveys you qualify for and always keep your personal profile at 100% .
Another thing to keep in mind...

When taking a survey on Mobrog, the payment can be totally different from one country to another. For example, a person who successfully completes a survey in the United States may earn more than $2, while a survey in your country or another country may earn less than $1.

In any case, from my point of view, I can tell you that Mobrog surveys are anything but difficult to understand and easy to complete, when compared to other survey sites. But, as I mentioned earlier, even if you have many surveys available to take, keep in mind that you won't be eligible to complete every one of them.

Invite your friends to join Mobrog

Despite taking paid surveys on this platform, there is another approach to earning a touch of extra money on Mobrog. This is by welcoming your friends and acquaintances to join the stage.

You can simply receive it via email, social networks, through your blog and other ways.

In the event that a person to whom you send a registration request joins Mobrog, you will receive around $1. Not bad at all, therefore, with this option that Mobrog offers you, you can really get good amounts of extra money. So in order to make a good profit you need to know a lot of people who may be intrigued to benefit from this. However, you should keep in mind that not everyone you invite will be willing to invest time in Mobrog.

Also keep in mind…

You will only get the reward after the person who receives your invitation has completed 3 surveys. This is pretty much to ensure that the person receiving your invitation is interested in making money with Mobrog . Obviously, Mobrog isn't interested in paying people to welcome a group of peers to just join, yet they never run a survey.

So, in case you use this option, I urge you to join people who you think will genuinely be interested in getting paid for your review and not to spam through your email or other means of communication. communication.


Another very interesting thing that Mobrog has and that you can benefit from from time to time is the free contests.

Most of the time, the reward will be more than $5 and it will only take a moment for you to be interested in what it is worth, for example: answering a short question and thanking you for the post. In the event that you win, the reward will be credited to your Mobrog account.

How to collect money in Mobrog

Every time you complete a paid survey, you will be paid with real money in your Mobrog account. Afterwards, you can have them get the money to your PayPal or Skrill account . In general I really like to ask for payments through PayPal. This is a very decent part of Mobrog and also my most loved payout technique.

Similarly, you can actually demand a payment after you have won €5 or the equivalent amount with your home country.

This is a really low payout limit in contrast to some different destinations, which is extraordinary. You don't need to take too many surveys before you can withdraw your money. Anyone in a very short time could reach the minimum amount of 5 euros . There are people who get this amount of money in less than a week. Also, it is very easy to withdraw cash. Regardless of the country of origin, with Mobrog you can withdraw your money in cash every time you reach the minimum payment amount.
Must take into account…

You will be paid to the email address you signed up with. So, if that's not a similar email address to the one you registered with PayPal or Skrill, you should contact Mobrog support to have it fixed.

The best deal is to simply sign up from the start with the email address you use on your PayPal or Skrill account. Another thing to keep in mind is that your PayPal or Skrill accounts must be verified and valid to receive the money without any problem.
How much money can I earn on Mobrog

If you have just started with Mobrog, you are surely wondering, how much money can I make with Mobrog with paid surveys?

On the Mobrog platform, there are users who say that you can earn up to $3 for every successful survey taken and that surveys usually last about 10 minutes. Now to be honest, it would be wonderful to be able to obtain these amounts of money in such a short time, just by answering surveys.

From what I can tell, normal is about 10-15 minutes for each survey , but the amount of money is not $3 per survey, for a successfully completed survey you can generally earn between 0.4 euros to a little more than 1 euro. Personally, he could tell you that I have not yet managed to complete a survey for more than $2.

When you rank in a survey on Mobrog, you will also receive the amount of money you pay. There are possibilities of obtaining more consistent amounts of money, there are people who have exceeded 2 euros per survey, but the truth is that these types of surveys do not appear every day.
In any case…

Keep in mind that Mobrog is a way to earn some extra money , just like most paid survey sites. It can give you some extra money as an afterthought and it's a great method to get your guess heard in the meantime, however you have to do it with the right wishes and at no time think you could leave your current job to work in Internet filling out surveys.

Can I take surveys on Mobrog from my mobile?

Having the ability to take surveys in a hurry is an extraordinary method to acquire some extra money when it suits you. That is the reason why Mobrog is on my list of the best paid survey sites.

Also, Mobrog is anything but difficult to use on mobile as it has its own app that you can download and perform studies on. The Mobrog app itself is extremely simple and easy to use, so it spares no effort to make sense of how to use it. You pretty much open the app and then click on an available survey and you're done. The app is available for both iOS and Android as well.

Who can join ⁉

Click to create account

Mobrog is accessible to practically everyone of legal age. If you are of legal age and want to earn some extra money, then Mobrog is a very good option to do something productive in your free time .

Mobrog is accessible to people from more than 70 nations and also, in their home country language or dialect, which is really extraordinary in my point of view. To create an account and start making money with Mobrog, you simply need to be 18 years old and also have access to a PayPal or Skrill account, as these are the main ways you can get paid.
Another aspect to take into account in Mobrog…

If you have registered for example in your country, you cannot carry out surveys from another country. On Mobrog you can only take surveys from the country you first joined.

Whenever Mobrog needs to be logged in, it first checks if you are in the country where you previously signed up. In the event that you log in from another country or try to cheat the system with VPN programs, you may end up getting banned and losing your account. So please do not use Mobrog while traveling and also do not try to change your IP with VPN programs.

Is Mobrog a serious page to earn extra money?

As indicated by Trustpilot, Mobrog has great ratings.

Obviously, there are some people who are opposed to both Trustpilot and app audits, but most people quite like the platform. From my point of view, he could tell you that he trusted Mobrog and that until today I have made several payments and I have never had any kind of problem on the platform.

Therefore, I recommend Mobrog 100% to all people who want to earn some extra money in their free time. Another thing that has caught my attention is the way they respond to people's opinions about the platform. Although not everyone is of the same opinion, Mobrog offers positive responses to all questions and to all those individuals who have an adverse comment about the platform. When a paid survey company is serious about this type of work and they have the ability to answer each person's questions, I think it's worth investing time on the platform.


In the event that you need individual assistance from Mobrog, it's really easy to get support. Personally I have used the help when I had started on the platform. They have taken just 4 days to answer me and clarify all my doubts with some valuable answers. You can get help from Mobrog in multiple languages . The platform has a space with frequently asked questions for all users. Also, you can contact support on Facebook as well.

Conclusion on Mobrog

Mobrog is most likely one of the best and most trusted sites to earn and save money with paid surveys. This, however, does not mean that it is essentially the right site for you. There are many similar platforms with which you can earn more or less money than on Mobrog.

So, to give you a top review before you choose to join or not, take a look at the pros and cons of Mobrog.


  • It has the best payment options: PayPal and Skrill.
  • The minimum payment is only 5 euros and is very easy to achieve.
  • It is one of the easiest paid survey sites to use.
  • It has a mobile application so you can take surveys from anywhere at any time.


  • In some cases it is quite difficult to qualify for a survey.
  • They don't offer a lot of daily surveys than other sites.
In any case, I think Mobrog is a great opportunity. Anyone can earn some extra money and even better, joining Mobrog is totally free with no exceptions.

As I mentioned before, Mobrog is a good place to take advantage of your free time. It won't offer you a lot of daily surveys, so I would also recommend you join more paid survey platforms.

Mobrog Alternatives: Toluna , Clixsense , Ipsos I-Say , LifePoints .

Join Mobrog and start earning extra money!

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