The 10 best PC games to make money playing

If you didn't already know, today one of the best ways to earn money is playing . Although it may seem like a myth to many, the truth is a method that is used daily by thousands of people to survive. However, it is not about simply downloading a video game on your PC and starting to play, it is necessary that you have some special knowledge about it or how to monetize it.

In this way, you can earn money by playing, but if you do not know what strategy to apply to start monetizing your free time , here is a small summary of the best games to earn real money without investing (or with little investment) and how to get your first euros with them.

earn money playing pc games

Although there are few games that allow you to earn real money for playing, the ones that exist are true legends that generally allow you to earn money by selling gold within the game itself, leveling up characters or simply by winning tournaments (as in Torneum ) .

1. Tibia

Among the group of best PC video games to make money, Tibia stands out in the first place. This is an MMORPG that was developed in 1997, but its creators have been constantly updating it. Reason for which, it remains among the largest games in this category.

Tibia is not just an MMORPG that allows you to explore a vast open world. In it you can also earn money easily and without making any investment thanks to the fact that you can access the video game for free.

In Tibia, the way to earn money is through the farming of gold coins . Although it is quite complicated to start, as you improve your character, his runes, skills and equipment, it will be possible to get high numbers of gold coins; either farming or applying another strategy.

These coins are sold through an external market on the Internet, so that users who buy them can quickly advance their accounts.


Like the previous video game, Runescape is also an attractive option to earn money ; it works in a very similar way to Tibia, even though it is a MMORPG type game. However, this has 2 versions; the old school and an updated one.

Here users can choose how to register; either for free or paying a subscription. In any of the selected options you can earn money, since the method used by users to monetize the game is by collecting and selling gold in the old school version ; just like how Tibia works.

However, in Runescape you will not only be able to farm for gold , but you will also be able to attack other players, carry out missions, explore maps and many more. In other words, getting the precious coins will be much easier.

On the other hand, once the player has reached a fairly high number of coins, he can sell them in an external market for other players.

3.League of Legends

On the other hand we find League of Legends; It is a multiplayer video game inspired by a Warcraft III map . In this RPG for computers you can earn a lot of money; but this will depend on various factors and the strategy you apply.

It should be noted that League of Legends (LOL) currently has 3 maps and various game modes. One of them is Summoner's Rift (the most frequented map by users), then there is The Wailing Abyss and finally the newest map and game mode; Teamfight Tactics.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best games to make money, but you have to be extremely skilled with your hands. Since, otherwise it will be almost impossible for you to obtain any benefit. In case you are skilled enough it will be easy to get a few thousand euros or perhaps millions; just like the popular pro LOL player Faker did.

The best way to earn money in LOL is through: the booster level, sale of virgin level 30 accounts, coaching (if you are an expert in the game), participation in tournaments, registration in the world cup , among others.

4.Counter Strike GO

If you're a gamer, surely you've heard of the popular Counter Strike before, which for many was one of the best first-person shooter video games, since it has a wide variety of maps and can be played offline or multiplayer .

However, its GO version is the most relevant today . Since, players can purchase skin packs for their characters, custom weapons and much more; which is why it has become so popular.

Also, Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS-GO) has better visual details; a fact that further boosted the game's sales on Steam; causing raffles and events to be held globally, thus allowing professional players to earn money playing.

Today, Counter Strike GO is played globally, and events, raffles and tournaments are constantly held; where clearly, the winning team will be the one that makes money . Maybe you didn't know it, but a tournament of this type can award a few million dollars to the players who win. Therefore, if you want to live from video games, being extremely good at Counter Strike GO is one of the best options to consider.

However, in case you don't have much skill with your hands, you can also dedicate yourself to selling chests and skins ; This modality consists of exchanging your belongings in the game with other players; either for real money or another reward.

5.World of Warcraft

Entering again in the MMORPG game classification we find c77 World of Warcraft; It is a multiplayer video game that has different worlds , where players explore and face battles against legendary monsters and other users.

In World of Warcraft the player will have to explore the maps to get experience, improve the abilities of their characters and get gold coins; same that can be sold to get real money . There really is a rather peculiar technique for making money in World of Warcraft .

