Top 10 Most Profitable NFT Games

In recent years, it has been shown how profitable the cryptocurrency ecosystem in general can be, including NFTs or play to earn games . However, many have also turned out to be scams and sometimes unprofitable .
For this reason, if you plan to enter this digital ecosystem and benefit monetarily, you should know about the most profitable options.

10 profitable NTF games to earn money

Since mid-2020, a huge number of NFT games have emerged, and the developers themselves classify them as “profitable”. However, when you register you realize that this is something totally uncertain. Even so, a small group of games are really good for earning money , and in this top we bring you the 10 that everyone should know.

1. Splinterlands

Right now, after the last fall that cryptocurrencies have had, Splinterlands remains one of the most profitable NFT games of 2022 , and with the largest number of active users; even displacing the popular Axie Infinity.

The NFTs card game offers different earn features to players that can be found directly on its official website. However, from the outset we tell you that you will find up to 4 levels of rarity, the possibility of trading these cards, combining them, among others. At the moment it has more than 360,000 active users, and growing.

In addition, one of the ways to earn money is staking in which you can get profitable even with the bear market.

2.Alien World

For second place we have Alien World , which leads in terms of users, according to DappRadar for having a little more than 240 thousand active users. It should be noted that this was launched during the euphoria of NFTs and play to earn video games in 2020, and from that moment until today, it has proven to be one of the best NFT games in terms of profitability .

With Alien World you can earn from $10 to $15 a day ; This figure may vary due to the price of the game's native token, which is TLM. Since, basically, the player will have to mine this cryptocurrency. However, it is also possible to acquire digital properties (plans) to increase profits.


On the other hand, we have Upland , which is a Metaverse, where the player can acquire addresses from the United States ; some belong to the cities of San Francisco, New York and California. However, this will continue to expand over time. Because more are acquired every day, and they are linked to the real address.

These NFTs in the form of addresses have a unique value, and with the scarcity increasing every day, their value increases as well. On the other hand, each active space has its own characteristics, and passively generates cryptocurrencies for its owners . Also, the more collections are completed, the more the benefits will be.


Adding another metaverse to the top we find MOBOX . It is a quite profitable NFT game for those who take advantage of the different earn modalities that it offers; although for this you must acquire one or more NFTs beforehand.

Also, let's remember that this game uses characteristics of the DeFi sector, therefore, it offers greater profitability to players compared to other platforms or NFT games.

5. MIR4

If you are looking for an NFT game that, in addition to being profitable, includes amazing visual details, MIR4 may be for you. Since, this incredible fighting game offers different ways to earn money ; one of them is internal mining, and the second is with the trading of NFTs or selling level 40 accounts.

It is important to note that this stands out for having excellent visual details, however, its greatest quality is that it is available on multiple platforms ; from PC, to Android, iOS or even Mac.

6.Axie Infinity

We also have the popular Axie Infinity , which, although it has had a notable drop in the prices of its cryptocurrencies (SLP and AXS), remains one of the profitable NFT games . However, it is important to note that they are making many changes to the blockchain game, and these may affect the economy of the game.

Therefore, those who plan to enter should be aware of the news, since the slightest mistake could completely collapse the ecosystem they have created, which unfortunately has been losing users in recent days due to the latest market collapse .

7. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a popular NFT video game that has its own metaverse, and that has stood out a lot for its great resemblance to Minecraft ; a pixelated construction game quite popular among gamers.

Its main attraction is that territories can be acquired in the form of NFTs, and these can be edited to suit the owner. Something that allows users to freely create their spaces , and if they wish, they can rent them for festivities or even collect an entrance pass. And as if that were not enough, it also includes earn modalities with which you can earn even more.

8.Farmers Worlds

As its name suggests, Farmers Worlds is a farming or agriculture game , so you can guess that harvesting rice and corn, raising animals (such as cows or chickens) and even building, will be what you will be doing in this NFT game. .

It initially stands out for being one of the NFT games that requires the least amount of investment, and that can offer users the highest profitability. Since, getting started is quite easy; You can be as a fisherman or a woodcutter, and later, with real money, NFTs can be acquired to start the real farm and increase your earnings.

9. My Neighbor Alice

Notable farming and farming games also include My Neighbor Alice , which was born several years ago as an up-and-coming NFT game to earn money, where investors can craft, build, and trade non-fungible tokens .

It is also possible to use various of the in-game products for even more benefits; like renting them, using them as a guarantee or even betting them. Since, in this NFT game, different characteristics of the DeFi sector are used, which makes it much more profitable .

10. Mines of Dalarnia

To conclude the top of the best NFT games we have an option that you cannot ignore, especially since they have recently been making changes to make it more accessible to players who do not want to invest .

Mines of Dalarnia is a space game that is backed by Binance , one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, and also has a system that will allow you to win easily. Since, it consists of farming or gathering resources, manufacturing and competing with others . By dedicating a few hours a day you can be above many players, and thus win all the tournaments.

Final opinion: are NFT games really profitable?

Profitability will depend on many reasons , but mainly on the health of the market at the time of the game's release, the number of active users, and the internal in-game economy system. Since, this can stop growing, stagnate and cause players to stop seeing an attraction in the game; case that was appreciated in Axie Infinity a few months ago.

However, something that you should keep in mind, and that will help you increase profitability in NFT games, is that you should join them as soon as possible. Because, as long as you are part of the BETA players, you can always have high levels of ROI (return on investment).

In short, NFT games are more profitable for those who have been in the project since its inception . With the passage of time, its profitability decreases, to the point that it loses so many players and disappears; as it happened with Plants vs Undead or other similar ones.

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