9 best Websites to earn money online

If you are looking for a new method to earn extra income online , you should know that there are numerous platforms to achieve it.

Thinking about it, in the following article we have compiled the best Websites to earn money online , which are very easy to use.

Types of online income

It is essential to keep in mind that there are two types of income that you can get on the web, among these:

passive income

This type of income corresponds to the income that you receive when carrying out an activity, which does not require dedication or constant time to continue obtaining some remuneration for it. They correspond to people who sell courses, use of affiliates , platforms monetized with adsense, among others.

active income

Active income is the income received immediately, after having done a job , whether it is selling design services, video editing, programming, writing, web assistance, among others.

The best Websites to earn money

Taking into account the types of income that exist, the best Websites to earn money are the following:

google adsense

Google is one of the largest platforms on the Internet, which provide numerous services to its users, among these is Google AdSense. This tool will allow you to add advertising to your website or YouTube channel, as long as you comply with a series of rules that will facilitate monetization, such as traffic and advice from the portal itself.

Official Website : https://www.google.com/adsense


It is aimed at freelancers, with almost 2 million users, which is responsible for offering all kinds of jobs , including SEO , web development, writing, marketing and others. In general, the portal gives access to profiles of companies or individuals that require this type of service.

Official Website : https://www.workana.com

Affiliate Program – Amazon

The affiliate marketing program will allow you to monetize a website by registering on the platform and providing recommendations to users about the different products and programs found on Amazon. So, for each ascribed purchase, you can earn money.

Official Website : https://afiliados.amazon

answer surveys

One way to generate income on the Internet is by answering surveys on different topics , whether it is regarding products, services or opinions. To do this, you must register with your email on the portal in question, be aware of it to receive invitations to them and answer correctly. Some Websites are Surveypronto , Ysense and Surveypronto .


It is a website that provides two options to earn money on the Internet, among which are:
  • For users with blogs and who are looking for sponsored links : if you have a platform of this kind, you can use this tool to get this type of links, in order to increase web positioning.
  • Writing : it is aimed at people who write and present creative content, which will be acquired by individuals who need to position articles in Google. Consequently, your payment will be calculated based on the number of words or translation made.
Official Website : https://publisuites.com/

Other platforms to earn money online

Other platforms to earn money online are the following:


It is aimed at freelancers, professionals who work in a specific area, provide their services and receive a payment for this, without a fixed contract involved, whether in writing, web development, graphic design, programming, among others. This platform allows you to create a profile, apply for projects and find clients .

Official Website : https://www.freelancer.com/


It is a portal where you will find a wide variety of courses, such as programming, writing, web design and more. With Udemy it will be possible to obtain money, if you publish your own online course and different students acquire it, to which said platform will pay you 50% of each sale.

Official Website : https://www.udemy.com/


It is aimed at freelancers, so it allows you to create a profile and offer your services , whether it is writing, making music, editing photos, among others. Once you are hired, you will be able to get new income, which can be a minimum of USD $5, depending on the type of work. In addition, these payments are protected for greater security of users.

Official Website : https://www.fiverr.com/


It is a platform aimed at influencers, which provides money for having a specific number of followers in networks. In the same way, it will be essential that you make constant tweets, photos, videos or update a blog often. Depending on the volume of followers you present, you will be able to work with different advertising media to obtain more income.

Official Website : https://izea.com/


It is characterized by providing chats for all kinds of platforms and, in turn, has an affiliate program, whose purpose is to monetize any web portal that works in the area of ​​online sales. So, for each client you refer , you will receive 30% of what that person pays.

Official Website : https://www.jivochat.com/


It presents a cashback system, in which you can get refunds of up to 30% for different purchases. It should be noted that it has more than 2,400 stores and presents an affiliate program, in which it will be possible to receive up to 15% of the reimbursement of the recommended person. In addition, it is available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Official Website : https://letyshops.com/


It is a portal where you can purchase different high-quality videos and images, which is why it is very popular. Taking this into account, it is an excellent option for photographers or visual artists, since it is possible to sell their content to this website to obtain extra income.

Official Website : https://submit.shutterstock.com/

Cashback World

It is aimed at people who usually shop online, as it is available in more than 57 countries worldwide. In this portal, you can earn money when you receive the reimbursement percentage from said establishment, which is usually up to 5%. In addition, it provides options to accumulate points for purchases or obtain discounts.

Official Website : https://www.myworld.com


It is a web hosting provider that will allow you to create your own e- commerce , blog or Website to get money. To do this, it has inexpensive plans and a site builder, called Zyro , which features a "swipe and drag" system, ideal for those who are new to web development, as it offers templates.

Official Website :https://www.hostinger.com/


It is a portal for email marketing and, in turn, has an affiliate program , where you can receive a commission of up to 30% for each subscription renewal made by a recommended user. Overall, it is a very comprehensive tool, providing message automation, website notifications, and tracking.

Official Website : https://www.e-goi.com


It is defined as a portal in which numerous courses and tools necessary to generate content and publicize your business are integrated. In the same way, it has an affiliate program, where you will receive a percentage for each individual who acquires an ebook or course through your link, which can be from 30% to 50%.

Official website : http://www.hotmart.com/

User Testing

To obtain income from this platform, you must register and carry out a trial test , which will give you access to other activities, in which it will be necessary to verify the operation of different applications or Websites. For each task, according to its duration, it generates you from USD $10 to $15.

Official Website :https://www.usertesting.com/


It allows you to sell your photographs to small businesses , creatives or publishing brands, as long as you meet certain requirements. In addition to this, it will be important to create a good status, which will give you a higher score and access to other options, including direct commissions and affiliate links.

Official Website : https://corp.studionow.com/

My Gift Cards Plus

It has a very simple operation, in which for each purchase of a gift card, you can receive USD 1 in reimbursement . Likewise, there are sections to accumulate points and exchange them for free gifts, according to the user's preferences. In general, it has numerous cards from different retail stores.

Official Website : https://www.mygiftcardsplus.com/

With this guide, you will find the best Websites to earn money online quickly and easily.

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