Earn Money with Google AdSense 2023-2024

Google AdSense is a Google platform that allows website publishers and youtubers to generate income through the placement of ads on their portal. These ads fit the theme used. This is one of the many strategies that you can implement to monetize your page.

The income obtained by Google AdSense comes from several qualities that your website manages to achieve, these include the quality of content and images (which will make people last longer on your website) the clicks or impressions that the ads published on your page have. internal and internal links among other things.

In any case, the bulk of the income in Adsense is taken by the ads, which are worth noting that Google AdSense automatically places them on your website, and they seek to be useful to users.

If there is an ad that for one reason or another you do not want to continue appearing, you can configure in your Adsense account what you want to be displayed, in addition to that, you can also improve or adapt them to your website so that they appear more natural and typical of your web and in this way people will try more to click on it to expand the information they offer.

How can I be part of Adsense?

The first thing you must do is register on the platform, and when you propose your website, after that you must wait for Google to verify that it complies with the program policy. For this reason, we invite you to read the complete policies proposed by Adsense and keep yourself updated on them.

Failure to comply with any of the policies may incur a suspension or disabling of the account. Periodically Adsense reviews the accounts and updates part of its policies, so it is necessary to always be aware of the adjustments that are made.

And although Adsense has restrictions, it gives certain freedoms such as being able to change how the ads on your site look and make them adapt to it, and as your business grows you will have the opportunity to have more specialized ads. In the same way, Adsense gives you an excellent tool, which are advertising performance reports.

What should I take into account to be part of Adsense?

If you make videos on YouTube, you must have a minimum of one thousand subscribers to start generating income. If, on the contrary, you have a website or blog, it must have valuable content; Google analyzes the behavior of your page from the number of visitors to the length of stay they have.

Google will always be more interested according to its analytics in those sites that have the ability to attract enough visits.

Is Google Adsense the same as Google Ads?

No, Google Adsense is aimed at Publishers and Google Ads at advertisers. Remember that Google Adsense pays publishers to let you place their ads on their websites, and Google Ads places ads for businesses that want their products or services to appear in Google search results.

How much do I earn with Google AdSense?

Adsense offers 68% of income for content ads according to what Google recognizes for the service. For example, if a website generates $200 from ads in its content, the publisher will receive $138, which is equivalent to 68% of the total revenue.

Google always guarantees a significant revenue stream for publishers as there are a fair number of advertisers competing to appear on Adsense-funded sites.

What can't an Google AdSense publisher do?

  • You may not include on your site sexual content, objectionable content, weapons or explosives, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sale of or misuse of alcohol, online gaming, prescription drugs, and unapproved pharmaceuticals.
  • You may not click on your own ads.
  • You must not advertise so that third parties click on your ads.
  • Violate policies and restrictions, as you risk having your account terminated and your funds withheld.

Disadvantages of using Adsense

This platform, as well as it can help you generate income, can bring certain negative aspects to your website, by this we mean that some visitors feel rejected by those sites that contain ads because they consider them annoying because they hinder their search.

It is likely that this can happen to you and many people stop visiting your page because of the ads that appear on it, so it is important that you be ingenious when placing them and do not put your space aside.

Which sites generate more income in Google AdSense?

Google Adsense establishes that the sites that generate more visits are more likely to receive clicks on their ads. They are considered:
1. Blogs :

Because they are sites with valuable content and with a frequency of followed publications.
2. Forums:

Being a place of multiple interactions, they usually have significant income from the actions generated in the ads.
3. Free Online Tools:

There are online tools that tend to become popular so that the generated visits increase exponentially and with it the interaction with the ads.

What topics generate more income in Google AdSense?

The topics that can generate more income in Adsense for being the most placed in the searches include insurance, real estate, how to earn money on the Internet, languages, health, technology.

However, if you have a passion for other topics, dedicate yourself to creating quality content and organic traffic or through social networks to your site, these will be well valued by Google.

On the other hand, it is important that you are clear that designing a website and making it succeed by monetizing it through Adsense is rarely a matter of luck, there really is a whole science of SEO behind web positioning and earning money through it.

In that case, there are also multiple courses, forums, studies, and careers that you can study and venture into this wonderful technological world that is making its way becoming stronger and stronger and where there is an impressive niche of opportunities for content editors, graphic designers , web designers, and all people who are passionate about this company.

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