How many clicks do you need to get good income from AdSense?

Some people make four-digit profits monetizing their blog with Adsense , while others have to make do with a few dollars a month.

A common reason for this is the number of clicks visitors make to AdSense ads.

How many clicks do you need to get good income from AdSense , I will tell you below. 

How many clicks do you need to get good income from AdSense?

Basically, first it can be said that more clicks are usually better. But only if there are "correct" clicks from really interested users. Google evaluates what people do when they click on AdSense ads .

If they always disappear from the website in question, Google marks it as bad traffic and lowers the AdSense rate for the website they came from.

Otherwise, of course, it's good, the more clicks there are. Finally, you always receive a commission if someone clicks on it. So, just like with Google AdWords, it's not the number of impressions that counts, but the clicks on your AdSense ads.

That is why smaller websites and blogs can make a lot of money with Google AdSense . You need to make sure that the highest possible percentage of visitors click on the ads.

Unfortunately, how many clicks exactly that is, cannot be said exactly. That's because each click is paid differently. I'll come back to that later.

AdSense Earning Example

However, we can expect an average value that is quite typical. An average of 30 cents per click is a realistic value in many industries. Of course, there are also values ​​above or below, but with 30 cents you can count well.

To earn $100 a month with Google AdSense, you will need to click on AdSense ads on our website about 333 times.

If we want to take 1,000 dollars a month, it takes about 3333 clicks.

Increase clicks on AdSense ads

That's quite a lot, although that may not sound like it, especially for larger blogs. Unfortunately, not many visitors click on Google AdSense ads.

So what can we do to get more readers to click on AdSense ads? In no case should we ask you to do so. This is not allowed by Google and can quickly lead to removal.

Instead, we must not only install the ads (for example, via a plugin), but also optimize them, so that the number of clicks increases.

Here are some key tips to increase your clicks:
  1. AdSense ads must be installed directly in the main content . So not in the sidebar or footer, where nobody notices it. Instead, directly in the actual text of the page and there where possible.
  2. Bigger is better . That's true in my experience, at least for AdSense ads. Instead of a relatively small 468 × 60 screen, you should try it with a 600 × 300 pixel screen. It just attracts more visitors and increases the click-through rate.
  3. Bold colors also ensure that readers notice the ads. However, it still needs to fit into the overall design, otherwise it can turn out to be very negative.
  4. In either case, you should try AdSense display ads. In addition to regular text ads, it may work better in some industries if you switch between AdSense banners.
  5. Google has raised the AdSense ad limit per page . You shouldn't overdo it, but you can definitely install a second AdSense ad.
  6. Google has been allowing responsive ads to fit the screen size for a while. I'm only using them, because that's how AdSense ads are displayed correctly on the smartphone.
  7. It also pays to reduce distractions . By minimizing the number of other links, ads, or whatever, you will increase the likelihood that visitors will click on the AdSense ad.
  8. And of course it also helps more traffic . From experience, it can be said that the click-through rate remains the same with an increasing number of visitors. For example, if there are 100 clicks in 10,000 visitors, then there are about 200 clicks in 20,000 visitors.

Other Factors Driving Higher AdSense Earnings

The end result is not counting clicks, but revenue. Therefore, you should not only focus on increasing the number of clicks, but also on the other factors that influence AdSense revenue.

For one, this is compensation per click, which may differ more or less from the previous 30 cents. For many who complain about low AdSense earnings, this is a main reason. If there is an average of only 5 cents per click, you can double or triple the number of clicks, it won't be much anymore.

Click prices largely depend on the theme. There are simply lucrative topics where there are many advertisers who are also willing to pay large amounts per click. For example, I have had good experiences with hosting. In my best wordpress hosting post , the average AdSense click-through rate is less than a dollar.

With the previous 333 clicks, you would win just over 300 dollars here. That's a lot more than the $100 at an average payout of 30 cents per click.

Of course, the search volume is important. What is the average click price of one dollar if only 1,000 people search for the topic per month? So you won't earn as much. So, for example, choose popular topics for your articles.

And the target group itself is not unimportant. For example, I found that Internet-savvy users (users who are very Internet-savvy) are less likely to click on AdSense than others.

As your AdSense income increases , you can and should activate a variety of levers. So you can multiply the income.

Are you happy with your AdSense earnings?

As you can see, the answer to the question of how many clicks do you need to be able to monetize your blog with AdSense is not so easy to answer. There are too many factors that influence income.

But it's also clear that you need at most triple-digit click-through rates to make a reasonably good income. Those who want to make a living from Google AdSense generally need a good number of four-digit clicks per month.

Finally, I would like to know if you are satisfied with your AdSense income or not. And if not, which of the above factors is the main problem with you?

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