How To Earn Money By Playing Games: PayPal Funds and More!

You have probably heard about the possibility of earning money with PayPal by playing video games. Many are still skeptical, due to the strong belief that work is not a game, nor is play work, but today it is a reality.

It is not as simple as it sounds either, since unless you are a professional you will not be able to make a living from this, but at least you could make extra money doing what you like. Next, we will talk a little about this topic in more depth.

If you already spend time playing daily for fun or recreation, why not earn some extra money while you're at it. Because there are various applications and games that are in the development period and need people to test them to improve their algorithms or warn possible errors in their system.

If you have a PayPal wallet, or you can sign up and create your own, you will be able to receive your rewards and convert them into PayPal money that you can later use or convert to real money.

Why play to earn money with PayPal?

Not all video games will pay you to play them, in fact most won't. Only a specific group of games can make you money, whether it is NFTs, games in development, or due to your performance as a player in one of the most popular games.

But, in this article, we will not talk about these last types of games, since if you are a professional you would not be interested in looking for a way to earn money on Paypal by playing video games.

We will only talk about those mobile games and applications that will pay you to try them only by putting your effort and your internet connection.

There are countless applications and games that pay through Payoneer or PayPal to users who decide to try them and meet some of the specific requirements that developers demand, since it is precisely a service that they require.

Most of the people prefer PayPal as this virtual wallet can be connected to the bank account through your American bank card or some other associated cards.

On the other hand, this platform has great prestige and is highly reliable, most teleworkers or Freelancers (it may interest you> The best freelance jobs ) use it as a means of payment. However, not everyone prefers it , as it charges some significant fees for each transaction.

If you find an application or game option that offers to pay you and is linked to PayPal, do not miss out on this opportunity, you should know what a reliable option is since this wallet is not linked to anyone.

How to earn money with PayPal playing video games?

Next, we explain the general dynamics with which the rewards and payment system works through PayPal .

Once you subscribe to an application and a video game and perform the tasks that are monetized within it. You will receive your rewards, and once you collect the minimum redeemable amount, you can send it to your PayPal wallet and, later, to your bank account through your card, or spend your PayPal money in the stores associated with this wallet.

Some of the tasks of applications or games, may be to play other games or download other applications to earn money by playing games .

Also, you can try to fill in surveys, watch videos, do internet searches, click on ads, among others.

Although, in many of the options, which we will show below, the mere fact of registering, opening the application or the game daily, will already add some rewards.

It goes without saying that in this sector there are also many deceptive offers that promise large sums of money. Another of the most obvious symptoms of scams in this way is when the withdrawal amount is too high or is too far apart in time.

Many of these great offers only reach a few or not even that, since the rise and stability of many of these pages may be short-lived.

For this reason, the first piece of advice in this regard is not to be too ambitious and understand that money is earned for providing a service to game and application developers, but that this will not be a salary nor can it contribute much.

In general, the best options to make money playing are those that allow you to withdraw weekly or the minimum amount of redemption fluctuates between 1 and 5 dollars.

In the event that the terms or amounts extend beyond this, even though they offer juicy rewards, we can begin to doubt the legality or veracity of what the game promises.

Best games to earn money in PayPal

There are plenty of games and apps out there that might offer you payment for using them and doing certain tasks, but some of the best ones are:

1 Swagbucks

This platform belonging to the North American company Prodege LLC, can also be an excellent option to monetize your fun and leisure time.

It offers you games with reward systems for completing tasks that you can redeem directly through PayPal, in addition to this you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards.

The way to obtain a reward consists of carrying out tasks, completing surveys, searching the Swagbucks browser , downloading applications and games, watching videos and of course a referral system with your well-known friends or family.

2 AppMan

AppMan is one of the best game options to earn money while having fun or in your leisure time.

The application consists of a search system for video games and applications and social networks, what you must install on your phone is Smartphone to obtain gift cards redeemable for PayPal money.

Consider that, due to the installation, you need a mobile device that has enough internal memory, thanks to the progressive installation of applications your credits will also increase.

The credit earning range fluctuates between 100 and 200 credits, depending on the type of application you have installed. In addition, it has a referral system that allows you to earn up to 250 credits if you share this application with friends, acquaintances or family.

3 Toluna

Toluna is a page to earn money by playing and doing activities that allows you to fill out paid surveys, it is of Spanish origin and by the way we tell you that it has been on the market for almost a decade, so it can be said that it is reliable.

The surveys that you must fill out have a duration of between 20 and 30 minutes approximately. You can also earn money in the following ways:
  • With offers.
  • Participating in their €5,000 contest.
  • Voting for sponsored content.
  • Taking surveys directly from the mobile application.
  • With referrals.
Also, you will get 500 extra points when you complete your profile.

4 Money app

Money app is one of the few games to earn money that is authorized by the Google app or Google Play. This is great news that alone speaks of its reliability.

On the other hand, it is associated with PayPal which makes things much easier. Basically, this app is a system that researches the game market for rewards for completing tasks.

These tasks basically consist of issues such as giving your opinion or review about products, playing video games, trying free services and verifying products in stores.

All accumulated tasks will mean points and rewards redeemable for PayPal cash. The trans exchange time is two or three days, which speaks of the transparency and veracity of the procedure.

5 Triple Cash Wheel

In this case, it is a portal where you can earn PayPal money by playing online. The game basically consists of a traditional slot machine where you can redeem your rewards for PayPal money.

We are talking about a betting system so the winnings can be of different amounts, but it can be entertaining if you like slots, and you will not have to risk your money.

Is it possible to earn PayPal money by playing?

If it's possible to make money playing games, anyone can do it, but it's not as easy as it sounds .

Apart from being a game, this is a work that fulfills a service required by application and video game developers who need people who have their time and energy to complete tasks and test their products.

On average, dedicating a few hours a day, you can earn between 10 and 20 dollars, depending on how effective you are in performing the assigned tasks.

We are not even talking about a salary supplement, but we are talking about the advantage of monetizing your free time, if you are a lover of video games, it could be a smart way to earn some extra money.

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