The websites and apps to earn money from home that pay the most

If what you are looking for are apps to earn money, even if you have a regular job, or if on the contrary you only have a part-time job or you are simply unemployed, the internet can offer you a world of possibilities of solutions to work in another way. and with other perspectives. Here you can combine a wide variety of jobs that can be performed depending on the time and qualifications you have available.

The options are very wide and range from renting a room in your house with platforms such as Airbnb, through applications for shopping and running errands for others such as Glovo, Washrocks or Comprea, to the purchase and resale of second-hand items through sites. such as eBay, Wallapop, Vinted, Mercado Libre, Vibbo, Mil Ads, etc…

But now the possibilities go much further due to new technologies that many companies are implementing in their systems to understand the behavior of users and clients which allow them to have apps to earn money with good results. Marketing needs even mean that some websites will pay you just for using the Internet, whether to search the web and analyze your behavior, conduct surveys or carry out advanced market research.

Although a quick search on the Internet can show us many results for this type of work, it is not surprising that many of them are scams, which charge fees in advance that make no sense and make you work for them without paying you for all your efforts. .

Researching many works and opinions from other users, there are many legitimate options that do not try to deceive you (for now). Here we bring them, although some pay more than others, many of them, combined with other activities, can make your monthly income grow, always depending on the time you have available to work on them.

Sites and applications where you can earn money online by watching ads and surveys:


Neobux is a PTC (Paid To Click) page in which you mainly earn money by watching ads and that has been paying since 2007. Many users think that you earn little money but they do not know that it offers more than one way to generate income and with a good plan you can get great benefits.
Neobux is an individual company that is registered under the name Neo dev LDA, has a unique script and has SSL security, which we know as the green one. All this, added to the good reputation and long history of the page, makes it essential to work with it.
It works for all countries in the world and you can request payments with a small amount.
The best of all is that it is valid for everyone and works with Ads, Tasks, Referral Strategy, Games, Surveys and is available for all platforms.

Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks is one of the applications to earn money experienced PTC (Paid To Click) platform in which you mainly earn money by watching ads and publicity. It has been paying since 2009. This platform accepts registrations from anywhere in the world. It is very well focused for ads, tasks, referral strategy, PTSU, Adpacks. If you want to make profits you have to dedicate a lot of time to it because you won't earn much with ads alone, but it is perfect to complement with other things.

King of Prizes

King of Prizes is a platform within apps to earn money with multitasking that allows us to earn money through various ways such as prizes, vouchers and discount bonuses and also participate in totally free raffles. With in-store purchases, surveys, ads, games, and apps, you accumulate Koins that you can redeem later in stores like Steam, Amazon, Walmart, and more. It can be charged through Paypal, Amazon and AirTM among others.
Then there are the Tokens that can be earned from the clicks section in EARN KOINS since some ads pay in Koins and others in Tokens. In addition, Tokens are also earned by sharing specific content on Social Networks or when you are about to complete a survey but you do not meet the profile (they reward you with Tokens). The highlight is the large number of gifts and discounts for purchases in stores such as Amazon, Zalando, Ikea, Nike, Adidas, among many others.


Cashbackdeals is a platform that has been operating for several years and where you can earn money in various ways. This is a cashback page similar to Beruby and Aklamio in which in addition to earning money for purchasing, we also have the possibility of generating income in different ways. You can earn money by reading emails (CashMails), Banner Clicks, Surveys, testimonials, Reading ads and even by completing the profile or registering.

Sites that pay more on social networks and apps to make money:

In recent times, they have become one of the first apps to make money in the advertising medium, leaving TV and print media far behind. Instagram may currently be the most used Social Network among young people, displacing the powerful Facebook and Twitter.

The number of followers is not important, it does not matter if you are not famous, the important thing is that you are committed to actively participating by sharing content, giving likes, subscribing to channels, etc.

Anyone who has Social Networks can generate income no matter what your profession or age, simply by performing actions in relation to Social accounts, such as: Sharing photos/content, Giving likes, Becoming a Fan, following pages, Try free products and share your opinion on Social Networks, etc. Here is a compilation of some Apps to participate:


Socialek is a new platform that allows us to earn money through Facebook and Twitter. You will not have to spend more time than configuring your campaigns by choosing some parameters and letting the platform do its job by publishing specific campaigns in your associated accounts according to the theme you have chosen in your profile.
It is not necessary to have contracted hosting, your own website or anything like that. The publications are made automatically according to your preferences and you can associate all the accounts you want. The content is quality. This company has been approved by all the big companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter so they will not be able to ban your accounts.


Friendz is one of the first applications to earn money that allows you to take fun photos and earn credits with what you do daily on social networks. It was created in Italy thanks to three young people who wanted to connect normal people and offer their vision of life. Now it has become an app where you can earn points redeemable for checks for uploading photos to Social Networks. This app has a new feature and that is that if your photo is good, it can become an advertising campaign for big brands like Nutella, Coca-Cola or Burger King.
If you carry out the campaigns you find on Friendz, you can obtain credits to spend in the best online stores.

It works by choosing a campaign that is proposed to you, then taking photos respecting the rules and publishing on Facebook and Instagram, this way you will earn credits to redeem vouchers in stores. There are several types of campaigns, public ones, invisible campaigns and questionnaires. If you are passionate about Social Networks and want to show your best and you also like to make money with them, with this and other similar Apps you will achieve it.


SocialPubli is a platform where you can earn money using our Social Networks. Advertisers who want to advertise through Influencers join here, and they will be in charge of launching campaigns from which we will be rewarded.

If you have many followers on Social Networks you can earn money for each publication, writing a tweet or uploading a photo on Instagram can reward you very well. Anyone from anywhere in the world can start being an Influencer and earn money for it.

Peoople app

Peoople app is a Social Network very similar to Instagram in which you earn money for activity. By creating recommendations, seeking followers, giving likes you will achieve the highest Influencer rank to generate income.

On Peoople you can discover and collect the best recommendations from your friends and favorite influencers: the movie that will become your favorite, the perfect gift for your partner or the trendy restaurant your favorite influencer goes to.

Sites where you can provide online services:

Here we bring free platforms where you can provide a service for a reasonable price, there are tasks of all kinds from design of any digital material, assistance, to voiceover and research of anything.

The apps to make money with Fiverr

Fiverr is a leader in the low-cost services market, many people buy and sell services (and also products) every day through this platform. Services range from business promotion, social media and advertising to video editing, graphic design and translations, to name a few.

Almost anything someone or a company is looking for can be found here. Here you can sell any skill you have, you will surely find what you are good at and be able to offer it. You can accept the number of jobs that you think is convenient, adapting your rhythm and your schedules, it is perfect to complement with other activities. The best part is that it is free, and one of the best ways to earn money without any investment other than your time.


Upwork is a platform dedicated to connecting freelancers, small agencies and freelancers with clients interested in hiring their services. It is one of the platforms most used by freelancers, clients and companies due to the quantity and quality of work that can be obtained and the variety of rates available. You can work from anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection and talent to draw on.

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