how to make money with airbnb – 3 ways to do it

It is no secret to anyone that making money with Airbnb is something easy to do if you have a space that you can rent. At least, this is what has been thought for some time , but the truth is that Airbnb has changed the rules and added other ways for people to earn money using their platform.
Although it is true, the main purpose of Airbnb is to give people the possibility of earning extra money with their properties, this has been expanding over the years . Even today digital marketing is something that affects applications like Airbnb.

However, not all people know the possible methods to earn money with Airbnb, and this is something that we are going to present today. In case you are interested, you will learn everything you need to also become a host for all kinds of people .

What methods are there to make money with Airbnb?

Leaving aside the obvious, which is earning money with Airbnb by renting a property, it is better that we talk about the rest of the options out there to earn money using the platform.

The first thing we must know, at least from the best-known method on the platform , is that this type of task can be done full-time, part-time, or occasionally. So, if yours is not wanting to dedicate yourself fully to running an Airbnb, always having it ready to rent it, but rather going seasonally, there is not much to worry about because there are other methods available to do so.

On the other hand, we have that people can also earn money by working for someone who has an Airbnb, or by marketing an Airbnb. Today, all this is possible thanks to the enormous virtual expansion that exists around the world, which is quite striking.

Now, there are also those who can earn money with Airbnb by hosting experiences. This is a relatively new method, but one that is also worth mentioning. So, without further mentioning in this section, let's talk about each of the methods to earn money with Airbnb that we mention here.

How to make money with airbnb as a host

The main way to earn money on Airbnb comes from hosting. To be honest, the platform was created in the first instance to be used by people who had a space available and who wanted to rent to travelers from their own country or from other parts of the world.

However, the issue with hosting can vary greatly as not everyone wants to do it full time , and this is totally acceptable, and is something that is allowed within Airbnb, so there is not much to worry about as far as hosting is concerned. regards this matter.

Now, let's talk a little more in depth about the different options for being a host within the platform, since it is something worth learning about.
  • Full-time host: Earning money on Airbnb as a full-time host is pretty common. As we have already said several times, this is the method most used by people within the platform at all times, and it is generally used by people who have additional space in their homes , a completely empty space, or a conditioned house. with more than one room for rent.
  • Part-time host : In this case, we are talking about a case quite similar to the one above. The difference in this case comes with the fact that people who may not have as much time for something full time, decide when to rent their houses to receive people who are traveling at that time.
  • Co-hosts : In this case, the person who rents the space is not the owner of it , it is rather a third party that has the permission of the real owner to rent this space within Airbnb. This is a way to earn money with Airbnb in a simple way, since it gives between 10% to 20% of the rent to the person in charge of being the co-host.

How to make money with airbnb through marketing or helping someone

Today, we know that marketing is everything. People can grow and grow on massively used platforms thanks to their correct use, and above all, knowing how to take the subject of marketing hand in hand with what they do .

Well, in this case, the same goes for Airbnb. Whether you work in the marketing area or helping someone who does (it can be in the cleaning part, care of the place to rent, travel guide, among many other things), you can earn money with Airbnb even as a third party that little or nothing to do with the site.

That is why this platform continues to be presented as one of the great sources of income today, especially since travelers from all over the world tend to use it consecutively . Knowing this, we can take advantage and earn money with the platform without much worry.

How to make money with airbnb hosting experiences

This is one of the newest and most innovative methods within the platform. Those who do not have a space to rent or do not want to work for someone with an Airbnb, there is always the option of hosting an event for people who use Airbnb to earn money.

Let's say you're traveling and you want to go to a party, for example, thanks to Airbnb and its hosting system for this type of experience, it's been possible to do for a while. It's really quite simple, and people don't have to worry too much about not having a space to rent.

In these cases, making money with Airbnb becomes more than just a space to rent, it becomes more of a task that must be done in a good way in order to give those who attend the experience of a lifetime.


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