10 of the best ways to make money on the Internet

In the past, digital activities on the Internet were a completely specialized activity. But today it is easier to make money on the Internet than before. Even the activities of the general public have become common in cyber space. The convenience of working with virtual networks and seeing the millions of incomes of some sites and Instagram pages has made many people think of ways to make money through the Internet .

It is interesting to know that the latest statistical reports examined the behavior of cyberspace users during the Corona quarantine. The results showed that the activity of users in virtual space has increased due to staying at home and travel restrictions. According to these reports, economic experts believe that the threat of Corona can be turned into an opportunity.

Therefore, we decided to talk about the best ways to make money from the Internet and the necessary conditions for success in making money through the Internet in this article.

Why do people think of making money on the Internet?

The majority of people in the society have access to the Internet through mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Seeing the experience of successful people in earning internet income, whether in virtual networks or on the site, they decided to try in this field.

Even housewives and teenagers have thought about making money from the Internet, because they know that making money from the Internet is one of the best ways to earn extra money or a second job, where they have access to many people to introduce and sell their products. Also, in exchange for the sale of their goods and services, they receive the sales money at the moment.

Various people, from teenagers to specialized business owners, are present in cyberspace and are selling their goods and services in various topics (basic handicrafts to online stores).

He also stated that the reason why people are so popular to earn money through the Internet is that it is not necessary to have a lot of financial capital and physical office equipment to start an Internet business. Of course, you need to know that different people, whether they have little or a lot of financial capital and are familiar with a range of specialized skills, are making money from the Internet. Therefore, it can be said that the ways of earning money through the Internet are very wide according to the conditions of people.

What is meant by internet income?

The meaning of making money and getting rich through the Internet means that if you have expertise and knowledge, you can earn money over time in the virtual space (Internet). Of course, if you have enough perseverance and ability to do the activities.

How do I choose the best way to earn money online?

The best and easiest way to earn money on the Internet is a method that matches your financial conditions, specialized skills, and personality traits.

In general, choosing between different methods depends on your personal circumstances and your field of interest. You need to know that earning money online is for a person who has the necessary skills and abilities and has more patience and tolerance in this way; It's easier. Therefore, one method of making money through the Internet cannot be prescribed as a prescription for all people. We recommend that you consider all aspects in choosing your earning method and then start working.

What are the ways to make money through the Internet?

You can earn money and become rich through the Internet in different ways, provided that we are familiar with the skills and prerequisites required for each method. It is necessary to know that having specialized skills alone is not enough, and to be successful in this field, sometimes you have to work hard, be patient to see the results of the activity over time.

No one got rich overnight.

A necessary condition for success in any of the ways of making money through the Internet is to have a high-traffic website or virtual network (many visitors).

In the rest of the article, we introduce the most reliable virtual networks and sites for making money from the Internet. Please stay with us by reading the article until the end to learn how to get rich through internet methods.

1. Online income generation with Instagram page

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among users. Its users include different age groups from children and teenagers to middle-aged and old, and all of them have at least one or two active accounts on Instagram.

You need to know that only having an Instagram page is not enough to earn money online. The prerequisite for making money through Instagram is to produce attractive content and videos that increase page followers. When the page gets a lot of followers; Your Instagram page becomes an authentic and powerful page to earn money through story ads, Instagram posts.

In addition to the high traffic generated by page visitors; Communication with other users is important. Because it will be effective in increasing the interaction rate and as a result the chance of increasing internet income.

The most important ways to make money online through InstagramStory ads, posts by influencers and business product sales pages. Ordinary people who have a significant following can also earn money from Instagram through advertising and affiliate marketing.

2. Making money online with the help of freelance skills

There are certainly many ways to make money online . Freelancing is one of the ways you can make money online with a wide range of basic to specialized skills.

A freelancer is someone who earns money by doing short-term or long-term projects for an employer.

It should be noted that in addition to having specialized skills, timely delivery of the project to the employer is important for earning internet income through freelancing.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to work at home. Because:
  1. It provides conditions where you can do your work at home.
  2. Also, your work schedule is completely up to you with this method.
  3. In freelancing, there is no time or place limit. Freelancing can be done both domestically and internationally.

Who can earn more money from the Internet through freelancing?

As mentioned above, people with the simplest skills such as typing or the most specialized skills such as programming can earn money in freelancing. Among the most demanded skills of freelancers to earn money online are:
  • Type
  • Translation and typing
  • Types of content production methods
  • Counseling
  • Graphic works such as photo editing and video editing
  • Making promotional teasers
  • SEO and digital marketing
  • Website design and development
  • Programming
But what is the best online income earning site for freelancers? Currently, many sites are active. Freelancer.com is one of the successful international examples of earning money.

3. To earn money from the site, design your own site

If you are one of those who have a site that has focused on blogging and writing specific topics for years. You need to know that blogging is one of the ways to make money through the Internet.

But you need to know when you can earn money from the site:
  1. Your site has many visitors.
  2. Produce attractive content that is liked by users.
  3. The content of the site is SEO optimized to get better visibility in Google and generate traffic for a specific target market.
  4. When your site gets enough credit in Google, you can hope to earn money through your site.
If you have decided to design a website recently. As mentioned above, by producing quality content from Google's point of view, you can have a reliable and high-traffic site on Google within a few months. And earn money through advertising banners, selling backlinks, reporting on your site.

