Best Apps to make money with your mobile in 2024

If you are one of those people who uses their mobile device (cell phone) at all hours and wants to earn extra money using Apps, pay attention because this interests you.

Next we are going to know the best apps to make money from your mobile / cell phone.

The analysis of the apps, both for Android and iOS, will be based on the ability to generate money that each platform offers you.

How to earn money with apps from your mobile

We have finished the first decade of the 21st century and still, although you may not believe it, there are many people who think that making money on the Internet is a utopia.

These people prefer to stay in the traditional work system, ignoring the great growth opportunities offered by their Internet connection and existing apps.

Until just a few years ago, breaking away from the computer meant going back to the analog era. Now, with a mobile phone you can do everything you do on a computer.

At least, you know all that and surely you are already earning income through the Internet.
Do you want to know apps that will help you increase your income safely and reliably? Keep reading.

best apps to make money

Now yes, let's put all the meat on the grill, we invite you to give us an informative banquet with all the recommendations that we bring you.

In each review, we will indicate the mobile platform for which it is available, that is, if it is for the iOS or Android operating system.

List of the best Apps

Below is a list of the best mobile apps with which you can earn money. Keep in mind that this list will be updated, so it may vary depending on our experiences or changes in the platform.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Do you want to download premium apps without investing a penny? With Google Opinion Reward your wish will come true.

This app, available for Android systems, is a survey generator associated with your consumption habits, place of residence and places you frequent.

After registering, surveys -contracted by third parties- will begin to arrive to find out your opinion on various topics, including products and services.

For each survey, you will generate an amount that will be added to your Google Play profile so that you can pay for your consumption in this app store.

Here we leave you a video about the google rewards app:

As simple as you read it and with the endorsement of Google. Do you want more security?


Do you know Airbnb? It is a business model that redefined the concept of accommodation during a trip.
Anyone can rent, anywhere in the world, the room or the extra space that is vacant in their home.

In this way, millions of people, in various countries and locations, are generating extra income through the Internet.

The platform works like a social network for travelers. Comments, votes, recommendations, photographs taken by guests, are some of the powerful benefits that Airbnb offers.

In addition, it allows you to connect to the main payment gateways, such as PayPal, so that the disbursement is as safe as possible.

If you are encouraged to be part of this app, we leave you the option to register with Airbnb and start generating income.


Surely you know the Uber service.

Although the way to earn money with Uber is not 100% on the Internet, it makes use of an incredible app that connects a need with a solution.

In this case, millions of users who want to move from one place to another come into contact with millions of other drivers scattered throughout the city with the aim of mobilizing their users.

As a driver, you will have the opportunity to find customers without having to drive around the whole city, as was done regularly.

The most incredible thing about this app is that it is available in more than 700 cities around the world.
If you want to be part of this community and start generating additional income, we invite you to download Uber for Android or the version of Uber for Apple .


Are you one of those people who likes to give their opinion on any topic? Then with Surveyeah you will have the opportunity to earn a few extra euros or dollars.

With direct payment to your PayPal account, this platform uses your opinion to carry out market studies hired by third parties.

Through the app, accessible from your mobile phone or from a computer, you will receive notifications every time you have a task available.

It is as simple as logging into the app, answering the information -with the sincerity and seriousness required- and you start generating income.

In addition to the PayPal deposit option, the company offers you the opportunity to receive it as Amazon bonuses, download e-books or donate it to a charity.

To find out all the details, we invite you to visit the official Surveyeah website.

5. rappi

Conceptualized under the Uber business model, Rappi offers the service of Internet purchases and delivery to your home.

What's new? Which is immediate.

The way to make money with this app is by being a rappitendero, that is, part of the freelance dealers who connect to Rappi daily.

Through your cell phone, you receive the order, if you are on the route, you take responsibility for the order, pick it up at the restaurant and take it to the indicated address.

In addition to the profit that you will have for the service provided on the platform, you will also have the tip that they regularly give to the dealers.

But it does not only focus on the food sector, as one of its slogans says: "We will take you whatever".

Do you want to become a rappitendero and start earning money from tonight?
Download the Rappi app for Android phones , there is also a Rappi version for iOS .


This is an interesting concept, which can be defined as a Win-Win model.
Download the Gelt app for iPhone or Gelt for Android , and you will earn money for the purchase of your favorite products in the supermarket.

It's that simple, you will not earn coupons or discounts, you will receive money for buying the brands that are contemplated on the platform.

At the end of your purchase, you take a photograph of the invoice and upload it to the platform, they verify and credit the charge to your account.

When you reach the sum of €20, you will be able to withdraw the money generated from an ATM.
The mobile app is also used to make shopping lists, so it will help you buy what you need and not forget anything.

On the website they tell you how much they will pay you for the purchase and how much you can earn as a maximum.

