15 Tips to Prevent Your Google Adsense Account from being Canceled

Google Adsense is one of the most beloved advertising networks for web publishers, and this is especially true for bloggers. The main reason is that Adsense is one of the easiest advertising networks to use and one of the most profitable if we want to use Display Ads (that is, the banners of a lifetime) to monetize our web page.

But unfortunately, although the dream may seem simple, the reality is much more complex. One of the reasons is that getting an approved Adsense account is not as easy as it seems, especially in third world or developing countries. The reason is that in these countries it is usually produced by statistics plus Scam, fraudulent ponzi schemes and other types of pillageries, so Google is more careful to approve them. 
There are many reasons why Google Adsense terminates a user's account. And in this article we will first see the requirements you need to get approved and then 15 tips to avoid having your account deleted. But first of all, since the article is a bit long, here is a table of contents:

Requirements to qualify in Google AdSense

The first step, as we have already mentioned, is to get an approved Google Adsense account. Although there is no Google document as such that specifies many of the considerations described below, they are the recommendations that you should follow as "Requirements" for your application to be accepted. And as you will see, there are quite a few protocols to follow and different elements to consider. If you do not meet them, you risk having your application rejected and then it will be much more difficult for you to re-enter the program (if not impossible).
  • You will need a minimum of 30 published articles.
It is not a rule that is written, but it is practically impossible to get an Adsense account without content. Experts advise having at least 30.
  • The Blog must be more than 6 months old.
Forget about requesting an account before, Google will not take you into account until you have demonstrated your experience a bit. In any case, the first 6 months you would hardly earn any money, so you will not be losing much income either.
  • Appropriate use of Meta Tags and Search Engine Friendly Content.
The cleaner the code on your page, the better.
  • Avoid having Banner Ads from other ad networks during selection.
Although Google Adsense does not prohibit other platforms such as Revenue Hits , PropellerAds and others, it is advisable that during the request you have the Ads page clean. This way you will earn points. Once the account is accepted, you will be able to put your other Ad Networks back without problems.
  • A nice presentation of the page .
A good design will directly communicate to Google that you are not a newbie and that you are enthusiastic, eager and know the subject. If you work with Wordpress, I advise you to use envato templates to ensure a good design
  • Optimize the size of images
  • Make a page with your Privacy Policy and an "About me/us" section.
You don't need a lawyer to do this. There are thousands of automatic online generators that will allow you to create these pages easily. You will simply have to provide a series of data and everything will be done automatically. And why is it important? This information gives Google more assurance that you are not a phony and that you are serious about the way you work.
  • Content Quality
This is quite subjective, but when you apply for an Adsense account, try to have some interesting articles on the front page during the process.
  • High visibility in Google searches
This is not a fundamental requirement, but if you win over Google's search engine with good SEO, your advertising agency probably will too.
  • Don't lie with age.
This is a mistake that teen bloggers make. Google Adsense cannot be used by minors, so many try to cheat the system. But think that when making payments you will have to provide supporting documentation. And then when you come of age, Google won't approve any account for you.
If you meet these requirements you will get a Google AdSense account easily, otherwise you may have problems. In the same way, for a few years now AdSense is deleting more and more accounts of users who have been working with Google for a long time.

I have done some research on the subject and I have extracted the most frequent reasons why Google closes accounts. Given the large number of blogs that are affected, there is a need for all bloggers to pay more attention to the Ad Network's terms and stop violating their protocols.

How does Google Adsense work?

If you are wondering why I am telling you all this, it is that if you want to preserve your AdSense account and prevent it from being terminated, you have to first understand the Adsense ecosystem properly.

Google Adsense account approval is not an automatic process performed by a computer. Every time a request is accepted or rejected, there is a Google worker who determines the decision manually with the help of an entire computer system.

If you were, therefore, thinking that Google's acceptance request algorithm can actually be fooled by doing some trick, you are very wrong. Another thing that you need to keep in mind when using the Google AdSense program is that it has very strict usage policies. If you break any rules, which you had to agree to when applying for account approval, they will immediately deactivate your account and you will lose all your earnings. In reality, they are defending the interest of their companies (or read the "Advertisers").

How to prevent your Adsense account from being cancelled?

Based on my research, these are the 15 Reasons (or Warnings) that can help you survive and avoid Google AdSense account termination.

Tip 1: Go through the section of their terms and conditions

It seems obvious, but few people do it. The section with the Terms and Conditions explains quite clearly all the policies that an Adsense user must obey. Most of us sign up without reading this section by directly clicking the checkbox. This is a big mistake, since after all, it is essential information for the development of your Blog.

Tip 2: Do not use controversial content

Unfortunately, many topics and content are prohibited in Google AdSense (for example, talk about Pay To Click programs, which we do in this blog). Any site that partners with Google AdSense is not allowed to post content in categories such as:
  • Pornography
  • drugs
  • hacking tech aids,
  • Weapons,
  • Alcohol,
  • Tobacco,
  • etc.
I know of some cases, for which the accounts have been banned for publishing only 1 article on these topics, although the normal thing is that they send you a message if it has been a specific thing so that you can remove the content if you want to continue receiving Adsense income.

