Create a Paypal account: register step by step and verify it

Opening a PayPal account is very simple and fast , it won't take more than a few minutes to do it. However, it is true that many people can cost a little more everything related to new technologies.

If this is your case, this is your article. We are going to explain how to create a PayPal account step by step, solving some of the most frequent doubts that usually appear when creating it.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is currently the most widely used form of payment by users on the Internet . It is one of the best options to send or receive money online with other users in a comfortable and profitable way.

One of the advantages of PayPal is that it allows us to send our money safely and without sharing personal information such as our credit card numbers, identity cards, etc. The only thing users need is the email with which they have registered on the platform.

It should be noted that PayPal is not a site to earn money , rather it is the site where we will receive our money generated by some work we have done. In addition, it allows us to make transactions between sellers and buyers, which means that through this platform we can buy products on practically any Internet site . We can use this means of payment from a computer, mobile phone or from any electronic device with Internet access.

Another advantage of using PayPal is that they do not charge us any commission when using it . Nor for keeping the money inside.

How to open a PayPal account?

Opening a PayPal account is very simple and, in addition, it is totally free . It only takes a few minutes and offers us a wide variety of opportunities to send or receive money. There are two essential requirements:
  • The first is to be of legal age .
  • the second have an email and a bank account, credit or debit card .
To open the account, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to the Paypal website

Go to the official PayPal website or its application . Once inside, we will have to register , and for this, we must click on the "Create account" option, which is located in the upper right part of the screen.

Step 2. Choose the type of account

They will give us a choice between a personal and a professional account. The personal account is used to buy, receive money from the pages we work with or from a friend. However, the professional (or Business) account is more focused on businesses that want to sell their products. We are going to choose the one that best suits our circumstances and we click on the "Continue" button.

Step 3. Fill in the form fields

At this point, they will ask us for personal information such as country, name and surname, email address and a password. It is important that we use real data to be able to use it in the future .

Step 4. Select the payment method

As soon as we finish completing the personal data, we must choose how we want to pay for our purchases , whether using our bank account or with a debit or credit card.

Step 5. Verify the associated email

To verify the account you have to confirm the email address . PayPal will have sent you an automatic message to the email with which you registered with the title "Confirm your email". To confirm it, you just have to follow the steps.

Step 6. Verify bank account or credit/debit card

On the other hand, to verify the account 100%, it will ask you to add a card or bank account:

At the bottom right of the web page, there is an option that says « Associate card or bank account ». With it, you can link the PayPal account to the bank of your choice and in this way, we will finish verifying the account.

Credit/debit card . If you have chosen to use your credit or debit card as a means of payment, you are requesting that you be charged a small fee with the code to confirm the card (this amount will be returned to you as soon as you verify it, it is just a few cents of a euro/dollar ). To locate the PayPal code, check your card statement and you will see a small charge with the word PayPal and a 4-digit code. Go to your PayPal account and select " Link and confirm my credit or debit card" and enter this code .

Bank account . If, on the other hand, we have chosen a bank account, PayPal will send two small amounts to your account between €0.01 and €0.99 within two or three business days (this amount will be returned to you when you verify the account ). To confirm, you have to enter PayPal with your email and password, and select the option "Confirm bank account" and you will have to write the amounts received , as they appear on your bank statement.

Once this last step is completed, your PayPal account will be ready to be used . From this moment, you will be able to make and receive payments, or carry out other types of transactions.

How to pay with PayPal?

To pay anywhere using Paypal, you will have to make sure that you can and then log in with the email address and your password , it is very simple. There are more and more online businesses that allow you to pay using this method, it is fast, easy and does not entail commissions.

Is it safe to pay with PayPal?

Currently, PayPal is one of the most secure payment processors that we can find on the Internet . Firstly, because we do not have to share any type of personal information with anyone and, therefore, all our data is totally secure.

Nobody can steal or falsify your data or do any fraud with your card or bank account. In addition, PayPal offers security to both the buyer and the seller, and in case of scams, they are the ones in charge of reimbursing the full amount of the transactions, as long as certain requirements are met.

Are there still Paypal cards?

PayPal cards are no longer operational in Spain since January 31, 2015 . The Bank of Spain revoked the authorization to operate Younique Money. This was the bank that was in charge of issuing prepaid cards, including PayPal. So, we should not pay attention to all those web pages that offer us PayPal prepaid cards because they no longer exist.

PayPal also had a Visa PayPal credit card, issued by Cetelem, but this agreement ended in August 2015 as well. Therefore, there are no Visa PayPal credit cards either .

PayPal is only available for online payments and collections . Anything else that we can find, it is most likely that it is a scam.

Tips when using Paypal

  • Verify your PayPal account . As we have already mentioned, verifying your account gives you greater benefits. Also, the vast majority of sites on the Internet need your account to be verified in order to receive payments.
  • Use personal data . For example, use a personal email to always be aware of the payments you receive and any notifications. In addition, using your personal data will always make it easier for you to recover your account in case it is forgotten or blocked due to security reasons. The fact of not knowing the data of the account can cause its loss and also lose the money that we have in it.
  • Create an easy to remember and secure password . To do this, we must combine numbers and letters, uppercase and lowercase, but which, in turn, is easy for you to remember.
  • Do not trust emails posing as PayPal that ask you to confirm payments or re-enter your bank information. Do not do it because it is most likely a scam. PayPal will never ask you in an email to provide your data again.

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