Earn up to $150 Monthly Dollars with Swagbucks

Earn money in various ways, filling out surveys, completing tasks, shopping among other things, Swagbucks pays by PayPal, Amazon card among others.

Swagbucks what it is and how it works

Swagbucks is a Get Paid To website , that is, by porting where you can perform different tasks, surveys, among other things, and earn points, which you can exchange for prizes or money to your PayPal account.

The good thing about this platform is that anyone who wants to can participate, the page is totally free since it does not have a paid membership system.

Swagbucks Features

These are some of the important things that you have to know about this company before you start making money with it.
  • Payments : You can request them from 500 points
  • Payment method : PayPal and cards from Amazon, Steam, Facebook, G2A, Zalando, iTunes and Mango
  • Referrals : Yes, you earn 10%, and receive $3 when the referral reaches 300 points
  • Works for everyone : Yes

How to make money with Swagbucks

In order to earn money with Swagbucks you must be registered on the website, for that you can go to the official page and register , you just have to enter your personal information such as name, email and password.

To earn money on this platform you can do it in the following way:
  • Buying
  • answering questions
  • Discover
  • Look for
  • Play
  • raffles
Buying: In this section we will find suggestions of stores which will give us a discount for making purchases in them.

Answering questions : In this part you will see different surveys and a daily survey with which we will earn 2 points by completing a certain number of questions.

Discover: It is about survey offers, here we are going to see companies like AdGateMedia, Offer Toro, Peanuts Labs, among others, in which we will earn for downloads, subscriptions, registrations, etc.

Search: This company has a search engine that if we use it we will earn a few extra points, we can use this browser with Google Chrome itself.

Play: Swagbucks has several games with which we are going to earn additional points simply by playing them, it is important not to have the ad blocker activated in our browser that we are using.

Draws: As the name indicates, some draws are held here where different gifts are awarded, the only detail is that if you want to participate in this draw you will have to buy the right to participate.

Swagbucks referral system

This platform, like others, has a referral system which will allow us to obtain certain benefits and profits with them.

When our referrals have reached their first 300 points we will earn about $3 dollars, we will also earn 10% of them when they make a purchase, answer surveys, play games, etc.

Swagbucks withdrawal and payment methods

As we mentioned before, the minimum withdrawal is 500 points in PayPal, but it is possible that when withdrawing our money there is no PayPal card to make the withdrawal, so it is a bit varied since it will depend on availability. that the company has at the moment.

We can also exchange our points for Amazon , Steam , Facebook , G2A , Zalando, iTunes and Mango cards if we wish to do so.

Swagbucks Pay

The Swagbucks company pays without delay so far, there have been no complaints from users who use this platform to earn money, it is a reliable entity and we can work on it without any fear.
Swagbucks Proof of Payment

Yes, the company has proof of payment which we can see both on social networks and in forums and on YouTube itself, since many users have uploaded their proof of payment in order to get referrals. Sign up here.

Swagbucks Opinions and Recommendations

It is a good platform to work on, I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a source of extra income online, it should be noted that you cannot live from this type of online business,

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