How to monetize your YouTube channel in 2024: Key strategies and tips

If you are interested in starting your YouTube career and generating income through your channel , you are in the right place. In this article, we'll introduce you to two effective ways to monetize your channel in 2024, we'll share with you three valuable tips to speed up the process, and at the end we'll give you a BONUS TIP that you can't miss if you really want to grow with your channel. So… keep reading!

Two ways to monetize your channel in 2024

As times change, YouTube has introduced new monetization opportunities, especially through short videos known as " shorts ". However, is it really beneficial to take advantage of this new option? Let's find out together.

1. Traditional monetization

The first way is traditional monetization , where you need to accumulate at least 1,000 subscribers and reach 4,000 watch hours in the last twelve months. This approach has been used for a long time, but with the advent of " shorts ", it has become necessary to explore new strategies to speed up the monetization process .

2. Monetization through short videos

The second way to monetize your channel in 2024 focuses on "shorts". To achieve this, you must get 10 million views on your short videos within 90 days. It's important to note that these two forms of monetization do not add to each other , as one is based on hours watched and the other based on number of views. However, there is a strategy you can employ to accelerate your growth and take advantage of "shorts" to boost your longer videos.

Tips to speed up the monetization process

Post shorts related to your long videos

The first tip is to post at least four "shorts" for every long video you upload to your channel. Take advantage of the comments section to redirect viewers from the "shorts" to your longer videos. This strategy will not only help you find the first 1,000 subscribers faster, but it will also increase the visibility of your long videos and strengthen the connection with your audience.

Focus on a theme or group of people

It is important that you focus on a group of people or a specific topic at the beginning of your channel. While it can be tempting to cover multiple topics to appeal to different audiences, this won't be the best way to get started. The ideal is to identify a target audience and focus on offering relevant content to them. For example, if you want to talk about finances, you can start by sharing tips for making money online. If your interest is in the kitchen, you could initially focus on fitness recipes. This strategy will help you establish a fan base and make a bigger impact on a specific audience. As your channel grows, you can expand into other topics of interest.

Teach and add value

At present, many youtubers that were previously dedicated to entertainment have migrated to platforms like Twitch. If you are starting out, it is recommended that you focus on teaching and providing knowledge on your chosen topic. This will allow you to differentiate yourself and capture the attention of your community more effectively. Remember that the goal is to stand out from the crowd and stand out as a "purple cow" in a field full of spotted cows .

If you need a boost of creativity to know how to solve your videos in a creative and effective way, take a look at this article where we tell you how to make creative videos for your social networks and increase your sales .

BONUS TIP: Watch out for keywords on your YouTube channel!

Although not previously mentioned, the strategic use of keywords in your content is crucial to increase the visibility of your videos and attract a relevant audience.

Keywords are terms or phrases that users enter into search engines to find specific content. By including relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags , you're providing YouTube with key information about the topic and context of your content. This allows the platform to associate your videos with relevant searches and recommend them to users interested in those topics.

How to get the most out of keywords in your YouTube monetization strategy:

1. Keyword Research : Before creating your content, do extensive keyword research related to your topic. Use tools like Google Trends , Google Ads Keyword Planner, and other keyword research tools to find out which terms are popular and have good search volume.

2. Strategic use in the titles : Incorporate relevant keywords in the titles of your videos. Make sure your titles are engaging and descriptive, but also include keywords that will help you rank in search results.

3. Optimized Descriptions: Write detailed and compelling descriptions for your videos, making sure to naturally include relevant keywords. Provide valuable information about the video content and use relevant tags to increase your visibility.

4. Tags and Categories: Take advantage of the tags and categories available on YouTube to help the platform classify and recommend your videos. Use keywords that are relevant and related to your content to expand its reach.

5. Thumbnail Optimization: Attractive and relevant thumbnails can increase the click-through rate on your videos. Include eye-catching images and use text or visual elements that reinforce the theme of your content and highlight keywords.

Remember that the strategic use of keywords must be balanced and not fall into practices of "keyword stuffing" (keyword overload) . The quality of your content and relevance to your audience are critical to attracting and retaining subscribers and achieving successful monetization on YouTube.

Don't underestimate the power of keywords in your YouTube monetization strategy! Be sure to spend time on keyword research and optimization to improve your channel's visibility and attract an audience that is engaged with your content.

In short, YouTube offers many opportunities to monetize your channel in 2024, and that process can be exciting and rewarding. To maximize your chances of success, remember to be aware of YouTube's policies , avoiding the use of restricted music and controversial topics. In addition, it is essential to maintain consistency in your content and look for ways to stand out from the competition. Welcome to YouTube and best of luck on this exciting journey!

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