When your site has good traffic and you have specialized skills; You can make money on the Internet through cooperation in selling affiliate marketing, online training courses, podcasts and selling store products with the help of your site.

Content production is one of the jobs that play an effective role in the development of internet businesses .

4. Online store is one of the methods of earning money from the internet site

Due to the conditions of corona restrictions, most businesses have realized the importance of being in the virtual space and increasing sales through it.

People who have a small and significant capital can design an online store site to sell products. Of course, it is necessary to earn money through an online store by producing high-quality content and SEO, which increases site traffic.

Why do businesses think of creating online stores to increase their product sales?

The main reason for business owners to create online stores is to reduce costs. Because online stores are much cheaper than traditional stores. These stores do not have additional costs such as rent and heavy taxes and can be set up with minimal cost.

You need to know that earning money through online stores is not an easy task. Because online stores are facing the challenge of gaining customers' trust and satisfaction. Internet stores seek to solve their most important challenges by using SSL certificates, obtaining electronic trust symbols, using customer comments on site pages, and efficient customer communication systems.

5. Earn internet income by producing podcasts

Producing audio content known as podcasts is one of the ways to make money online. This method can be done by amateurs and professionals.

Podcasts can be produced on a variety of topics, such as educational podcasts, travelogues, storytelling, police and crime, etc.

Podcast publishing environments

  • You can attract audience by setting up a channel on Telegram or social networks.
  • You can attract podcast followers by using podcast publishing platforms.
You need to know that you need audio recording software, a microphone and a laptop to produce audio content. It is recommended to publish a good short podcast once a week to be successful in making money from podcasting. When you can expect to monetize your podcast, the number of visitors to your podcast has increased. That's when you'll be offered orders to run ads on your podcast.

6. Online training courses are one of the internet income methods

If you have expertise in a certain field, you can start training in that field. But your educational content will be effective when you know the needs of the audience so that you can attract them.

To earn money through online training courses, it is necessary:
  1. Have the ability to record videos and educational files.
  2. Familiarity with the production of educational content in the form of PDF and PowerPoint.
  3. Answer users' questions. Maintain two-way communication.
  4. You can use both Instagram and the site to earn money from online training courses.

7. Earn money through video sharing and virality on YouTube

There are reliable sites for sharing videos and making money directly from them, and YouTube is one of the most well-known of these sites.

To earn money on YouTube, videos can be made both amateur and very professional. An important condition for making money through video sharing is its virality. Viral video refers to clips and videos that have been seen and shared many times by users. In fact, this video goes viral and often has millions of views.

In YouTube, if your video is attractive enough to attract a large audience to YouTube, YouTube will consider an income for you. Of course, you need to know that sharing videos on YouTube requires compliance with copyright laws. Even if you share a short song from a movie in your video that is subject to copyright; You will be fined by YouTube.
  1. The advantage of making money through YouTube is its dollar income.
  2. But as mentioned above, you have to be careful in terms of copyright law to work on YouTube.
  3. You can introduce the international account of friends and acquaintances to settle the deposit of income earned through YouTube so that you don't lose because of this.

8. Managing virtual networks is one of the best ways to earn money online

Most businesses, whether small or large, have realized the importance of marketing and activity in social networks. In recent years, they have created channels and pages on virtual networks for their business. Today, many businesses are looking for virtual network administrators to manage their virtual pages and respond to their users' comments.

Among the virtual networks that you can become an administrator of are: Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

You need to know that you are not the only one who has thought of earning money through the management of virtual networks. Many people are looking to increase their skills in the field of content production and virtual network management.

You need to know that people can earn good money through the management of virtual networks that:

  1. Be able to produce quality content. To help businesses by increasing the traffic of virtual networks.
  2. Also, be familiar with the algorithms of each virtual network, how to report feedback on posts, videos and respond to users.

9. Don't ignore making money through Telegram

Many people use Telegram to sell their products and services. Just create a channel in the field you are interested in or have expertise in. Some Telegram channels don't just sell and by producing all kinds of attractive content, they attract a lot of audience and use the power of their Telegram channel to make money for advertising and exchange.

10. Earn profitable income by cooperating in sales (affiliate marketing) on ​​the Internet

If you are one of those who, in addition to having marketing skills, have the ability to produce a variety of attractive content for the audience. And you have a website and virtual networks with significant visitors and followers, you can earn money through cooperation in selling affiliate marketing.

You need to know that this method of making money is not an easy way and it is necessary to make money through cooperation in sales based on real sales or leads defined by the online store for affiliate marketers.


There are many ways to make money on the Internet. In this article, we have explained to you 10 ways to earn income through the Internet and the necessary conditions for success. If by reading the article you have come to the conclusion that you want to earn extra income through the Internet. It is better to choose a method that is compatible with your abilities and skills. Because what you can do better than others will pay off for you. As a result, you have entered online earning with knowledge and you will not be disappointed by its possible difficulties.

Appreciate the opportunity of living at home in Corona and if you are skilled in the fields mentioned above, start earning extra money from the Internet. Maybe you are that exceptional person who can make money through the internet by relying on his

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