How To Make Money Reselling Web Hosting

Due to the economic crisis caused by the arrival of Covid-19, many physical stores have had to close their doors and have had to migrate to the virtual world in order to continue operating.

However, those who decide to undertake this adventure must be familiar with the Internet and with the terms that revolve around it. In addition, they know that in order to have a website or an online store they need at least two things: a domain and hosting .
Regarding the first point, it is the site or the electronic address of a web page, which should always have a good and attractive appearance. As for the hosting, it is nothing more than the virtual space where the web pages are hosted , which can collect several pages together. So it is a fundamental piece to be able to undertake on the Internet.

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are very interested in this topic, either because you want to open your own online store , because you are working on creating a website or because you want to know how you can work reselling web hosting.

In view of the fact that more and more people are betting on working online, the sale of hosting has become a very good and lucrative business. A real solution to the current problem of the coronavirus , since you can work from home and you don't need many tools.

But how can you start? How profitable is this type of work? Does it require a lot of time? Could it work as a side job? During this brief article we will be answering these and other questions of great interest. That's why you can't stop reading it. In it, you will find everything you need to know about web hosting and how to resell it . Let's start tackling the topic right now.

How does hosting work?

It works just like a USB flash drive. In it you can save as much information as you want and, to access it again, you just have to look for it on the server that stores it and shows its data.

Actually, it is a very simple procedure . You just have to click on the page that is of interest to you, you can also type in the search engine of the page you want to access.

When you have done so, the Internet will take care of searching for information on the server. When the Internet locates it, it downloads it to your computer so you can access it. This may seem like a very complicated process to you. However, everything happens in front of your eyes in a split second.

Some people often confuse hosting with the domain or IP address , but they are not the same thing. To understand it better, we can illustrate it as follows:
  • Hosting is similar to a house that is for rent, where there are several things, such as the kitchen, furniture, television, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • The domain is nothing more than the address of the house, which helps us to determine where it is located.
  • The IP address would be like the coordinates used to locate the house by means of GPS.

But how can you make money by reselling web hosting ? Is there a way to do it? Of course! Let's see how.

How to resell it?

Keep in mind that there are companies that are responsible for serving as hosting package providers , which have been designed to host a certain number of web domains. Therefore, this would be a good opportunity to get quick and easy money.

It will be enough for you to buy a package, which has the capacity for several domains , and then resell these domains to those who want to start a business and need hosting for their website or online store.

This package should ensure that the hosted pages work properly. In addition, it is necessary to have technical support 24 hours a day , so that they offer real solutions to your clients. It is important that you only resell the maximum number of domains per package.

Reselling hosting is a good business since those who want to have their own website, just want to see that it works correctly, without having to worry about buying domains, how it works, etc.

To make the offer even more enticing, it includes a 30-day money-back guarantee . In other words, if the customer expresses dissatisfaction with the service before the end of the month, you will immediately refund the money. Also, if the contract is for one year, you can offer the first two months free. An offer difficult to resist.

Of course, you must make a first investment to buy a plan that is in harmony with your goals, as well as with your sales abilities. In this case, the most recommended is the Beta plan, which has capacity for about 10 domains. Then, if the business thrives, you can increase the plan.

As expected, reselling hosting is a job that requires some attention and dedication. Especially when you have to attract customers. However, the benefits are many. Among them, receiving payments every month, after having made a sale. Without a doubt, it is a worthwhile business.

How to choose the best?

In order to choose the best hosting , it is important that you let yourself be carried away by the following parameters:
  • Since the opinions of the clients are those that contribute, or not, reliability and credibility. Therefore, make sure about the reputation that the hosting provider has built.
  • Customer service should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure that the provider attends that a chat, as well as a telephone number to clarify urgent questions.
  • Check that the payment methods match your current geographic location. Some countries have problems with credit card payments. However, you can pay from any country in the world, through PayPal , which has a good security protocol.
  • Also, prices are very important. Choose a supplier that offers a good relationship between the quality of what it sells and the price to acquire it. Of course, as usual, quality has its cost and you have to be willing to pay it.
  • In case you are going to hire a hosting with an international provider , make sure that the company has a data center close to the main region of your audience. Also, keep in mind that international providers sometimes only offer their services in English.
  • Verify that the hosting offers you at least 99% uptime . This option allows you to know how long your website is available so that anyone using the Internet can see it.
Regarding the technical aspects , take into consideration the following:
  • The one that includes a domain is not always a fundamental requirement, since you have the option of contracting your domain and then connecting it with your web hosting.
  • Regarding storage capacity , if you don't want to store a large amount of information, it won't be a problem.
  • The monthly data transfer should be unlimited so you don't have to worry about this aspect.
  • To acquire a professional online presence, buy a hosting package that allows you to open email accounts.
  • Check if the plan that you are going to buy has a backup backup so that, if the server goes down, you do not lose the information that you have edited on your page.
  • Ask the provider if they offer any antivirus or spam control to prevent your files from being altered, damaged, deleted, or someone else can impersonate you , among other things.
If you take all these recommendations into consideration, you can be sure that your reselling web hosting business will be a real success.

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