How to Earn Money with Instagram (Monetize your content)

Instagram is one of the most accepted and growing social networks currently.

All famous (and not famous) people are on this social network. And now speaking properly, who wouldn't like to be an influencer and earn money for it.

Instagram is distinguished by its image orientation, this being the main format for transmitting messages and sharing content. Mainly photos.

Being an Instagram user , you can expect much more than a simple space to upload your photos and apply filters to them to look good.

And of course making money with social networks is a reality.

On previous occasions I showed you how to monetize the content you upload on Facebook and YouTube .

Well, today I will teach you how to make money with Instagram.

Can I make money on Instagram?

Of course you can make money on Instagram ! This platform offers the possibility of generating income in various ways, taking advantage of the community that you are able to build.

It is not necessary that you have millions of followers as an essential requirement to start monetizing.

You must have constant activity, provide your followers with always fresh and attractive content.

Ways to monetize Instagram

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” the saying goes, and since Instagram emphasizes precisely the image, it has ample capacity to monetize.

These are the ways to monetize on Instagram :
  • Promote third party products or services
  • Do affiliate marketing
  • Earn money with badges
  • Get bonuses for reels
  • Make sponsored posts
  • Make money with Instagram Shopping
  • Offer your own products or services
  • Sell ​​infoproducts
  • Payment subscription system
Read until the end so you know each of these ways to monetize Instagram.

Promote products or services

Promoting third-party products or services, as well as completing small tasks on the Internet, is a widely used way to make money online .

If you have an Instagram account with enough followers, it will be attractive to many advertisers. Instagram offers you the possibility of Swipe up .

It is about placing an external link in your stories that leads to the product or service you want to promote.

You can only use this possibility if your account has a minimum of 10,000 followers.

Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of placing affiliate links for products in your stories and posts. You will receive a percentage for each sale that occurs from the link you have provided.

You must enter affiliate programs that are available. Amazon , Booking , and Aliexpress are some examples of sales sites that have affiliate programs.

By entering the program, you generate an affiliate link to add to your content.

The objective is for your followers to click on the link and it takes them to the store or sales site where they can make the purchase.

Earn money with Badges

Instagram Live badges are heart-shaped icons that your viewers can purchase and place on their messages to make them stand out when you are doing a live broadcast, so that you notice their messages above the others.

The badges your followers buy are money for you.

It is quite similar to Facebook's star system, only those are a mere gift, and the badges also benefit the buyer.

Instagram Live badges are only available in some countries, such as Spain and the United States.

Get bonuses for your Reels

If you create and upload attractive reels that are capable of generating many views, you can earn money through the Reels Play program , which pays in accordance with the number of views your reels get.

Every time $100 is accumulated, you can withdraw the money.

With sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are one of the main methods to make money with social networks .

Each of your followers is a potential customer, so if you have many, you can sign agreements with brands and they will pay you to upload posts promoting their products.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a function that allows you to create a virtual store in which you can place the items you sell, thus moving from solely physical sales to expanding your reach towards electronic commerce.

Offer your services

If you have a business that consists of marketing a service you provide, Instagram is the ideal space to elevate your personal brand to higher levels. By expanding the scope of your services, your sales and income will multiply.

Sell ​​infoproducts

If you have any infoproduct created by you, Instagram will help you sell it, offering it to the public directly through your posts and stories.

Another way to accelerate the success of your infoproduct is by creating a sales funnel: You first promote an event that requires prior registration (conference, webinar, ebook presentation, etc.).

You collect the email addresses left in the records, and carry out an email campaign explaining the advantages of your infoproduct.

After this, you are ready to offer your infoproduct, placing the link that leads to the sales page.

Payment subscription system

Offering extra content that is very useful, and that your followers won't want to miss for anything in the world, is a good way to make money on Instagram .

You can create a paid subscription system to give access to this additional content. They can be content of instructional value, such as courses or tutorials, for example.

How much can you earn with 1000 followers?

The monetary profits you can achieve on Instagram are not enough to go to live in Dubai. For example, an account that has between 1000 and 10,000 followers usually produces 10 to 25 euros. And this depends on the country. However, we always assume that extra money is never left over, right?

How to make money on Instagram if it's free?

You've probably asked yourself this question. You really don't pay anything to use Instagram. However, when you register you deposit a certain amount of information (email, name, gender, location, age, etc.).

This data is used by Instagram's intelligence to launch the gigantic machinery of the algorithm, which is nothing more than a sophisticated marketing strategy.

Advertising is a business that has made money all its life, believe me! The information too. Instagram is a great carrier of both, advertising and information.

Quote “Something as simple as your opinion about a product can be marketed”

What is the social network that pays the most?

There is no single answer to this question, but it depends on the type of content. Content in video format is the most consumed, and also the best paid. Depending on the type of video, the social network that pays the best is:
  • Short videos: Facebook
  • Long videos: Youtube
  • Live broadcasts: Twitter


Earning money online is becoming more and more popular. If you like to spend time on social networks, the smartest thing you can do is make money with them.

Instagram is a good option for that, it offers various ways to monetize your content.

Create your Instagram account and build a solid community made up of loyal followers. You will have good results.

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