Axie Infinity (AXS): Full Analysis

Is Axie Infinity (AXS) and NFT worth buying?

If you are closely following the emergence of crypto games and want to understand how to best configure your investments in these high-potential assets, you should know that one of the most interesting projects is the one related to Axie Infinity (AXS).

The listing of the AXS token, relative to the Axie Infinity platform, marked a new high of $131.96 , registering a bullish jump of +38.71% in the first days of October 2021.

Also the AXS token trading volume is skyrocketing since the token was listed and thanks to this guide we will see the reason for this incredible success.

The emergence of this token is closely related to the blockchain universe and what is the new field of GameFi .

Decentralized finance introduced by cryptocurrencies is rapidly expanding its horizons and the gaming world certainly wasn't watching.

In this in-depth analysis you will find all the information necessary to buy, sell or trade Axie Infinity (AXS) tokens .

Be careful, this is a novelty that has only recently attracted the attention of investors and that is why many platforms have not yet included AXS tokens in their price lists.

We will see how to get AXS while waiting for a greater diffusion of the token and which are the main brokers and exchanges that are about to add AXS to their offers.

How to trade Axie Infinity?

The world of video games based on cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly one of the most interesting developments of the moment. With structures that rely on major blockchains like Ethereum and Binance, gaming has never been more profitable.

If you are aware of the recent introduction of NFT (non-fungible token) you will be able to understand how much interest has revolved around these types of projects in recent months.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular “play to win” games at the moment, and the quotes of native AXS tokens also demonstrate this in markets where, for now, it is possible to exchange tokens with other cryptocurrencies or FIAT.

IMPORTANT : It is still impossible to trade AXS through the best online brokers. While you wait for the token to be “listed” on the best platforms, it is useful to have a cryptocurrency wallet already optimized for trading other tokens with AXS .

Having a trading account with a fully licensed broker allows you to immediately take advantage of AXS quotes, as soon as the broker inserts it among the available cryptocurrencies.

Using an online trading broker allows you to:
  • Directly buy cryptocurrencies like AXS (only at DMA brokers);
  • Invest indirectly with CFDs and speculate on price changes over time.
CFDs (contracts for difference) are by far the most used instrument by traders around the world, the reason is very simple: these derivative instruments allow very flexible and profitable investments, even with a few euros of initial capital.

You can also invest when the price drops, implement “short selling” strategies and more generally, CFDs allow you to make the most of daily market fluctuations.


eToro is the online trading broker par excellence . Complete and intuitive, in recent years it has increasingly assumed the position of undisputed leader in the regulated broker market in Europe and the world.

There are now more than 10 million users who entrust their investments to this platform, also thanks to the advantageous cost structure thanks to zero commissions.

You get a complete and satisfactory trading experience where security is 100% guaranteed by financial authorities such as CONSOB, CySEC and ESMA.

AXS has not yet been “listed” on eToro , but rumors claim it is a matter of a few weeks, especially after the video game token's skyrocketing price.

The broker takes special care to stay up to date and access the most interesting opportunities for its users.

Another notable feature of eToro is the ability to purchase the other available cryptocurrencies directly from the trading account , without having to register for an additional account for direct purchase.

In this way, users can further diversify their investments and benefit substantially from them.

To practice with the features we just mentioned, eToro provides a free demo account through which you can experience trading with virtual money.

The purpose is to get ready for real operation , as soon as you understand how the platform works.

How to buy Axie Infinity?

On the other hand, the possibility of purchasing Axie Infinity directly using cryptocurrency exchanges that offer the native Axie Infinity token on their lists.

Investors who are more attentive to the blockchain universe will already know what it is about: exchanges allow you to exchange digital currencies quickly and intuitively at also advantageous costs.

Obviously, it is still necessary to ensure that the exchange chosen to operate AXS trading is safe and reliable and present commissions commensurate with the offer.

The Axie Infinity token is listed on several exchanges , and it is expected that before long, AXS will be available on all the most used exchanges.

At we consider that Binance is one of the best options if you want to buy Axie Infinity online , below we see the main characteristics of what is one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms with the highest volumes on the market.

Axie Infinity: how does it work?

Axie Infinity is part of the GameFi sector, or video games developed in a blockchain environment that generate passive income thanks to the so-called NFT Token ( Non-Fungible Token ) and native tokens (in this case AXS).

The platform on which the game was developed is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is powered by the native token.

