How To Make Money Editing Videos

Do you want to know how to make money editing videos?

Well, this is the right article for you, I will teach you the fundamentals to develop in this branch.Keep reading!

It has never been a better time to know how to make money editing videos.
Trust me, I've been doing it full time for years.

There are so many different opportunities today to make money editing videos.
The traditional ways of working have changed.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many more of us were working for ourselves or outside of the established office environment, and COVID simply accelerated and increased this practice.

This means that if you've offered a service, whatever that service is (and even the most personalized and unique niches can pay off big), you can offer it remotely and anywhere to anyone in the world.

How to make money editing videos

How to make money editing videos

We live very much in a visual age.

The amount of visual content we consume, in a plethora of ways from a physical perspective (ie on our mobile devices, TVs, and laptops), is increasing by the day.

And if you are a talented video editor, then the possibilities of making money with your skills are almost endless.

Having a specific skill, like being a video editor, is a very valuable commodity, and there are countless ways to make it work for you.

If you're an expert in using Premiere Pro, or any other high-end editing software, then there are buyers willing to pay you for your work.

In an ideal world, and it's worth noting that no one actually lives in one, so this isn't a hard and fast rule, you'd have some level of qualification in video editing.

Whether this came from a college or university program or a class you've taken doesn't matter so much.
We only say this because some might, perhaps mistakenly, believe that such qualifications would act as proof of your abilities.

Formal education in the field of video editing can be very helpful, not only in terms of the skills you possess, but also in terms of how they are received by potential clients.

However, we must emphasize that this is not necessarily a game changer. I am living proof of that.
So when it comes to the types of jobs you can look for to secure as a video editor and earn money as a side job or a full time living, let's take a look at some of the opportunities out there.

Search Opportunities online

It is no mystery to anyone that today the publishing service is one of the most in demand. So it should not be surprising that new job opportunities arise every day.

As impressive as that sounds, Twitter is a great place to find video editor work. In this social network they house many content creators who constantly need these services.

No lying, at least 3-10 video editor pitches come up every day, maybe even more.

In order to get these content creators, you simply have to position yourself in the twitter search engine and perform the following searches.
  • I'm looking for a video editor
  • I am looking for a publisher
  • I need a video editor
As you can see, as soon as you search, several proposals appear, of course, make sure you filter them by the most recent tweets, so that you have more opportunities to get the job.

Put your services on independent websites

This is a very common route in 2022 and it is likely to grow. Here you would post a profile outlining your CV along with typically a portfolio showcasing your editing skills.

You would then fight others in the industry for the job that comes your way.
This could be through sites like Fiverr or Upwork and other such sites, and if you get a positive reputation, people may approach you instead of pushing for relevant work.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this way of making money with your video editing skills.
For one thing, the work might be so-so and it's easy to look for jobs, but you might not start getting them until you get a contract or two (which makes it a bit of a vicious circle).

You will also see a portion of your earnings taken by the platform you are registered on.
If you're a seasoned video editor with proof of your capabilities that will impress those in the market, then you may want to teach others the craft.

You can offer tutorials through YouTube and seek to monetize through your service, although this can be difficult to begin with.

teach editing skills

Alternatively, you can offer your services in person or through video conferencing channels, and being able to communicate the way you work to others is key here.

In other words, you may be the best video editor in the world, but if you can't teach a group or individually effectively, then this is not an avenue for you.

There is a stereotype that has some truth to it, that video editors are a quiet, introverted bunch, and as such, they may not be perfect for the kind of delivery that a good tutor needs, but if you think you can cross this bridge then why not consider it.

Edit content for YouTubers and other social networks

This is an avenue that could provide a lot of work and a great way to make a lot of money editing videos for others.

As mentioned above, the amount of content that is created and consumed through social media is off the charts.

Every day we all, as a society, watch hours of video content.
Whether through YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or wherever.

Our appetite is insatiable—worrying if we're being honest—and that means social media influencers, businesses, and businesses of all shapes and sizes need publishers to help produce fit-for-purpose content.

The rapidly growing market in this niche means that those who produce content need to know that what they shoot, produce and edit is of the highest quality and that often means they are looking for publishers outside their home, and that is where you could come in.

Here your job will be to edit lengthy video content into bite-sized chunks.
Whether it's Instagram stories that can be a few seconds long or YouTube documentaries that are over an hour long, this creates opportunities for those who are experts in the field of video editing.

Submission of these jobs may come from the freelance channels we mentioned above, or if you have a strong website and name in the industry, the relevant business may come directly to you.

This type of editing is quite specific, and it's something you can learn about long before you start working in this field.
See what works and what doesn't when it comes to social media content.

Often this is very direct and unflinching.
It can be as subtle as a sledgehammer, and it's worth noting that every social network has different styles and needs, so do some research and consider putting together a test reel that covers this form of video editing style.

