Admitad: guide to earn money

This CPA network is most likely to stand out among the most ideal approaches with regards to affiliate marketing. It is one of the open ways to make a profit with your blog or website. I have created a basic review of this Admitad CPA Affiliate Network , and in this article I want to present you with a small summary of how to make money with this network.

Be that as it may, choosing a CPA Marketing network to start earning money online is an overwhelming task. The fact that there are a large number of CPA networks further complicates things. You can't choose just any CPA network, before you do some research. You will waste your efforts in case you choose a sub-standard CPA platform .

In this sense, it is reasonable to do minimal research on a CPA network. It is important to do your research to agree that it gives extraordinary benefits to both publishers and advertisers.

Admitad is a CPA affiliate network that offers great options for both advertisers and publishers as well.

So, if you want to know the Admitad platform and learn how to earn money with affiliate marketing , then I am going to show you a small summary so that you can start using this network and have things clear from the beginning.

What is Admit

Admitad is one of the fastest growing CPA affiliate networks. It is a company based in Germany, which was created at the beginning of 2010 and is available to all countries in the world.

Admitad offers great deals and new business models to promote. Admitad is a very good option to monetize your blog traffic. For advertisers, Admitad also consistently offers trusted sources of sales.

His constant emphasis on progress and the goal of delivering unmistakable ROI to every client, has led him to work with more than 1,200 recognized brands. Currently Admitad, is a CPA affiliate network that has more than 540,000 dynamic publishers worldwide.

It is imperative to take note that Admitad always makes sure that advertisers are approaching an extra and ample payout. They also make sure that they attract new clients and that they only pay for the results.

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Main Features of Admit

With Admitad, publishers get closer to leading articles and world services. Without much effort, they manage to monetize blog traffic with ease.

Confirmation achievement and recognition can be gauged by the reality of having enrolled an annual increase in earned money greater than 100% six times in a row.

Admitad works with the best and most recognized brands in the world such as. Among these brands we find: eBay, Nike, Adidas,, AliExpress , etc.

Admitad is a global affiliate network that has figured out how to set up select partnerships with globally recognized brands.

Next, I am going to present you a list with the main characteristics and advantages that this network offers you once you have registered.

So, let's see what Admitad offers us and why it is one of the best CPA affiliate networks in the world:

inside the platform

First of all, it is very important to say that Admitad is one of the platforms that pay attention to publishers and advertisers making a profit. They offer many proficient tools to help both publishers and advertisers to make profit in the best possible way.

Admitad is one of the best networks to optimize campaigns to the maximum and create the best marketing strategies.

Comfort is a notable concern for you, as you know. Admitad will allow you to access the most user friendly interface. Admitad offers the user a simple to use interface that makes the path simple and straightforward so that you don't have to face any hurdles while working with it.

The registration procedure is also simple. All the choices can be made from the navigation bar.

In case you have any problem, you can contact the support team. You can also refer to the well-sorted guide available for all users.

Categories and themes

Considering that the confirmation is connected to various kinds of items and services, you can expect to get the most suitable ads on your site.

It is the extraordinary inclusion of themes that gives it a triumphant favorable position to award. Among these topics we can highlight the following:
  • Online games
  • mobile offers
  • E-commerce: electronics, sporting goods, accessories, etc.
  • detours
  • Services: finance, transportation, travel, coupons and etc.

The payments

In general, most affiliate networks offer a regularly scheduled payment plan. With Admitad, you get quotas week after week. It offers you a variety of payment strategies, including PayPal and electronic payments as well.

The minimum payment is only 20 euros. Publishers can request payment every time they reach the minimum amount.

Personalized service for advertisers

For all advertisers, Admitad offers a complete service without additional expenses and costs. Therefore, customers can reach an individual director of record who handles each of their questions and resolves each and every issue they have.

Advertisers have access to all the tools to optimize campaigns, and can even ask customer service for help. Each advertiser can create support tickets. You can also get help from one of Admitad's professionals, via live chat or by phone.


To get each and every advantage of affiliate marketing, Admitad offers you a clear and detailed reporting system.

You get an incredible variety of information composed in a very intelligent and valuable way. You have the opportunity to investigate impressions, clicks, and each action in detail. In addition, you can export each analysis of your campaigns and download your reports in different formats.

other tools

Admitad offers you the necessary tools to be successful with affiliate marketing. With the tools available, publishers can increase conversions and get great returns from their campaigns.

Admitad offers many innovative tools for publishers and advertisers. We find tools such as: anti-fraud technologies, anti-cookies technologies, unique fingerprint tracking, deep links, etc. Many of these tools that Admitad offers you are created with the idea of ​​increasing profits.

Do you want to start earning money with Admitad?

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Sign up for Admitad and start earning money with CPA marketing .

To register as a publisher, you have to go to the home page by clicking here and then select “ Register ”. The next step is to complete the registration process with all the information. Then, once you have completed the registration process and confirmed your email, you will have an active account to start earning and saving money with Admitad.

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