The game itself takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by creatures called Axie. The main objective is to breed these creatures, which thanks to the NFT system are unique and characterized by their own authenticity certified through the blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens can be resold in exchange for AXS tokens , allowing players to earn passively by simply playing.

The mode is vaguely reminiscent of games like Pokémon, where fantastical creatures belonging to the player are raised and leveled up, to then be brought into battle against other players or other creatures encountered during the game.

AXS holders in their crypto wallet have a say in the governance of the game and the project , thus playing an important role in the future scenarios of Axie Infinity.

Buy Axie Infinity: Market volumes and capitalization

In the following paragraphs we wanted to give you a detailed analysis of what is the most useful financial data for investors about the AXS cryptocurrency.

A well-developed project like Axie Infinity is not characterized only by the technical details of the game; thanks to the decentralized financing system, these projects seem to have an important financial scenario behind them that must be analyzed in depth.

By analyzing the financial data related to the Axie Infinity project, the investor will be able to understand when the best time to buy Axie Infinity is set.

Precisely due to the short time in which the AXS “craze” has developed, these tokens are not yet available on the main platforms such as eToro and Binance.

However, it is still absolutely essential to analyze the financial data related to the AXS universe so that you are prepared to buy them as soon as they are listed and the opportunity arises.

Given the young age of Axie Infinity (the project took off in 2018, but the token was only commercialized as of 2020), the most significant financial data for investments is:
  • Exchange volumes : reflecting market interest;
  • Capitalization – which allows you to get an idea of ​​the financial strength and soundness of the token.
The data distributed in this way has an important function especially because the AXS token has a shortage need. The developers have stated that the maximum number of AXS on the market will be 270 million AXS. .

Pending future scenarios and decentralized governance updates, it is reasonable to expect that the maximum number of AXS in circulation will change in the future, so the stock analysis must be constantly updated.

AXS capitalization

As we have already repeated in this guide, the Axie Infinity project is relatively young, and this does not allow for in-depth analysis as is usually the case with other cryptocurrencies.

Even for what there is market capitalization of AXS you have to take some reservations. Below you can monitor it in real time, comparing capitalization, volumes and price at the same time:

While the AXS coin is expected to be listed on major brokers and exchanges , the data related to the amount of AXS in circulation may not be very precise.

That is why we talk about diluted capitalization, or the product of the current price of the token by the maximum supply in the market.

The data regarding diluted capitalization stands at an average of $34.6 billion .

The undiluted capitalization , on the other hand, has an average value of $7.84 billion, meaning that not only has the token not yet reached its full potential, but it could continue to show interesting growth margins.

AXS Trading Volumes

In fact, the data related to trading volumes is effective despite the tender age of the project. exchanges can be monitored on platforms that offer AXS.

On average, daily trading volumes on AXS amount to $3,737,034,543, which means it is regularly included in the top 30 cryptocurrencies by trading volumes.

You can also see how Binance is the platform where the largest number of AXS exchanges take place , followed by smaller platforms.

As the data reported so far suggests, interest in the AXS token is growing strongly and an interesting trend can be expected in the short and medium term.

The record price above $120 was supported by the distribution of a large airdrop to early adopters and from the launch of the ability to stake with the AXS token , allowing many more investors to profitably obtain AXS.

Axie Infinity and crypto gaming: The main alternatives in the industry

Axie Infinity is placed in the new and “brimming” hemisphere of Crypto Gaming. If you are not familiar with this new digital horizon, it is good to give a brief introduction to what crypto gaming really is.

The blockchain system is rapidly expanding its uses to many classic applications: from transactions to data encryption and also to the internal structure of video games and cryptographic art .

If you are interested in the world of NFTs and are familiar with cryptocurrencies, you may be interested in the most relevant alternatives to Axie Infinity :
  • Decentraland (MANA) : A game set on a virtual planet in which players buy and trade entire lands and “portions” of the planet. The native token is the “MANA” that can be used within the game. It is one of the most famous video games of the moment in the context of NFT and Blockchain;
  • Illivium (ILV) : fantasy setting for an NFT RPG, in Illivium you have to capture and defeat the creatures that populate the planet on which the gameplay takes place. Players must level up and build their own army of “NFT monsters” to defeat rivals and other creatures in the various levels.
  • (PVU) : The spin-off of the very famous Plant Vs Zombie, it is configured as a “Tower Defense” game where each player must grow and care for many NFT plants with which to defeat the hordes of undead that characterize each scenario.
These alternatives are intended as excellent assets to be included in a portfolio to support trading on AXS and mitigate the risks associated with purchasing Axie Infinity.

