Fiverr Affiliate - Refer customers and earn money

what's the idea

Fiverr is an international platform for selling and buying professional services on the Internet (what is called in its language - Gigs). On Fiverr, you can buy any service that can be provided virtually or without the customer's physical presence. From designing a logo for a business and promoting Wix sites to placing a note on the Western Wall or building a diet plan for weight loss.
Because Fiverr has so many different types of services, affiliate marketing on Fiverr can be extremely profitable. Because each of us probably knows someone who could use one of the services in Fiverr.
interesting! I want to register

How does affiliate marketing work with Fiverr?

  • Go to the link above and click on Start Earning Now .
  • Fill in all the details, including how you intend to promote Fiverr's services, and click on Register Now.
  • Once you have been approved, you enter the Fiverr partner area.
  • Create a unique affiliate link for the home page or any page you want on Fiverr.
  • Publish the affiliate link in relevant advertising channels such as a blog, Facebook groups, newsletter, etc.
  • You start earning as soon as someone has purchased a particular gig .
In the partner system you can also create banners, view statistics on how many people click on the links you shared and how much money you earned.

How much money can be earned?

There is no limit to the amount you can earn. In the partner system you can generate 2 types of links -
Fiverr CPA link - earn between $15-150 for each new customer who refers to Fiverr and makes a purchase in one of the selected categories.

Fiverr Hybrid link - earn about $10 + 10% of Fiverr's profit from each transaction that the user you referred made.

What is better? In our opinion, the second option is better, where you can earn on the purchases made by the surfer you referred for an entire year. On the other hand, if the surfers of your website, for example, are relatively "weak" users in the digital field and most likely are not registered for Fiverr, then the first option is recommended in which you earn more on a new customer.

What services are there in Fiverr that can be marketed?
Fiverr has a very wide range of services suitable for all types of people. You can refer private individuals, business owners, small and large companies, freelancers and more. Here are some sample services:
  1. Building a training plan - at Fiverr you have dozens of services for building fitness or nutrition plans. Therefore, if you own businesses related to nutrition and fitness, you can direct users to buy services in this area.
  2. Content writing - you can refer website owners to the services of writing SEO articles, marketing articles, product pages, etc.
  3. CV writing - you can connect to job search Facebook groups (or any other idea), and share an affiliate link to CV writing services on Fiverr.
  4. Building a travel schedule - you can market to people travel plans abroad that many sellers offer on Fiverr. This is a matter that could be very popular once the corona crisis in tourism is over and the skies open completely.
  5. Building websites and online stores - do you know any business owners who can't afford to pay thousands of shekels to a programmer and digital companies? Refer them to the services of sellers on Fiverr who can set up a great website for them at a much more affordable price.
  6. Digital courses - Fiverr has an online complex of digital courses for self-learning from home, such as how to prepare professional presentations, how to sell on Amazon, etc.

What is the cookie time of Fiverr's affiliate program?

Fiverr's cookie is saved for 30 days! That is, if you referred a user to Fiverr and he purchased only after 29 days - do you still make a profit?

Who is it suitable for?

Fiverr's affiliate program is suitable for a variety of people. It is desirable that you have some source of traffic where people will click on your links, from a Facebook page to a web blog or an application. If you have potential access to business owners, Fiverr's services will be in high demand for them.

How do you get the money?

The amount you earned is updated daily in your personal partner area. Fiverr pays directly to your PayPal account every time you pass the $100 mark.

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