How to Earn Money From Google Adsense? [2023]

Having a blog or a website with daily visits has many advantages, one of them is that you can earn money with Google Adsense, that is, by adding a little advertising to your sites, you can generate extra income through the internet every month.


Blogging to earn money with Google Adsense is one of the methods that most people apply to earn money online. This is open to anyone who has a basic knowledge of blogging, writing, SEO, and a general idea of ​​how the internet works, can start monetizing their blogs.

But if you are new to this, later I am sharing a free course with which I learned how to make money with Adsense, which is ideal for beginners.

What is Adsense and how does it work?

How to Earn Money From Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the most recognized advertising networks, through this network, Google is supported to register and accept blogs and web pages to display advertising, for which you are compensated when the ads inserted on your site get legitimate clicks from Google.

It is also one of the best ways to monetize a blog and earn money. Through this program, blog owners can generate interesting income, as long as they do things right and obey Google Adsense policies .

To obtain good results, you must strive to create content that really solves people's doubts. Thus, you will gain more relevance from Google.

If your content is good, Google will show your blog in the first positions, in this way you will gain more visitors who will be able to see the advertising that is on your site and possibly click on them.

But on the contrary, if your content does not clearly meet the user's search intent, Google will sink you among millions of content from other blogs in the world.

monetize with adsense

The following tips will help you learn how to use Google AdSense to your advantage.

1. Create an account in AdSense

The initial step should be to open an AdSense account in your name. You cannot add ads to your websites without having an Adsense account.

If you already have an account created, the next step is to submit your blog for review, this process can usually take one to two weeks, but once you've been approved, your blog is ready to display ads.

2. Increase the volume of visitors

For AdSense advertising to be profitable, traffic is a crucial need. Even if you manage to retain your site visitors well, it will be difficult to make a living from your website if you fail to attract more visitors.

The biggest sources of unrestricted traffic are search engines like Google and Bing. However, there are a variety of methods you can employ to increase traffic to your site: SEO, backlinks, interlinking, social sharing, and more.

3. Choose a lucrative niche

When it comes to how much money you can make online with AdSense ads, the specific content of your blog is quite important.

Some markets are quite lucrative while others are not. For example, clicks in the financial and health niches are typically high value, while clicks in the history and culture niches are typically lower value.

It can be almost useless to use AdSense in unproductive niches or topics. Therefore, it is crucial to select a profitable market for your blog to encourage people to click on your AdSense advertising. Even in the most competitive sectors, strong niches always have the opportunity to distinguish themselves despite the level of competition. Find the most effective keywords and optimize them after selecting the specific topic of your blog or site.

4. Increase the visibility of your ads

The amount of money you can make online from AdSense ads also largely depends on how you strategically organize your ads.

By placing your ads prominently, you will drastically increase the number of clicks you receive. When it comes to this, Google provides placement tips for AdSense ads that may be helpful to you.

5. Increase CTR by optimizing ads

When it comes to optimizing your web pages to achieve a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) or percentage of clicks the strategic placement of your AdSense advertising is vital, but there are other crucial factors that you must also take into account.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your ad units so more visitors click on them:

  • Choose the right ad size : AdSense has several ad shapes and sizes available, choose the one that best suits your blog, so that it looks like part of the same blog and that it does not show up as advertising.
  • Select a number of ad units: Do not fill your entire blog with advertising, this can be counterproductive by driving away users who visit your site. Choose an amount that goes according to the size of your blog, if you have a blog of 2500 words you can add 4 to 5 ad units and less if the content is fewer words.
  • Choose the right color or theme for your ad: Bold, eye-catching ads tend to attract more Internet users to click on them.

Create a blog to earn money with Adsense

How to Earn Money From Google Adsense?

The easiest way to create a blog or website to monetize with Adsense is by working with I have seen that some people work with Blogger, since it is a free option from Google itself where you do not have to worry about the domain and hosting of your site, but personally I prefer WordPress, because it has more customization options and is more personal.

If you are going to create your site with WordPress, you have to contract a domain and a hosting so that your blog is online 24/7, but as I mentioned before, you are the owner of your site, you can customize it as you wish, even sell it if it is what you prefer.

You have to make sure that you work with the free WordPress CMS found on the site as the site is a paid service.

How many articles can I apply to Adsense with?

After writing approximately 20+ articles you can apply for Google Adsense.

Before submitting your blog for Google Adsense review, you have to take into account the following considerations:

  • Write a sufficient number of articles that are no less than 600 words.
  • You must not copy the content of another site, create your own and original content.
  • Include privacy, cookie and GDPR policies on your site.

By not complying with these guidelines, you will not be able to earn money with Google Adsense, because your site will be rejected or worse, if you submit a blog with plagiarized content, Google will close your Adsense account.

How much can I earn with Adsense?

How to Earn Money From Google Adsense?

There is no way to calculate an approximate amount of the amount of money you can earn with Google Adsense, since it depends on many factors.

  • The niche you choose
  • The number of visitors to your website
  • How do you place ads on your site?
  • The frequency with which you upload new articles, etc.

But if you follow the course that I share in the next section, it is very likely that you will see your first results in the shortest possible time.

Final Words: How to Earn Money From Google Adsense

Earning money with Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money online, since you do not have to sell any product, nor do you have to be looking for referrals or things like that. Simply by creating content of interest to a certain segment, you can count on an extra income every month.

This process can take months, but without a doubt when you already have a site with many visits your income increases, and that is precisely what makes it very satisfying.

I hope that the information that I shared with you in this blog has been very helpful to you, please do not forget to share.


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