Alternatives to AXS: The most interesting chips of the moment

If then the world of GameFi and decentralized finance is booming, it is possible to place the AXS token in a broader context.

Let's see what the other most interesting similar tokens are on the markets right now.
  • Polygon (MATIC) : A next-generation decentralized financial system that aims to develop and provide increasingly efficient solutions for developers and startups;
  • Algorand (ALGO) : The Algorand ecosystem deals with the development of highly innovative projects. The native token is ALGO, which records very interesting performances;
  • Chainlink (LINK) : A system that aims to improve smart contracts related to transactions and contractual procedures developed on blockchain;
  • Cardano (ADA) : Among the most interesting cryptocurrencies of the moment, ADA are developed in an ecosystem that aims to carry out innovative and futuristic projects related to environmental services.
These are some of the blockchain-based platforms that have been able to attract the most attention of investors and experts.

It is increasingly important for market investments. crypto maintain constant diversification of your portfolio , in order to significantly reduce the risk associated with one of the most volatile markets in all finance.

Future Outlook for AXS: Buy or Trade?

The events of fall 2021 related to the AXS universe, launched the cryptocurrency in what has been one of the most interesting “ bull runs ” in the brief history of this token.

The airdrop and the novelty of AXS's ability to “stake” meant that the token hit a new all-time high, continuing to give the impression of wanting to grow further.

Experts are constantly monitoring the situation and some considerations can already be made.

In fact, it is possible that growth continues also in the first half of 2022 , opening future scenarios to buy Axie Infinity with a view to a prolonged hold .

Experts, in particular, identify the AXS price target for the end of 2021 around $200. A prospect that would reward traders especially given the levels of volatility that such a change would entail.

Therefore, it may be time to carefully monitor the price of AXS. There are two possible short-term scenarios:

Buy Axie Infinity: Real-time quote

Just as we told you that Axie Infinity saw a significant price change in the fall of 2021 and that experts continue to give up on the cryptocurrency, we want to help you better discern the situation.

Below you can see the real-time chart with AXS quotes. This way, you can figure out for yourself whether you are presented with an excellent investment opportunity or not.

Is it worth buying Axie Infinity ?

If you're wondering if AXS is worth buying, you'll need to do some broader thinking first.

The suitability of a given investment, especially in assets as volatile as cryptocurrencies, is not a determined characteristic nor is it objective.

The convenience of purchasing AXS or not may depend on many variables, some even personal such as:
  • Appetite for risk;
  • investment suitability;
  • The available capital;
  • The most dominated strategies.
Buying AXS tokens can definitely be a profitable business , given the historical moment in which we find ourselves.

As usually happens with technological innovations, innovation generates a trend that grows spectacularly in the first periods, but then tends to “deflate” in the medium term, thus deceiving many investors who entered the market too late.

However, it promises to be a really interesting year for the development of these blockchain and NFT-based platforms.

More likely one can expect even broader future scenarios where these technologies will bring the same evolution that is taking place in the gaming world.

Axie Infinity: Conclusions

In conclusion, we have described to you what the features of Axie Infinity are and how you can start purchasing AXS right away .

The point we most wanted to clarify is related to the fact that AXS is not just a young and particularly interesting reality. But, compared to her peers, Axie Infinity has been able to quickly exploit all of her strengths.

Therefore, in conclusion, we advise you to carefully follow the evolution of this reality. As soon as Axie Ininity will, in fact, be listed on eToro , it will become one of the most interesting speculative assets of the moment.

And if you don't want to wait, you can still take advantage of Binance offers to fill your AXS wallet as soon as the right time comes.

Axie Infinity – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a role-playing game, based on the Ethereum blockchain and belonging to the GameFi sector . By playing Axie infinity it is possible to earn native AXS tokens, then exchange them on the cryptocurrency market, “farm” them in-game or stake them .

How to buy AXS?

The token can be obtained directly in the game, by passing levels or by exchanging captured creatures (Axie) with other players. In addition to the internal game mode, currently the AXS token can also be traded on investment platforms (brokers or exchanges) and on all means that allow you to purchase NFTs.

Is AXS worth investing in?

AXS is an extremely interesting investment due to the interest of the investing world and the high volatility value. In general, by attacking the AXS token with the proper analysis and investment strategies, it can be said that it is possible to obtain more than interesting returns.

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