For example, at the time of writing this article, the Gelt website announced a maximum profit of €25.15 during the current week.

Do you want to know more about this fantastic system? Go to and get ready to earn money by shopping.


Beruby offers you the opportunity to earn money when you make purchases or reservations on portals such as Aliexpress,, Groupon or Ebay.

What is the business model? Very easy.

Beruby works with an affiliate marketing modality and uploads various offers on products and services to its platform.

If any of your referrals buys a product through Beruby, you receive part of the commission that the platform earns for buying as their referral.

It has alliances with more than 700 stores around the world.
The money can be obtained from your PayPal account or by bank transfer, the method that works best for you.

Interested? Download Beruby for Android or the version of Beruby for Apple .


This app is cross-platform and works similar to Uber.
From your mobile phone, download the Cabify app for Apple or Cabify for Android and become a driver.

More than 11 countries and 90 cities around the world trust Cabify as a fast, reliable and economical service for their transfers.

As usual, drivers must certify knowledge in the city, be a reliable and responsible person.
Cabify's fundamental premise, on which its value offer is based, is security during the service and geolocated trips.

This allows you to know where you are on the journey or where your loved ones are coming from, at all times.

Do not hesitate, start profiting from the knowledge you have about your city and join the Cabify community.


Although the name may confuse you, this platform is very safe and offers a way to increase your income with total transparency and legality.

With CashPirate you earn money in various ways: downloading apps, trying game versions, referrals, filling out surveys, watching videos, among others.

Each completed task generates an income. Upon completing the minimum of $2.50 in earnings, you can request that your money be transferred to your PayPal account.

It is a platform, which is overwhelming in the early stages of use, but afterward you will feel like a fish in water.

Do you want to know the best strategies to get the most out of this platform?
Enter our entry Cashpirate – Guide to earn money with your mobile .

Apps to earn money by filling out surveys

Customer Experience Concept. Happy Client using Digital Tablet to Send a Positive Review. Satisfaction Online Survey

Earning money online is viable and you know it, you have been doing it for a long time.
In the world of apps, some generate more profit than others, but all of them, in combination, have the potential to generate income above the usual salary in many countries.

One of the tasks that, in our opinion, is easier to perform and earn money is filling out surveys.
Paid surveys, on average, generate income between $1 and $4 for each successfully completed task.

How do money making apps work?

Regardless of what the profit generation methodology is, the apps to earn money work in a very similar and simple way.

For example, companies from different sectors request opinion collection and analysis services about their products or services.

For this work, they pay large sums of money, since they are complex tasks that require a lot of work.
Previously, other methods were used to collect consumer feedback. Now everything is done via the Internet.

Through the platforms, you carry out the tasks that are requested of you and receive a percentage of the profits generated by that app for the provision of the service.

Some of them allow you to earn money by building a referral network.
This means that you invite people to the platforms and earn money for each of the tasks they complete. That money will not be deducted from your referral.

How much can you earn with each app?

Young african american woman wearing a pink sweater showing that she has no money.
Here we fall into a big “it depends”. And, with the sincerity that characterizes us, we tell you that you can generate cents a month or the amount of money that you propose.

It depends on the selected task, the time it takes to do them and the amount of tasks you do daily.
As we mentioned, filling out a survey can generate between $1 and $4.

If every day you take a survey, a task that will require only minutes to complete, you could generate $30 per month with just that task.

What if you do two daily surveys? What if you sign up on multiple platforms?
So, everything will depend on you, the organization of your strategies and the intentions of winning that you have.

Other apps to get money

There are a lot of apps and methodologies to obtain profits through the Internet.
Just invest time, one of your most expensive resources and you cannot recover it, on platforms recommended by authority websites in the sector.

For example, in How to earn money we have analyzed the most important, secure and long-standing platforms.

Tips on apps to earn money

Earning money online can be as easy or difficult as you think of it.

To walk the path of maximum profit, we recommend:
  • Constancy in the fulfillment of the tasks.
  • Building a referral network.
Imagine that you were given money for each grape you harvest on a vine. The more grapes you have at the end of the task, the more money you generate.

This is how these websites work.

Now, sticking with the grapes analogy, what would happen if you hit the vine with five friends.
Productivity increases and they will earn more money for harvesting more grapes per day.

The second recommendation is that you do not work with a single platform or app.
The more platforms are part of your network, the more income you will generate.

Opinions about earning with apps

Many people do not recognize the Internet as a reliable source of work. So, don't listen to everything they tell you about your job.

At the end of the month, you have the proof you need: you see how the dollars you generated through various platforms come in.

So, study your options, start with the most basic ones and as you master them, escalate to more difficult tasks.

Do not stop and you will see how you begin to generate the money you always wanted.
Tell us which is your favorite platform to make money online and which one you would like us to review.

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