One important thing when you're working as a freelance video editor for a YouTuber, for example, is to make sure you're using one of the most popular pieces of software YouTubers use. It makes collaboration and workflow so much easier.

Edit promotional and advertising content

This is another area that some video publishers may choose to erroneously sidetrack on the grounds that it is “selling”, but such a move would be foolish in the extreme.

Here we are talking about video editing for large companies and commercial entities.
This could involve working on the production of advertising and promotional material.

On one hand, this job can be a bit bland, and can leave you limited from a creative perspective, but it pays well, and if your work is good, then you may find your name doing the rounds, or you may start working exclusively with one brand or another.

This is, for some, the most rewarding way to earn a living with your video editing skills.

Know their value

Now that we've outlined some potential areas of employment for good video editors, it's worth remembering their market value.

It can be tempting, and perhaps even unavoidable, to take any job that's offered to you, regardless of how much the job pays.

This is one way to approach the situation, but in general, we strongly suggest, especially if you have proven experience in the field, that you always know your value and charge accordingly.

Here, with a field as creative and specific as video editing, you're selling a service that isn't just about cost.

In other words, if you're in a supermarket and looking for a product, you might (on some level) be swayed by the cheaper brands, but as a video editor, you're offering a high-end product. what is available on the market.

Businesses, individuals, and businesses will pay more if they feel that what you offer is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Although clearly, if you take the job at a lower cost, you might end up getting more work, but in the end, you are essentially devaluing your output, and this may hinder your ability to earn a living from your work.

The earning potential of a video editor with a good track record is very high, and the scale of video content being produced in all the fields and niches mentioned earlier in this article means that this is likely not to change.

When it comes to creative fields that require a specific form of learning and skill, a video editor is in a very strong position to do very well financially.

It's also a growing field, and as such, you'll be fighting other talent, which means you'll have to work harder to excel, and figuring out how promoting yourself can end up being just as important as your actual skills. In the countryside.

With this in mind, don't be afraid to demand a high fee, especially if you're dealing with people you think can afford it, and you may find that it leads to more jobs on the same pay scale.

What video editors can I use?

I will divide these into two types, the paid ones and the free ones, you can choose which one is more convenient for you, of course the paid ones may have more features than the free ones.

Best Paid Video Editors

adobe premiere pro

Look for the opportunity of How to earn money editing videos

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular video editing software used by YouTubers.
And to be honest, it is also used to edit Hollywood movies. So I guess that says off-the-cuff a lot about his capabilities.

Premiere Pro definitely qualifies as professional video editing software. There's not much you can't do in Premiere, so you have full control over your vlogs or YouTube videos.

There are tons of free templates for Premiere Pro that you can use, lots of LUTs, presets, and transitions to choose from. That's one way to make your videos more visually appealing without too much work or too much editing experience.

Premiere Pro allows you to add text titles, split screens, crop your video, add lower thirds, text popups, change color, and many, many more things that I couldn't list here.

Plus, you can link Premiere Pro and After Effects and have the animation work you did in After Effects imported into your Premiere timeline. That is a very powerful advantage to take into account.

Adobe Premiere runs on both PC and MAC systems.
Premiere Pro CC is not free. You will have to pay a monthly fee of around 25 USD to get it through Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Another cool aspect of Premiere Pro that I've been using recently is the XML timeline export, which allows you to transfer your Premiere timeline to a Final Cut Pro user. That's pretty handy when you're working with someone who doesn't edit. in Premiere.

The benefits of using Premiere Pro

  • very powerful, many options and features
  • you can find many tutorials online on how to use it
  • you can import animations from after effects
  • there are a plethora of templates, presets, effects and LUTs that you can use
  • you can collaborate with other YouTubers by sharing the Premiere Pro project file
  • runs on both Windows and macOS

The cons of using Premiere Pro

  • the cost may increase if you use it for several years
  • is using a lot of hardware resources
  • it is not as stable as you might expect and may cause your computer to crash or freeze.

Vegas Pro

How to make money editing videos

It's a high-quality video editor for people with the time and money to take full advantage of its many features. It's been used by professional teams to create TV shows like Survivorman and movies like Paranormal Activity, which sets the bar pretty high for the kinds of projects you can do with VEGAS.

Which edition of VEGAS is the best?

VEGAS Creative Software offers three versions for you to choose from. Each version has a different price and number of features, as you can see on the product comparison page.

Here is a brief summary of each version:
  • VEGAS Edit - Includes all the basic and essential features you'll need to edit high-quality videos. The “Edit” version is probably the best option for people who are new to video editing, as it is the cheapest of the three available options.
  • VEGAS PRO: Includes all the features found in the Edit version, plus Blu-ray and DVD authoring software. Note: This is the version I tested in this VEGAS Pro review.
  • VEGAS Post: The latest version of the program, as well as the most expensive. It has everything the standard version offers, plus some advanced features like the Boris FX 3D object unit (used for 3D object creation and manipulation) and the Boris FX matching motion unit for motion tracking.