Tip 3: Beware of copyright

For those bloggers who earn a lot of income with Google AdSense, this is usually the most frequent reason for account cancellation. Google Adsense is very strict with the use of copyrighted material and will determine the automatic closure of the account if verified. So if you don't want to say goodbye to your income, you better use your skills to produce genuine and original content.

Here I leave two videos in English to easily understand some basic issues about content and copyright explained by Google Adsense. Do you know the Google Adsense Policies?

Tip 4: DO NOT use Pop Ups with Google Ads

It is uncomfortable for readers to enter a site and find Pop Up Ads and even more so if you do it from a smartphone where they pop up almost automatically if you keep pressing the screen. If you use Pop Up Ads, do not insert Google ads inside

Trick. If you want to increase your income with Pop Up Ads , you can continue using them but use specialized advertising platforms such as PopAds compatible with Google Adsense

Tip 5: DO NOT buy traffic

Paying for clicks is totally prohibited in Adsense. You may be tempted to earn more by getting random clicks from visitors gained through traffic platforms, but honestly; This is an UNethical practice that is not appreciated by AdSense. They only value genuine clicks. The purchase of clicks is against Google AdSense TOS. To avoid the ban, keep this in mind.

Tip 6: Do not encourage clicking with malicious titles.

Sites using suggestive titles to encourage readers to click is a prohibited practice. Don't use unethical headlines to elicit easy clicks on your ads. For example:

"Click on the Ads to help maintain this site"
"Help us by visiting the sponsors"

Tip 7: Limit the ads that appear on each page.

According to the Adsense TOS, a page should not contain more than 3-4 ads , depending on the size of the banners. Many people are tempted to put all the ads they can on the same page with the obsession of wanting to earn more money. This is a very risky practice because even if Google doesn't detect it easily, in the long run you expose yourself to an account cancellation.

Tip 8: DO NOT mask ads.

This one is pretty obvious, but there are people who do it. Masked Ads with the same colors as the background of the web page are prohibited by the Adsense TOS. Advertisements must be clearly visible.

Tip 9: DO NOT click fraud.

Obviously, you cannot click on the Ads on your page or encourage others to do so. All Auto clicks are very easily detected by Adsense since everything is recorded in cookies. And to give you an idea of ​​the data that they can handle, let me tell you that Google is one of the few companies capable of knowing if different cookies belong to the same person.

To give you an idea, each person uses a mobile phone, a tablet and between one and three computers on a daily basis where they can have several browsers installed. Each device and browser generates a different cookie. In other words, an average individual leaves a trace in 6 or 7 different cookies on a daily basis. Google is capable of knowing that these 7 cookies belong to the same person.
Conclusion: Every time you autoclick, they know so don't risk it.

Tip 10: Watch out for CTR increases

  1. Some people increase their CTR (Click Through Rate) so that more people can click on their Ads. I would tell you that if you love your website and you like to earn money from Google AdSense, do not unnecessarily increase the CTR.

Tip 11: DO NOT send emails to promote Clicks

Sending emails with Adsense ads is an unethical practice.

Tip 12: Do NOT have sections to build on your page

Some bloggers join AdSense when their sites aren't quite ready yet. If you read the AdSense Terms and Conditions, it clearly mentions that sites that apply for an account should not be half-hearted. If for any reason you manage to get an AdSense account like this, you need to immediately work on resolving those unfinished business on your site if you want to survive.

Tip 13: DO NOT use Bots

The use of robots to click on ads is strictly prohibited. Google will detect these activities immediately through its cookies.

Tip 14: DO NOT tamper with the Google AdSense code

In many blackhat forums people are always posting tricks to manipulate the Adsense code that Google provides you. What they say is that by manipulating the code a bit, you will be able to earn more money. Honestly, don't even think about doing that!!!! According to Google Adsense policies, manipulating the code is considered a crime! Also keep in mind that if your site has AdSense installed, Google has all the information about it and will be watching closely!

Tip 15: Use a unique name and address

This is very important. If you've already created an Adsense account before and the account has been deactivated or cancelled, don't try to open a new account just with a new email, using the same name and address as before.

Adsense will reject your request. The only way to solve this problem is either by checking the Google FAQs for deactivated accounts or by explaining your case in a Google Adsense support forum . If your application is rejected, simply correct the points highlighted by Google in the rejection email and resubmit your application when you have corrected them.


In short, if you really want to make use of Google Adsense and want to make sure that your account will never be disabled, just follow the rules provided by Google and the advice that I have mentioned above.

And what do you think, is there any other reason why you think they can deactivate your AdSense account? Have you ever had any such problem in the past? How have you recovered? Share with us your experience in the comments section.

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