Since its release it has been very popular among gamers, and today it enjoys a much wider audience than Runescape or Tibia. It is undoubtedly a classic for many, although it goes without saying that it is currently also one of the best games to make money.

There are platforms that offer a fairly high rate for large amounts of gold. Reason why, it is easy to get a few hundred or thousands of dollars on a monthly basis; but it is a technique to earn money that only young players apply ; old school gamers only enter for hobby.


Minecraft is also integrated into the list of games to make money. Since, there is more than one way to monetize the popular block video game . Which is because there is a multiplayer mode, where the user will have access to different servers, and each one with a different economy.

You should know that in Minecraft there is a server where miners can earn money by getting emerald blocks, since they can later exchange them for satoshis or fractions of Bitcoin (BTC) . What in other words translates as an additional income for simply playing and mining.

However, if you are looking for something more elaborate, you know programming and you have a more ambitious idea, we suggest you create a server in Minecraft . Although it can be complicated, if successful you could generate more than a few thousand dollars a month with VIP subscriptions, purchase of special items, among others.

Without a doubt, with Minecraft having popularity and growth is quite easy, which is because it is one of the games on PC, mobile and Xbox with the most active players. Reason for which, we recommend it as one of the best games to make money.

7.Axie Infinity

Today blockchain NFT video games are very popular, since they have shown to be highly profitable for gamers. However, among the best games to make money with blockchain technology, Axie Infinity stands out. Since, with this it is possible to make a minimum of $300 every 15 days ; but this will depend on multiple reasons, from the price of the token with which users are rewarded, to the team of NFTs you have.

To enter Axie Infinity it will be necessary to make an initial investment , which at the moment exceeds 500 US dollars. However, this money can be recovered in approximately 2 months if you perform well in the game.

It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to sell the NFTs and obtain hatchlings from them. This makes the purchase of the characters even more profitable. Since, in addition to playing with them and earning money, you can make them have babies, sell them on the marketplace and keep the ones you want . Clearly, their value will be determined by their rarity level.


Fortnite is a very popular video game worldwide of the Battle Royale style. This is available on multiple platforms; from Windows, to macOS, PlayStation or Xbox One; as well as on Switch, Android and iOS.

It should be noted that Fortnite is one of the games to make money by participating in competitive events ; this works in a pretty similar way to Counter Strike or League of Legends. However, the objective of this video game is more complicated, since you will have to face 100 players on the map.

It is also possible to earn money with Fortnite by collecting skins; some players are willing to pay hundreds of euros for them ; especially when they are limited edition.

However, to get these character skins you will have to make an investment, but it will only be a matter of time before your account begins to attract attention.

9.Call of Duty

One of the most popular and globally downloaded first-person shooter video games is Call of Duty, and it is on a level quite similar to Counter Strike GO or Fortnite. In this game you will also depend on your skills to get extra income.

For this you will have to train for continuous hours, in order to gain skill and be able to participate in competitions; same that can leave you more than 1,000 euros in case of winning.

If you want to have an example of how much you could win, we mention the renowned player nicknamed Karma; named Damon Barlow. This player has made over $700,000 just playing Call of Duty .

10.Dota 2

Dota 2 is a role-playing game quite similar to League of Legends; but only in its gameplay. Reason why, it cannot be missing from this list. Since, it is also possible to add a few digits to your account by dedicating yourself to this video game professionally.

To do so, you will have to dedicate multiple hours a day, in addition to correctly managing social networks. Because, the way to earn money with Dota 2 is by offering coaching services from home or simply by participating in international events and tournaments .

Platforms with games to make money

On the other hand, we have certain platforms that allow you to earn money for downloading and playing both mobile and PC games, some can even be played from the browser. These platforms are:


The aforementioned games to make money can be somewhat complicated, which is why we introduce you to the platform: Gamee. It is a web page that collects more than 80 video games in which you can accumulate digital coins and then exchange them for real money.

Also, just like Triunfador or other options in the same category, Gamee allows you to participate in raffles every 24 hours for up to $100 . Not to mention, that every week they give special prizes to active players.