Is it safe to use VEGAS Pro?

Yes, 100%. The VEGAS Creative Software brand is one of the most trusted on the planet, and the team at MAGIX, who acquired VEGAS Pro in 2016, have given me no reason to believe that the software is unsafe. A scan of the video editor with Avast Antivirus came up clean.

Is VEGAS Pro free?

No, it is not free software, but you can try it free for 30 days.

While not for sale, the standard version costs $11.99/month. The cheaper version VEGAS Edit is $7.79/month, and the more expensive version VEGAS Post is priced at $17.99/month.

Free video editors


InVideo is the latest advanced video editing software tool that helps you create compelling videos of all kinds. You can create video clips in InVideo with over 5,000 unique designer templates, over 9 million premium media (including iStock), a huge audio library for every mood/genre, and plenty of customizable features.

How to make money editing videos with video

You can use this excellent tool here


Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows you to easily create invitations, business cards, flyers, lesson plans, Zoom, backgrounds, and more using professionally designed templates.

You can even upload your own photos and add them to Canva templates using a drag and drop interface. It's like having a basic version of Photoshop that's free and doesn't require extensive knowledge of photo editing to use.

How to make money editing videos with canva

You can use this excellent tool here

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is the best free video editing software package. Its high-energy style appeals to budding filmmakers who want to spice up a personal event or get creative with a video blog, but it's still easy enough for the adventurous crowd of friends and family.

You can use this excellent tool here


Lightworks is advanced enough that the Pro version has been used to create multiple award-winning movies, including Pulp Fiction and The Wolf of Wall Street, but the free version has only slightly fewer features.

There's a wide range of tools for creating professional-looking videos, including some pretty advanced audio editing options, VFX, color adjustments, and more. And while the interface can take a bit of getting used to, even a beginner can master the essentials with relative ease. It also works on almost all platforms, with versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to make money editing videos with LightWorks

You can use this excellent tool here


iMovie is the best free video editing software for Mac users, offering themes, Hollywood-style trailers, and video effects with a minimalist style, a cinematic feel, and deep integration and optimization with macOS.

You can use this excellent tool here


This free video editor makes it super easy to export your creations to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, and a variety of mobile devices via a simple dropdown menu. You need to sign in to these services first, and while YouTube uploaded directly to my channel without incident, you may need to save your video to your hard drive using the social media specs and then upload it to the social network yourself.

You can use this excellent tool here

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is the best free video editing software for those who are more advanced video editors. A powerful professional-grade cross-platform application, you'll want to use a system with discrete graphics to get the most out of this video editor.

You can use this excellent tool here

Now, just having the editing software is not enough, you must have a video portfolio if you want to be hired by bigger entities.

What is a video editor portfolio?

A video editor portfolio works pretty much the same as any other portfolio. It is a simple web page that is filled mostly with videography from a single video editor. The trigger for communication between you and your clients, employers and institutes depends on how impressive your portfolio can be.

This means that a video editor's portfolio depends not only on visual effects, but also on content and presentation. Learning how to select good quality videos when creating your video editor portfolio is very important. It is because a large portfolio can bring many benefits.

As mentioned above, a well-made video editor portfolio will be your way of communication between you and your prospects. However, visibility precedes the communicating party. Therefore, having a video portfolio website helps increase your chances of being seen.

Other than that, your video editor portfolio will be your proof of achievement. Just like photographers and videographers do, the work of a video editor can only be showcased through social media platforms. However, a social media account is not a good proof of work because it is quite informal. Since these exposures can only be limited to specific audiences, i.e. social media users, a portfolio is useful to showcase to your prospective employers, clients, and institutes.

What should be included in a video editor portfolio

1. Contact information

Contact information always comes first before placing your works in the video editor's portfolio. This is an essential part as potential clients who are interested in your work will need it to reach you. You don't want to miss out on every chance to land clients. You may include your email address, phone number, and social media account (if applicable).

2. Your works

After filling in your contact information, you can start organizing your videos. This is the main body of your presentation that will attract potential customers. Don't forget the tips mentioned above! Complete your video creation portfolio with your latest best work.

3. Video Descriptions

Although videos can talk a lot, short descriptions of your work are also needed below or somewhere near the video. It's to make sure your audiences know what they're looking at and reviewing. You can include a short sentence as a description for each video to keep it simple and clean.

4. Resume

Before you complete your video creation portfolio, also include a resume to help introduce more about yourself. A portfolio works to showcase your video editing skills, but a resume shows all your achievements and experiences through words in a list form.

With this at hand it will be easier to get a job in this field.

To end

The world is changing, and so are job opportunities, especially if you work in a creative field that relies on the latest technologies.

Earning a decent income, in some cases a good living from the skills you possess is much easier now than it has been in recent years, and there are countless ways to sell yourself and your skills accordingly.

Editing videos is one of the most demanded jobs today, and you can't miss out on this booming opportunity.

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