Opinion Outpost: Opinion Outpost What is it and how does it work?

Earn money for your opinion

Opinion Outpost . The Internet is full of opportunities to earn money, and Centro de Opinion is part of that dynamic. Yes, at some point we have all looked for a way to earn extra income, many times failing in the attempt.

However, today we will analyze what this platform is and how it works to determine if it is worth investing your time in it.

What is Opinion Outpost and how does it work?

To begin, it is necessary that we raise the bases or characteristics of Opinion Outpost in general. Firstly, it is an online platform of American origin that was developed by the company Dynata LLC.

Opinion Outpost Features

Broadly speaking, it is classified as a survey service provider or, rather, as a pollster. In other words, it has a series of forms or surveys, which must be filled out in exchange for a certain economic remuneration. Nowadays, it is known that, in less than 1 hour, you can earn between 0.75 cents to 12 dollars if you answer correctly.

So, surely you are wondering... What are these surveys about? Very easy. All of them are based on products, services or goods that are already on the market or are about to be launched.
Ok, and…then what? Well, you will only have to give your opinion, filling out the form and answering the questions raised there based on experience. You can also earn points or extra money by testing products, sharing reviews, watching ads and more.

How to make money with Opinion Outpost?

If it is still not clear to you how to make money with Opinion Outpost, now we will go a little deeper in relation to it. Of course, the key step is to go to the Spanish page of Opinion Outpost (opinion center) and register . You just have to fill in the fields requested by the form, assign a password, accept the privacy policies, terms and conditions and complete the CAPTCHA.

Now yes, we rely directly on what the platform describes on its official website. Starting from this trend, you will have a main way to add income and others that are accessory:

Opinion Outpost Surveys

Opinion Outpost surveys are the main source of income on the platform, with minimum earnings ranging from 0.50 to 0.75 cents. Likewise, there are reports that, depending on the level of complexity, the maximum amount ranges or reaches 12 USD. Usually, they are completed in less than 1 hour, time to answer correctly.


Opinion Outpost is associated with Google and its renowned ad system. Therefore, it offers a way of earning by viewing any of them or completing surveys based on them. However, the net amount to receive is usually very low, which is why it is one of the accessory ways to obtain money.

study diary

An interesting part of the page is this, where it provides the user with the opportunity to record their daily journal. In other words, you can earn money by describing your routine on social networks, what kind of food you eat, most used products, among others. Even sharing specific opinions and locations, such as restaurants, cafes, and more.

product tests

Although it is another type of ancillary gain on the platform, it also seems quite interesting. Opinion Outpost allows you to test a product before it's released on the market and comment on your experience, getting paid for it. As a result, feedback is generated with the developer company to adapt your piece before the premiere.

Opinion Outpost Withdrawal Minimum

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD or what is equal to 100 points within the platform. In effect, Opinion Outpost works with a system of summation points; as you complete a survey, a certain number of points are added to you.

Exceptionally, only if you choose Amazon Gift Cards does the minimum decrease to 50 points or 5 USD as such. Even so, everything will depend on how you want to charge or what you have in mind.

Does Opinion Outpost pay or is it a scam?

You can rest easy because it is a serious survey platform, backed by a company with more than 30 years in the business. What's more, if you access their website, you will find certified testimonials and recent payment receipts.

As an additive and, fortunately, enjoy a lot of flexibility in your payment methods. Practically, you can choose between PayPal, VISA, MasterCard or Gift Cards from Amazon, Nike, Macy's, Domino's Pizza, among others.

Opinion Outpost opinions and suggestions

In the macro aspect, our review only regrets the lack of referral system on this website. For the rest, you will be able to earn good extra money, although not enough to make it your main source of livelihood.

Among other things, our suggestion is that you properly complete the registration and your profile. At the same time, keep a minimum or zero margin of error in the surveys, since, if you fail glaringly, you will not be assigned any points. From then on, it is very likely that luck will be on your side, so... Give it a try!

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