Why I Have Decided to Monetize my Personal Blog with Adsense

Surely you have read somewhere that Adsense is not the best method to monetize a personal blog , but I, going against the current, have started to monetize this blog with Adsense. Below I tell you why.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will have noticed that for about two months, Adsense ads have appeared in the content of my blog.

What is Google Adsense?

For those new to you who still don't know what Adsense is, quickly tell you that we are talking about Google's advertising platform with which you can monetize your website with CPC (cost per click), that is, you place ad blocks of different formats in your website, Google will show ads related to the theme of your website, and you get a small amount of money every time one of your readers clicks on one of the ads.

You can learn a little more about this method on Google Adsense .

My relationship with Google Adsense

I discovered Google Adsense about 6 or 7 years ago when I began to be interested in how to make money with a blog . I read about people who had several websites monetized with Adsense and lived 100% off the income they earned.

The truth is that it seemed incredible to me that I could dedicate myself to blogging and get money for it , that's why I decided to create my first blog, with which, even though I was new to all this, I managed to generate €30 per month.

With my second blog the profits increased to about €100, and there I discovered the world of affiliate marketing. The idea of ​​recommending a product or service and getting a good commission for it seemed even more juicy to me, and I started testing my blogs.

That was the moment when affiliate marketing overtook Google Adsense in my projects.

I started getting results as an affiliate, much faster than with CPC ads, and for a while I completely forgot about Adsense.

Even so, I have continued using Adsense on some other blog and a couple of years ago, I started doing tests to optimize Adsense earnings to the maximum.

By doing this, I must have done something to anger Mr. Google, who did not block my account, but this blog, in which the Adsense ads stopped appearing.

What did I do wrong?

The truth is that I don't know, what I did know is that according to what I had read in several forums, it was almost impossible for Adsense to reinstate my blog to monetize it again with them.

Why am I telling you all this nonsense?

Because a couple of months ago I was contacted by a girl who claimed to be a Publisher Monetization Specialist on the Google Dublin team and offered me the possibility of monetizing this blog with Adsense.

I immediately responded telling him about my situation of being "penalized in Adsense" and that I would really like to monetize my blog again with them... if they could help me in any way possible.

She spoke with the policy team and told me that they would give me a response in a few days, but that there was little else she could do, since she belonged to the account optimization team...so I just had to wait.

In just 3 days, I received an email from Google announcing that they were reinstating my blog... I could now monetize my blog again with Adsense!

And so we got here where I have been monetizing the blog with Adsense for a couple of months and obtaining a considerable income that adds to what I was already obtaining as an affiliate of different courses and hostings that I recommend.

Why do I monetize a personal blog with Adsense?

Keep reading.

Why do I monetize my personal blog with Adsense?

Once the context of my current situation has been explained, we return to the starting point.

Why do I decide to monetize a personal blog with Adsense when no one recommends it?

I have to admit that even I have recommended my readers focus on affiliate marketing rather than Adsense when it comes to a personal blog, but I have a couple of reasons for doing so, at least for now, and I'm going to tell them to you. explain.

Type of keywords I am ranking for

When you have a marketing and blogging blog positioned with keywords such as:
  • best WordPress hosting
  • SEO Course
  • Hire hosting
  • etc
…of course you are not interested in monetizing it with Adsense, since you will surely get better results with the commissions you will get by recommending hosting services, courses, etc., but that is not my case.

I may have the odd post positioned with the keywords I mentioned, but the majority of the web traffic I receive comes from keyword searches like:
  • How much do you earn with Youtube
  • How much do you earn with Adsense
  • etc
The web traffic coming from these posts is of "poor quality" since they are not visitors who can become subscribers and customers, nor who want to buy or contract anything you offer.

The only thing they want is to find out about something and leave, never to return.

For this reason, the only way to earn income from them is by monetizing the blog with Adsense, since this way, a percentage of them click on an ad and I get some profit, even if it is little.

The launch of my online course is delayed

If you are a subscriber to my blog, you will know that I have been promising to launch my own blogging course for a long time, and although I know that it may be the best way to boost the income of this blog, due to lack of time and some laziness, I still have a lot to do. have the course ready for launch.

When I finish it and launch the course, it may be time to remove Adsense from the blog, but in the meantime, I think it is a very good option to monetize it with Adsense since I am earning a good extra income.


That being said... do I recommend monetizing any personal blog with Adsense?

Of course not.

It depends on many factors. My recommendation is that you carefully analyze the situation of your blog, the web traffic it receives, the results you are obtaining with other methods and decide whether or not it is worth monetizing with Adsense.

In addition, you always have the option of monetizing it for a couple of months to see the results you get and then decide whether to continue with Adsense or replace it with other methods.

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