It is a widely used platform worldwide, reaching the figure of 35 million registered users . Therefore, if you need a review to verify if you can trust it, it is almost certain that you will find it; with screenshots or comments from the players themselves.

It is also important to note that in addition to the games you can also participate in a roulette that is available every 4 hours where they give free money . Nor can we forget that payments are made through PayPal and its minimum withdrawal is only $10.


First of all, we meet Winner. It is a web page where you will find games to make money . However, it is not a portal with which many users can feel satisfied, since its main category of video games are those of chance or bets.

Therefore, if you are fond of betting, roulette or the like, it is possible that Triunfador is for you. In addition, it also has more modalities, being some of the outstanding ones: competition sector, forecasts and prizes . It also has an additional area, where it will allow you to access additional games to those already mentioned.

It should be noted that this money that you earn by playing can be requested through prizes, Amazon gift cards or payment processors ; like PayPal for example. Also, you may be interested to know that in the prize system you can get some pretty attractive gifts; from a PlayStation 4, an Xbox or even a Smart TV.


games to make money abound on the Internet, but finding a platform that is reliable, safe and pays on time like Ysense does is difficult. Due to the aforementioned qualities, it has a large number of registered users that reaches 5 million.

However, it is a web page, which, more than showing you games to make money, also allows you to take advantage of other functions; like the area of ​​surveys for having an example, or the prizes and raffles that they carry out constantly.

Since its creation and debut on the Internet in 2007, it has been known as a fairly reliable page. However, making money through it may be a bit tricky , as like Neobux, they have a fairly low payout rate for games. For this reason, you must rely on other functions to obtain greater profitability.

Regarding payments, this platform supports PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and also allows you to request gift cards; which can be from Amazon or Steam.


One of the most trusted PTC that owns games to make money is Neobux. This pay-to-click page has been working since March 25, 2008, and only a few days later it began to work correctly globally.

In it you can access the games area and earn extra money; exactly, they pay $0.002 for every 2 minutes of play . However, this figure may vary depending on multiple factors.

On the other hand, if you are considering using Neobux for your games to earn money, we also suggest you take advantage of the other tools found on the web platform to earn extra income from home.

You should know that Neobux has multiple payment methods; from cryptocurrencies, to Airtm, Neteller or PayPal through a platform that they use as a bridge . Also, their withdrawal minimum is quite low; only $2, but will increase by $1 for each withdrawal made until the $10 figure is reached; After that, this will be your new minimum to request a payment.

Earn money with play to earn games on the blockchain

Games to earn money of the play to earn type have quickly gone viral on social networks in recent years. If you don't know them yet, it's time to learn about them, since they can give you a fascinating level of earnings ; although as you can intuit, to participate in these you must make an initial investment. From our website we show you two types of games:
Some of the suggested video games:
  • Roller Coin.
  • The Sandbox
  • Axis Infinity.
  • Alien Worlds.
  • My Crypto Heroes.
  • CryptoKitties.
In each of them you must acquire an NFT or non-fungible token; This can be a character, letter, avatar, among others. Then, you will be able to use it within the gaming platform to earn money, and depending on your skills, the rarity of your character or other reasons will be the reward you receive.
Earn money playing on mobile

There are also apps to earn money from your mobile ; regardless if it is Android or iOS. In this sense, we anticipate that some options are limited for devices that have iOS, which is why we suggest using an Android to make the most of these apps.
Some of the best game apps to earn money include:
  • swagbucks.
  • BetOnYou.
  • CashApp.
  • Earn money!
  • mGamer.

Earn money playing on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Gaming

To conclude, you should know that it is possible to earn money playing on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Gaming . And this is demonstrated by some of the youtubers that earn the most money per year .

It consists of streaming or direct and requesting your views to subscribe so that the platforms grant you remuneration for it.

However, the process to be a youtuber or streamer will require a lot of effort, since creating a large community like the one that the best youtubers in the world have is not easy. For the same reason, you must learn: advertising, strategies to attract the public, among other tricks that every influencer and youtuber should know.

Still, it's pretty satisfying to say that you can make money playing games and streaming on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. Because, you will have fun and if you succeed you could even make a living from it .

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