Branded Surveys: How to earn money from home with paid surveys?

For several days, we have been researching an online survey company that has caught our attention, it is called Branded Surveys , an online platform with which you can earn a little extra money .

After getting to know it well enough, we'll talk about its legitimacy, ease of use, different ways to accumulate points, and the payment process.

Enter now in Branded Surveys

We even explain how long it takes to complete a survey and give you an honest opinion about the platform. 

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is an online platform that connects businesses and organizations with users like you who are willing to take surveys for rewards, similar to Survey Junkie . Previously, it was called MintVine, which has always been associated with reputable companies and market research firms to collect opinions and feedback on products and services.

So, if you become a user, you have the opportunity to earn points by completing surveys, which you can then redeem for cash, gift cards, or even donate your earnings to charity.

How does Branded Surveys work?

The Branded Surveys process starts with free registration , followed by identity verification and taking a survey of your profile (if your country is allowed). From there, as a user you receive surveys appropriate to your profile and can accumulate points to redeem rewards, the platform simplifies the process by providing relevant surveys and offers you bonuses if you are a new member. If you've signed up for Swagbucks , then you'll fully understand how to use Branded Surveys.

The platform uses a survey pairing that analyzes your user profile and automatically sends you relevant surveys , therefore, it is important that you keep in mind that you must complete your profile correctly. It should also be said that Branded Surveys offers you an initial new member sign-up bonus, which adds an additional incentive to join the platform.

The big problem with this platform is that it is not available in some countries. When you create an account outside the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom, it shows you this message:

Is Branded Surveys safe?

Branded Surveys has proven to be a reliable and safe platform to participate in paid surveys, if we pay attention to the reviews on Trustpilot, Branded Surveys has a 4.3 star rating, with a lot of good reviews from many users. Positive reviews highlight its variety of survey options, the ease of withdrawing money, and the availability of various rewards.

But we must say that there are some common complaints about extremely long surveys, mid-survey kicks, not receiving the proper reward, and issues with timely payments; In summary, problems that these types of platforms have, just like Prizerebel has . We must also tell you that Branded Surveys has partnerships with renowned companies and well-known brands, which provides greater confidence in its authenticity.

How much money can I earn in Branded Surveys by taking surveys?

Once you have accumulated 500 points in Branded Surveys , you will have an equivalent of $5, which is the minimum to withdraw your earnings. Similar to Opinion Outpost you can choose to receive a cash payment through PayPal or through Branded Pay, which is a proprietary payment option that allows US users to receive payments directly into their bank account. On the other hand, you can redeem your points for gift cards at places like Amazon, Apple and Buffalo Wild Wings, or make a donation to charity.

We have heard user feedback that from their experience you can earn $25 or more per month by completing multiple surveys every day and maintaining a good quality score by being consistent with your responses.

How can I maximize my earnings?

Branded Surveys, in addition to paid surveys , offers you other ways to earn money, such as referring friends and receiving additional points for each person who registers through your referral link, another way is to complete the daily survey to get extra points, earn Ranking bonuses by taking more surveys, earning survey streak bonuses , and taking advantage of promo codes when available.

How long does it take to complete a survey?

The time required to complete a survey in Branded Surveys can vary depending on the length and complexity of each particular survey. Some surveys can be quite short and take just a few minutes to make money online , while others can be longer and require more time.

Therefore, we must tell you that there is no specific time established to complete a survey, since each one can be different, you can expect that the surveys take between 5 and 20 minutes on average.

Some may be shorter and take just a few minutes, but there are longer ones that may take 30 minutes or more.


Branded Surveys is considered as a legit way to earn extra money by taking surveys online, the platform is easy to use and offers several ways to collect points, just like Harris Poll the payment process can be said to stand out for be relatively simple.

It can be a good plugin to combine with other platforms , so you have the opportunity to maximize your earning potential online. You should be aware that the payout for surveys can be low relative to the time spent and some surveys can take a long time to complete. Therefore, our suggestion as always is to consider this option as an alternative to increase online income.

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